Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I am thankful for (even on a yucky Monday)

Well... another Monday. Boo! Something about this day just sucks. But I am trying really hard to stay positive today (take into account I am still freakin sick after being on MANY meds for 5 days now!). I was just sitting here BORED at my desk and was kinda having a pity party then I read a daily blog of mine and got mad at myself for being so whiney! So I am going to make a list of things that I am so thankful for!! Some are silly and some are huge! But here ya go...

I am thankful for...
- a forgiving God that loves me no matter what I do.
- a God that gave me eternal life through salvation.
- a God that is everlasting.
- a wonderful husband that is a Christian and takes such good care of me.
- all the things my husband does for me that go unnoticed by me.
- a husband that is my best friend!
- a Godly mother that has always loved me no matter how many times I disappointed her.
- a mother that is my best friend and I love unconditionally!
- a job that isn't stressful where I have some freedom.
- good friends that are always there when I need to talk.
- Rosemont Baptist Church. It really is a wonderful place to worship.
- the many blessings I receive each day and don't even realize.
- the friends I have that are an inspiration to me.
- the blogs I read. They are an inspiration and don't even realize.
- the freedom to carry, own and read THE BIBLE!
- the freedom to worship.
-my dogs.
- my car.

I could go on and on. But I think I needed to list a few things today to realize how lucky I really am to have the life I have. I complain a lot, but I am thankful for all the good things in my life. Actually I am thankful for everything in my life because everything happens for a reason. All part of God's plan for my life. Right? YES!
I will probably post again later... I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG day!


Jeannine said...

I will forever be thankful that you have an awesome husband who loves you and that you love so dearly--I am glad he is your best friend! I am proud of the maturity I see in your writing--what a long way you have come!

I am disappointed that you haven't blogged since Monday! HAPPY HUMP DAY!