Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thieves SUCK!!!

Hello ladies and hopefully some gents! I just wanted to let everyone know why I haven't posted since Friday.
Monday morning I was the first in the office only to find my laptop missing... Strange I thought! So I began looking to see if my coworkers computers were there. NOPE! Nothing there. So, I began freaking out! Calmly freaking out because I knew what had happened...This is the 6th or 7th time we have been broken into in a year. Someone first broke in our windows and stole our keys to our office. Instead of GENIUS-LY re-keying our office doors, we ignore it (but believe me-much bitchin' has taken place)! So moving on, we don't put up a camera (like we were promised). And let me point out one second that by "we" I mean people that do these things at our job-WE as in our office have no real control-all we can do is freakin ASK ONE THOUSAND TIMES THAT SOMETHING BE DONE!!!!) Ok I'm back (told you lots of bitchin')... we don't re-key our doors, we don't take any measure to prevent this from happening. Honestly, I am not sure why they haven't taken our laptops before! But anywho... All 5 of our laptops have been laid to rest... well not really... someone else made a buck off of them and we are now all VERY INCONVENIENCED!!!!!!!!!! I hope this little thieves get caught. Because when they do... I wanna know where the hell my ipod is (yeah that was stolen three breakins ago!!!) So I promise some FUN blogs tomorrow. We are stuck in a freakin' computer lab all dang day! Not much "work" to be done in there.
Oh and you might say "Well hello you obviously have access to a computer... why no blog for a few days!" And I have an answer... My coworkers and I have been on a "retreat" this week. And by "retreat" I mean... one mile down the road from our office in a small room, talking for a day and a half. I don't mean "retreat" like FUN TIMES! :)
Moving on... We will have new computers Thursday! So things will slowly get back to normal... well then again, when are things ever "normal??"
So tomorrow there are sure to be blogs about some fashion trends I am seeing and some celebs that I am finding pretty dang interesting these days :) Oh yeah and I will prob blog about MY BABIES! :)

PS--All the red highlighting is my anger coming through :)


brittyb143 said...

If I were to steal anything from you, it would be your hotness....ow ow ;)