Friday, September 12, 2008

And the TAN is complete!

Thank you to all of you for your advice on the spray tan! I really appreciate your concern about me not getting a scary orange tan :)
So last night I went to get my spray tan. I have to admit I was a little nervous about it because I was so scared that something would go wrong: orange-y, streaked, uneven, etc! A million things (horrible things) were running through my mind! I did not know this person who was about to see my almost completely naked (which I wasn't looking forward to) and I had never been to the salon either! Ahhhh... anxiety central!
So I get to the salon (which is located in this old historic white building downtown and has several different business' inside). It's 7:15 and no one is in there. It is a little creepy because it's such an old building. So I finally figure out where to go and I walk in the salon and it's actually pretty cute inside... who would've thought in that old building would be a cute salon. Anyway, so she ushers me back to a tiny room that would remind you of a dressing room, but smaller. There was plastic on the floor and spray tan "stuff" all over the walls. She tells me to take off whatever clothes I want and then we would get started. (Have I mentioned I am a nervous wreck at this point). No idea what to expect... So I get down to my thongs and she tells me how to stand. So there I am, half naked, and there she is holding this stuff that could potentially make me look really scary! :) She starts spraying and HOLY COW it's so cold! Because as she sprayed, the thing had like a dryer thing on it. WOAH-FREEZING! It takes maybe 5 minutes for her to spray my whole body. Not too bad. So after we are finished... she explains that there is an instant bronzer in it, so if I see any patches of brown, it's the bronzer. So I tried not to PANIC when I saw several of those places on me.
I get home and I am showing husband my "tan line" and he's not too weirded out so that's a good sign. So she tells me that I should just get a towel and lay on the couch and not really do a lot of moving. So that is exactly what I did. I sat on my couch and watched "Big Brother" and "TMZ"!! Then we went to get in bed... THE TAN IS GETTING DARKER NOW! I put on pants so the "bronzer" wouldn't get all over my sheets and I pulled my comforter down so I wouldn't get it on that either. So i didn't sleep SUPER great you can imagine. So I wake up to get in the shower, turn on the light and I about PASS OUT... my face is ORANGE... and I am like, ok this has to be the bronzer and the fact that I am not fully awake and my bathroom has lots of bright lights.... right???? So I get in my shower and the water hits me and all this orange/brown stuff starts running off of my body! The "tanning lady" warned me this would happen and not to freak out... that's a good thing, because otherwise I would have immediately started crying! So I get out of the shower and my face looks pretty normal :) It's tan which is weird to see happen over night. Usually it's a gradual thing! My body looks pretty good. I notice one or two spots on my feet, but nothing so bad. Ok... well it's Friday and always on Friday I wear my orange and blue (Auburn wear...WAR EAGLE!!) So I come to work and no one really says anything, so I am like ok... it must not look that bad! Well then I start looking at my orange shirt, then my legs and arms... and it has progressively gotten worse. This morning I though it looked great. No streaks, no orange-y look. Well now I think I look freakin orange! And i am panicking. I am hating it more and more... but I am trying to make myself believe it's because I am wearing orange today :) Only time will tell. I have also heard that that "orange" look will go away after like a day, so let's all pray it does so I am not freaking the whole weekend. It's really not that bad if I don't sit and stare at it. :) But the more I stare the more scary it looks. I am thinking tanning bed might be the key next week to keep some color... unless by some miracle tomorrow it looks better.
But the good news is... its all even... no streaks and my face, I LOVE! It looks dark not orange-y! So we shall see. I tried to get a good picture but it's just not working out today! So imagine... a nice tan (slightly orange) and a very tall girl with orange on :) Better?? ha! I will try to get some this weekend to post for Monday!
Everyone have a GREAT weekend! Love!

Oh yeah and WAR EAGLE!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she just may have atanned you too dark. Good job taking the shower..that will lighten it. You can't tan dark if oyu are fair. You have to only go a few steps. None of taht ever happend to me. lol! But I'm glad it worked out! :)

Muffy said...

YAY! Wonderful! I'm sure it looks great!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

just keep showering and exfoliating. it will become more natural-looking. i told you it wasn't GREAT, but it helps make do.

is the wedding this weekend or next weekend? if it's next weekend then you'll be fine!

Tara Caire said...

oh gosh, i have been contemplating spray tanning for months! I am going to give it a try but im so freaked out haha: )

thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little puppies are PRECIOUS!

ps...get both shoes! you will need the black uggs to rehab your feet AFTER you wear the 5 inch louboutins ; )