Friday, August 22, 2008

The Bachelor Nominee... To be or not to be???

TGIF!!!!!! Thank goodness. So glad this week is almost over!

Ok so, I have this sick obsession with reality TV. It drives my husband crazy but I just can't help myself! One of my favorites is THE BACHELOR or THE BACHELORETTE. I have to admit I didn't watch the first one. But I did catch the second. I watched several season in a row and then gave up on it for a while. But I am glad to announce I AM BACK! :) So if you aren't a reader, let me fill you in real quick. Ok... In Season 11, Brad Womack (ugh) did some really shady things. But in the end, it was down to DeAnna Pappas (of Newnan, GA-right down the road from me) and a girl named Jenni. Well he rejected both of them. Ass! He flew DeAnna's father in and everything to ask for her hand in marriage, then NOTHING! But ok moving on... DeAnna was announced as the next Bachelorette. I was PUMPED. So anyway she was to be the 4th Bachelorette. In the end, she chose the underdog, Jesse Csincsak. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER (they are getting married May 9, 2009 in the Bahamas and I am trying to convince my husband that we should be there around that time, just in case we run into them) :) I was however, so sad for Jason Mesnick, the runner up. He was ready to propose, actually he did, and she rejected him. So it was announced on Tuesday that JASON (a 32-year-old hunky single dad from Seattle) would be the next Bachelor!!! Yayyyy! I am so freakin excited! It will be Season 13 and although no Bachelor has ever gotten married to the one they chose on the show... I HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE JASON WILL!

Ok so all that to say... I want so much to nominate my friend Amanda for the show. Well actually, I AM NOMINATING HER! She is a single, 25 year old, beautiful, intelligent, loyal woman. She is a wonderful friend. We are soul mate friends! She has been very successful in life and I think she would be perfect for him.REALLY I do! I know some of you think I am crazy but I really feel like I know him from watching The Bachelorette. I know lots about him and his personality from the show. He seems like a real person, a genuine person looking for love. AND HELLO... so is my dear friend Amanda. I have looked into nominating her and even talked to her about it. She at first thought it was a joke. But I was like "No really!" She still thinks I am joking I think, but I'm not. All I really have to do is fill out a form online and upload a picture of her. And hopefully she would get a call. OH I HOPE SO! I know a lot of people are skeptical about this show, and I have to admit I am too sometimes. But I really do honestly think that Jason will find love. And I want it to be with my sweet friend Amanda.

How cute would they be together?????????????????????????????
To learn more about Jason... click here...

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Let me know your thoughts :)


Julia said...

i totally loved him from the beginning, and his kid is SOO cute- good choice ABC. I hope your friend is picked too 'cause she is cute as well!

tracypartyof4 said...

Go Amanda! Just tell Jason when you see him for the first time that the decision has already been made. Lyds said so. Show over!