Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy Day = Very Bored Office

- "Lyndsey..."
- "Yes"

- "I need you to write something on your blog so I have something to read..."
- "Ok"

This convo between my coworker/friend sitting in the office next to me has me blogging right now :) We are having a boring/rainy/sleepy day today! I haven't blogged today because I really can't think of something fun, that you REALLY will want to read about. But now that my wheels are turning several things come to mind... but I want to blog about something that is pretty important this week!!!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL STARTS THIS WEEK!!!!! (yes this is really freakin important in my household and among many friends!!)

My husband and I both graduated from Auburn (He in Business Management in '03 and me in Public Relations in '05). We are HUGE annoying Auburn fans. Thank goodness I married an Auburn man. I don't think I could have it any other way because I am serious about my Auburn Tigers!!! And I mean serious. So my husband has gotten season tickets every year since he graduated... I did all through college but didn't afterwards because they are so dang expensive. But last year we got them together with some of his college friends. Well this year the time came (June) and we went back and forth. I mean let me remind you that we both bleed blue and orange! But we just got married in April and we really were trying to save and get in a good place financially so the smartest thing for us to do was to fore go buying tickets. Did I mention that they would have cost us around $800. Yeah so, we didn't! Another reason we didn't... this really pushed us over the edge of NOT BUYING... we have a wedding to go to in Houston, TX 9/20 (ALSO MY BIRTHDAY I WANT TO POINT OUT) and that is the LSU game (huge game) then the Tennessee game, my husband has a bachelor party to go to and my mom and I will be shopping in ATL for my bday... so basically we would miss 2 home games... two BIG home games, so there you have it. Now... we will be attending the GA game, I don't care if we have to pay $300 a ticket. Worth it to me. Soooo worth it! Let me explain :) ...

Ok... I grew up in a small town in Alabama. Alexandria, AL to be exact. Tiny little town... Any who, all of my friends were either Auburn or Alabama fans. Well most were dang Alabama fans. So the AU/UA game was always HUGE (I mean still is but I am getting to my point here)... well then off to Auburn I went for college. Auburn/Alabama game was like... I don't even know what to say to describe it except that it's the biggest sporting event at either school all year. It gives the other school braggin' rights for a year!

And I would like to take a second to pause here and remind everyone that AUBURN HAS HAD BRAGGIN' RIGHTS FOR 6 (YES THAT'S RIGHT 6 STRAIGHT YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ok... I am back... :) Anyway... I moved to a little town in Georgia (only 45 minutes from Auburn) after I graduated. Once here, I realized the MASSIVE-NESS of the AU/UGA rivalry. So now, to me... the AU/UGA rivalry is just as important as the AU/UA. Most of my friends here in GA are either Auburn fans or Georgia fans... but my friends in Alabama are AU or UA fans. So now I get the best of both rivalries. It's fun, all the shit talkin' we do. This is by far my favorite time of year! I love me some summer lake and beach time... but this is what I live for... Fall/Football/Tailgating!!! There's nothing like it. So expect many blogs about my tailgating experiences on Monday... even though we won't be going into every home game this year... we do go set up a serious tailgate... so I will be posting pictures... so make sure to check back soon!
WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For now... here are some of my favorite AU pics... including one of my husband and I from our two football seasons together! :) My how we have changed. I will post a more current picture of us both too just so you can see how two years takes a toll-haha J/K!!

Auburn Football Season 06 (first game)

Auburn Football Season 06 (AU/UGA game)Auburn Football Season 07 (AU/UA game)

Us NOW! :)


A Belle and her Beau said...

yall are so cute!!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

really cute pictures!!! i always cheer for auburn when they aren't playing the gamecocks. auburn was the only SEC school i visited when i was in high school.

Petunia said...

You are the cutest couple!!!

cMe said...

Cute! I just found your blog today. My husband is also from a small town in AL, outside Mobile. He's a 'Bama fan, but I always root for Auburn!