Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun little our favorite Dr.

If Friday doesn't hurry up and get here, I am about to start shopping online like a MAD WOMAN! :) It's been one helluva week and I am bored :) I mean where do I start?? Well I won't get into all that but I will tell you about a little experience that happened today that I dread every year! As i am sur emost of you do too... Oh me... I already feel lots of rambles coming on so allow me to go ahead and apologize!! :)
Ok well I had to go visit that little Dr that all us women are supposed to visit yearly! Well today was not unlike any other of those fabulous visits. "YAY YAY!" I thought while walking in the door. UGH. "Can I help you?" the receptionist said. I wanted to yell... "YES YOU CAN, JUST GET ME IN AND OUTTA HERE AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE!!" But I didn't. I smiled nicely and filled out a thousand "new" forms that I freakin have to fill out every time I go. (Can you feel the hostility??) :) Anyway... as I am waiting on the Dr (who got called to the hospital) I was playing on my phone, thinking about what was about to take place. Ok-I will go ahead and admit that I am an occasional whiner... not all the time, but when I do... it's bad! I don't like pain or discomfort! I just wanted to call someone, my husband, mom or friend and start whining about what I was about to go through! Boo for me :) Anyway... 30 minutes later when I am back in the back with the nurse telling me to get on the scale, I want to VOM!!!!!!!! Scale... I hate these things... so she weighs me and afterwards I wanted to proclaim and yell..."Please don't believe that number and write it down... I have on pants, heavy pants and huge/heavy BCBG shoes (with a massive/heavy heel), I have on a shirt and an undershirt, a big/heavy flower ring, big beaded necklace and didn't mention underwear. CAN WE PLEASE SUBTRACT LIKE 5 POUNDS???" But that didn't happen. I just swallowed hard, rolled my eyes and hung my head :) Back to the fun room now with the fun foot rests... GOOD TIMES! So we chat for a second, then she tells me to undress and cover up. I mean really... not fun. Then I am left in the little/cold room NAKED for like 20 minutes... while I'm sitting there so COMFORTABLY I am thinking about what I will be doing later (weird I know, but I was trying to think of things other than what was about to occur)! I then realized how monotonous my everyday life has gotten... and I don't mean boring, I just mean, scheduled! Or... I don't know exactly... but anyway... Everyday, I get up, get ready, go to work, go to the gym, go home, shower and cook! Hang with my hubby and watch TV and then BEDTIME! Basically the exact same schedule Mon-Fri... Except Friday night we usually go to a late dinner. But anyway I am in the middle of thinking about how to spice things up or at least change them up a little so it's not the same ol' thing everyday and... in comes Dr. So ok... off of that subject now (but I am taking suggestions :) ) My normal doctor was on vacay (how nice it must be) so I saw another Dr in the practice. So in he comes... to have a nice chat with me while I am naked (covered yes, but still lets get a move on it)! So all the normal tests are done and questions are asked and he is outta there. Whhheeeewwwwww, that is ovah!! Thank goodness! But then I am like, why do I feel so UGH! Well I remembered, that is how you feel after that grand visit! I know it is a visit that is necessary and healthy and all, but seriously, no one enjoys that 10 minutes of oh I don't know... MISERY!!!! Not really painful, but uncomfortable as hell! Why can't someone come up with a better way to go about this "yearly exam." ha. I do realize the posibilities are limited :) The day I will look forward to going to this fun Dr will be the day I hopefully hear "Mr. and Mrs. M... You are pregnant!!!" Til that day...UGH, YUCK, BOO, HISS, GRRRR!!!!!!!!
So I am not really sure why I shared my "Day of Fun" with you all, but I really was having a brain fart today and couldn't think of anything to blog about. :) I realize this might be TMI for some of you. I am sorry... you will soon see (ask my friends) I have no shame and am not modest AT ALL!


A Belle and her Beau said...

ahhh buddy at least its over!!! you were a good sport!

tracypartyof4 said...

Love the message from the gyno colleges! Hugs!