Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have I mentioned my love for MONKEYS????

So I said this blog would be about fashion, fluffies and famous folks, but of course I will blog about my life too. But today I wanted to blog about something really close to my heart (which will sound crazy to a lot of you-well all 5 of you)! Since around high school, I developed a love for monkeys (I know they aren't fluffy but they are furry) :) And I don't mean just love I really mean OBSESSION! I have begged my mother and my husband for a monkey. My mom said if she had the money she would buy me one in a heartbeat (my husband is like, ummm NO!) It's very expensive to buy one that is trained. I want one that can sign and use the potty or at least like a litter box :) Around $10,000. So you might understand why I don't have one already. People always remind me that they are mean, they throw poop, they bite... and honestly, I don't care! :) I want one soooo much. But I guess since I am close to having children I better not go there any longer.... maybe one day when my husband is making millions and my children are all off to college and I am experiencing that whole "empty next syndrome" I can get one!

This story was on Fox (click on this link for the devastating story and see the saddest photos ever) yesterday and I just sat and cried. One because I can't imagine the loss of a child (animal or's still so very sad). And two... it's about a gorilla (Now typically Chimpanzees are my LOVE, but this story just made me so sad. I mean I am a HUGE ANIMAL LOVER so of course... I cried!)
It's about a sweet, 11-year-old gorilla named Gana. She is at a zoo in Berlin. On Saturday, her 3-month-old male baby named Claudio died. The zoo isn't sure why the baby died, but the mother is carrying Claudio around with her. It isn't uncommon apparently for gorillas to do this because it is their way of grieving. ISN'T THIS SOOOO SAD!!!!!!!! The pictures are so sad to me. The baby is so tiny and sickly.

I am not sure exactly why I posted this blog... but I found it very interested as to how different animals grieve. It's so sweet I think. Plus I needed to make you aware of my craziness for monkeys :)

Happy Thursday! :)


preppy little dress said...

too cute! my mom had a monkey back in the 60's, or shall i say her parents had one named ringo! i should find a photo of it and post it to my blog. i never knew him, but now i think it's illegal!