Friday, August 8, 2008

Surprise...You might find this interesting! Or NOT!

Ok so most of the time when I am ranting about celebrities and their "fabulous" life (and I use the term fabulous loosely) my husband is either rolling his eyes or looking at me like I am crazy (but bless his heart he at least listens). Most of my friends follow the lives of these people that I apparently find so freakin fascinating, but I have a select few that don't have a clue. And some of you might say, "Why the hell do you care about the lives of these people you don't even know?" (Same question my husband asks). And I don't have an answer for you... well... that's not true I have many answer and reasons why! All I can say is that is makes me feel better sometimes to know that people with beauty, money and fame also have some dysfunction in their lives. I also covet (SIN I know) the clothing they wear, bags they carry, jewelry they "borrow" and shoes they sport. I want to wear those awesome $800, size 0 jeans and $4,000 top while carrying my Balenciaga bag too while shopping on Rodeo Drive! :) REALITY CHECK... (which I give myself often) that ain't happenin'!
Now, please don't think I want someone else's life! I don't! I love my life and all the people in it. It's simply an obsession (ugh-there's that word again-an interest!). I would like to walk in their shoes for a little while. And really it's not even that (well yes, but not just that)... Ok let me see if I can explain a little better because as I just re-read what I typed I am even confused. Ok... some people like watching... let's say the Atlanta Braves... they have a favorite player. Why? Because they are good, not because they know them! So that is how I explain it... no I don't know them.. probably never will... but to me they represent fashion and beauty (I know beauty isn't skinny and rich-trust me I know that!) and they are like a freakin TV show. Their everyday life is like a reality TV show. Drama, Drama, Drama!!!
So even if you aren't "interested" in celeb life... I hope you continue reading my blog. I promise not all posts will be about celebs. I just wanted to explain why I follow their lives so closely! And who knows... you might just find what I say interesting! Woah!


ShellBell said...


As a fellow "interested" person of all things celebrity! We don't have to explian ourselves! Everyone has hobbies...that is one of ours!