Friday, August 15, 2008

Near and Dear to my wallet...

So sorry I am just getting to blogging today. That is what having SINUSITIS (basically a freakin' Sinus Infection) for two days will do to you. Completely cuts you off from the real world... except my wonderful husband, who took GREAT care of me and was such a sweetheart ( I can be one helluva whiner when I am running a fever)... and of course my mom (who listened to me whine and bitch and whine and bitch for two days-and constantly petted me over the phone, "My poor baby!"). I will have to blog one day about my wonderful husband and my unbelievable mother! Soon to come! Anyway... there I go not staying on topic again :) So I have been sick and out of commission and I had lots of work to catch up on today but I am here and it's 4:30... 30 more minutes before I am outta here and start my weekend off right... with some antibiotics and Zyrtec and nose spray!! Whoooo... so different from my usual Miller Lite or Margarita!

Ok if I don't hurry I won't get to say what all I want to about this WONDERFUL topic I am going to cover! So today I am going to talk about one of my favorite places to SHOP!!! Gets me excited just talking about it :) I am talking about none other than FOREVER 21!!! You have probably read that I LOVE fashion and I love to be up to date and honestly I hate wearing things more than once (except to work). And Forever 21 REALLY helps me out. It's very inexpensive clothing but its so chic and fashionable! You can go to and shop til you drop or you can go to that same website and look for specific locations. The one in Birmingham, AL is AMAZING!!!

A few things about Forever 21 before I tell you about my most recent loves!
  • If you normally wear a medium, you will probably wear a large in Forever 21

  • If you pay $19 for a fabulous skirt, don't expect it to last into next season... or even next month

  • Don't feel bad if you can't fit into a size 29 jeans if you normally do... they run like 2 sizes too small. Trust me! :)
Ok so just to talk about a few of my great finds on here recently...

How fabulous is this psychedelic paisley print tunic with ruched neckline hem, finished with elastic shoulder straps and a ruffled skirt trim. We all know how HOT ruffles are going to be this fall (or at least now you do) and without over doing it, this is a great way to be fashionable and bright! I love this! It will transition great into fall with a cute jean jacket! ($17.80)

Ok, so how excited am I that this double breasted look is going to be ALL THE RAGE this fall?????? VERY!!! And how precious and fashionable is this??? Not that the double breasted look ever went out but hello it's a dress, not a jacket! AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!! This is an adorable trench-style short dress with unique topstitch detail all over resembling tiny polka dots. Features button tab epaulets, hidden pockets below the waist, and a removable 2.5" wide waist tie. Also features polished gold buttons with raised relief detail and 5-button closure. ($34.80)

Ok so this is my final BRAG ON FOREVER 21 item for today! I could go on and on but hey-it's almost 5:00! :) So I am a big lover of clutch bags... what's the point in luggin' around a huge purse all the time... so night time get out one of your cute little clutches. And have i mentioned that bright colors are so in for fall. Orange is one of the hottest! And it's croc print. Can you get any cuter?? No! A must have for me! But if you don't like orange it comes in grey and navy too! ($18.80)

Well I am off... I have a double date night planned :) Everyone have a great weekend, I will blog on Monday and who knows what I will have to say then :) Love!


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