Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Tie Affair...HELP!

Well the Houston wedding is still on for this weekend. The wedding I mentioned in my blog before. Houston was hit so hard by Ike, I can't imagine what the bride was going through this weekend wondering if she would be able to go on with her wedding. I felt/feel so sorry for her. Apparently the church is ok. They are trying to come up with a back up reception place in case it doesn't get up and running with power by Saturday. And our hotel is back open for business today with little damage. (which I am so glad about because it is really really nice and I am looking forward to spending my birthday by this awesome pool) So... the weekend is still on. We will be flying to Houston Friday morning.
So my dilemma is... what to wear (isn't it always???)! I have several options, but I am just not sure what to wear. I, of course, wanna look as fancy as everyone else (I mean HELLO, not only am I celebrating a wedding, I'm celebrating my 26th BIRTHDAY too!!!). Here's my dilemma. Most girls I have talked to (ohhhh all 3 of them) are wearing long dresses to the wedding. It is black tie. I mean like, you ain't comin' in the door with a suit on... better be a tux... kinda wedding! Husband is in the wedding and all the groomsmen are wearing tails (I will laugh a little-not that I think tails are a bad thing... it's just that we aren't that fancy folks). The bridesmaids have trains. I mean this thing is gonna be SUPER FANCY I have a feels (REMINDER: George Bush is supposedly going to be there!!). So here's my question ladies... what do I wear? Is long necessary for the wedding or would a fancy cocktail dress do? I will try to post pics tomorrow of my options and let you all vote :) I am waiting on one dress to arrive so I can show you all of my options! But what do you think? I am driving my husband crazy so I need me some girly advice :) Welcome to a blog where indecisive-ness runs wild! :) CHAOS!!!!!

PS--For you football girls I know you will appreciate this... DANG ESPN GAMEDAY IS IN AUBURN THIS WEEKEND... AND I WOULD BE THERE TOO IF IT WEREN'T FOR THIS WEDDING! CAN ANYONE SAY... "WOW YOU'RE A GREAT WIFE!!!!!!!" :) (wink)


preppy little dress said...

i wish your friend good luck with her wedding this weekend! i am sure everything will be beautiful and hot!

have a great time, how about a pretty little black dress? decisions! decisions! decisions!

2 things:

1. i mailed your package today, you should have it in 2-3 days! sorry the label doesn't match the package, they didn't have much to choose from at the post office!

2. i left a little something for you on my blog! come on over and check it out!!

take care and have a great time in houston!!

Lindsey said...

Wow! The hotel you're staying at is beatuiful!!! Enjoy!=) And happy early birthday!
My best advice is to wear an old bridesmaid dress. I attend charity black tie events where all the women are in long dresses and the guys wear tuxes and I fit in wearing a long bridesmaid dress I had worn in a wedding in the past. I actually think others at the events were doing the same thing!
Good luck! =)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

wow! you're a great wife! :)

i don't think you have to wear a long dress at all. i think the terminology for long dresses is white tie. anyway... wear a cocktail dress or semiformal dress and you'll be fine. anything goes these days for women. just be tasteful-- as if you wouldn't be!

Tracy said...

I consulted my Amy Vanderbilt Book of Etiquette for you. It says:

Foraml evening wedding after 6pm: Short or long dress or suit in dressy evening fabrics such as taffeta or velvet

You are a great wife - mostly because you care more about a football game than a wedding. Your husband should think that sexy!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Well, good luck to your friend on the wedding and I am sure everything will work out just the way God intended.

morewineplease said...

I dont think the length is as important as the style and fabric! Have fun, and have an awesome Birthday (puppy)!!

tickledpink said...

I would think a black or dark colored dress or suit, and not real short. As long as it hits above the knee or at the knee. The fabric can make the difference too. Silk, silk shantung, velvet might be too hot and too early, crepe or anything in a semiformal look. I hope that helps.

Petunia said...

If the invitation specifies "Black Tie" then the dress does not necessarily have to be floor length.
A cocktail dress would suffice. Wear something that you would likely get some use out of on another occasion--if long dresses aren't your thing, then buy short!

Jennifer said...

Uh oh, I'm LSU!! hehe...I love SEC football. This week's game will be a great matchup!

NewlywedCentral said...

Girl... you are beautiful and clearly elegant -- You are going to look great --

My first thought about apparel was a short black and white cocktail dress with pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings with hair up -- SO formal, yet so fashionable -- (Ann Taylor or LOFT have GREAT dresses for these sort of occasions) :)

Andi said...

Ann Taylor Loft would seem a little casual to me. Maybe Ann Taylor proper. Do you have White House Black Market? They always have a ton of dresses and a good portion on sale. I had to go to a Black Tie fundraiser last year and I found the perfect tea length dress there. I would always lean to the dressier side to be safe. Good luck! I'm sure you'll look great!