Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Sweet Ending/New Beginning...

Well... today is a big day for a super special person in my life. My mom/best friend is retiring today after (I am pretty sure) 36 years of service to the same place! Yeah how amazing. How many people do you know that retire from THE SAME PLACE after 36 years. I am posting (and hopefully she reads this today) because I want to let you all know, and her, how wonderful of a mother I have and how dedicated she has been my whole life to working hard to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted. There has never been a time in my life where I "needed" anything. She always provided for me and I pretty much always had what I wanted (still do for the most part) :) She has always supported me even when I disappointed her (and believe me-wow I did some serious crazy shit in my time)! Now, because we are best friends and she's my mother who basically puts up with any and everything I do... we have fought in the past, but I really think those days are over. I am more mature and I appreciate my mom more than I ever have before. Dang, why didn't I know the things I know now like, oh say, 10 years ago :) oh well... live and learn. I know that I am not always the best daughter but I try really hard to be for my mom. I can't ever express in words what all she means to me. I want to be able to so bad so I can tell her how much she means to me... there just aren't any words. I would do ANYTHING for my mom. And I mean ANYTHING! I don't think many people understand our relationship because we are so close. I don't have many/if any that are as close to their mom as I am. The reason I say that is because I tell my mom EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I tell my friends the things I tell/talk to my mom about and they are in shock! But I am SO THANKFUL to be able to talk to my mom about everything and she not judge me. I can't tell you all what a relief it is to know that no matter what I do or say... she will always love me. And believe me... I am sure there are some times where she wanted to slap me and say "What the hell were you thinking?????????" But there was never any slapping... or much spanking for that matter. She just loved me. Sometimes I know she thinks maybe she should have raised me a little different and been a little harder on me but I say NO WAY! She did the most perfect job!! No I am not perfect (woah-by any means) but I wouldn't change a thing she did raising me. I hope I am half the mother she is. (And by the way-this isn't just some sappy BS, this is REAL-100%)!!!!
Now most of you might be asking... hello... do you have a dad? And I do. We just aren't close at all. Since I am on the subject I might as well give you a little family background (quickly) :) Ok so I am the only child from my parents marriage... but I have four half brothers (ages: 38, 39, 41, 43-hell I think) And I am 25 (26 in a matter of weeks). So now you are asking... woah that's a huge difference. Some of my friend's parents are like 45. Yes my parents are NOT YOUNG :) My dad is 62 and my mom will be the big 60 next Feb. So anyway, I tease my parents about how much of a mistake/surprise I must have been... they always say NO WAY!! I like 50/50 believe them :) Anywho... so yes I have a dad, an old one :) I can't begin to explain my dad or the relationship we have. I will just say, I love him/He loves me! And that is that. We don't talk often... I talk to my mom like 3 times a day! It's just a strange little dysfunctional relationship... but who doesn't have those. I say all that to say... there was a time when my dad was unemployed for 4 years (for no reason... I still hold anger because of that) and our family survived on my mom's salary alone!! I never had to work in high school or college (my mom once again-FABULOUS!!). And let me mention that those 4 years... were my 9-12 grade... the most expensive years in school... (proms, beauty pageants, car, gas, going out...) I never even noticed the change in finances because my mom so GRACIOUSLY sacrificed so that I never felt the pinch! And for that I will be forever grateful! And let me not forget to mention my wedding... I MEAN HELLO! I had the wedding of my dreams, all thanks to my mother! She let me have everything I wanted and I let her take the reins to do whatever she pleased with decor/food/lots of things. But I got the dress I dreamed of, the photographer I wanted, the DJ I wanted... I mean She sacrificed ONCE AGAIN so that my wedding could be all I ever dreamed. And it was PERFECTION! I mean, couldn't have been a better day! Not many people can say this... but everything went off without a glitch. Pure Perfection! Thank you mom :)
Are you starting to see now the kind of mother I have... A loving, kind, giving, gracious, sweet, affectionate, doting, Godly, Christian, spoiled me rotten MOTHER! She is just wonderful and I am so proud that the moment has come for her to enjoy herself. Relax mom, come to LaGrange more often and prepare for the world of grandmother-hood (soon hopefully) Well for you... Grammy-hood! :) I love you more than you will ever know... and I am so thankful for everything you have done and continue to do to make my life so wonderful! :)
Now here are some of my mom's best quotes... (our little inside jokes)

"Push your eyebrows up!"
"Let's go to the Coosa (river) and jump in and go down three times and only come up twice!!"
"Alabama Traveler...!"
"Joe's Pool Hall..."
"Tattoo Parlors!"
"#1 in the #2 business!"
"It's just money!"

I could go on and on... after 26 years you can imagine what all we have as inside jokes! CONGRATS MOM! I LOVE YOU SO!

This is me and my mom before my bridesmaids luncheon!

This is me and my mom at my rehearsal dinner!

The morning of my wedding. Isn't she beautiful?

My mom and dad and me at my reception!


tracypartyof4 said...

Awe! So sweet! Good luck Jeannine!

Jeannine said...

Thank you, my one and only precious daughter! I love you more than words can say! Very sweet, very very sweet words! I am so looking forward to "grammyhood" and now I am free to help when I can to raise him or her! Extended family is really important and valuable--I can't wait! (But be married a while first--we have plenty of time!) Retirement is going to be wonderful!!!!! Thanks!

Petunia said...

Such a sweet post for a sweet Mom! You are lucky to have her!!

Tracy said...

First of all, such a sweet post about your mom. I hope my daughter will feel this way about me one day. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog about my daughter. She is such a blessing and I can't even tell you how much I love her.

So many of your posts made me laugh out loud. I'll be coming back.

BTW...although, I bleed burnt orange and I'm just as much of a Longhorn fan as you are Tiger. I do keep up with AU during the season. I have lots of family from Alabama that went to Auburn.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Very beautiful pictures!