Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A hurricane... A birthday... A wedding...

As promised ladies!!! :)
Ok, so let me first say. I hate flying. I will leave it at that! (And FYI...ironically that horrible plane crash that left DJ AM and Travis Barker badly burned and killed 4 others happened Saturday)

I really have no idea where to start with this weekend. I want to first thank my sweet and wonderful husband for still making my birthday (Saturday) a special one, even though we had a crazy/hectic/busy weekend with all of the wedding chaos!! We "celebrated" Thursday night with dinner at Mellow Mushroom! And shoe shopping :) Then back home to open presents :) I of course have to post on my wonderful gifts from him!

I had hinted several times that I wanted this... (if you haven't had the pleasure of sniffing this amazing-ness please go today) :) It's to die for!

He shocked me with this... I am a HUGE fan of Ed Hardy and on 90210 one night, Silver had on one of his scarves. And I said randomly that I would love to have one (thinking I would never get one). Well husband listens well because he got me this beauty! I LOVE IT!

And for my last gift... he got me a HOBO!!!! :) Well almost. The lady at the store lied to him... and led him to believe he was buying a HOBO. Because it was similar in price he thought it was right. Bless his heart, he didn't know. So he is taking it back and ordering me one online :) He now understands the difference between "hobo" style and an actual HOBO! :) I will be getting the "Lauren" in black! Isn't my husband so wonderful and sweet and thoughtful and amazing??? Thanks honey!

Ok...wedding wedding wedding! We arrived Friday around noon, with not much to do. We didn't have a rental so we were pretty much stuck at our hotel (after that $60 cab ride)! The hotel had major renovations going on from Ike! So the restaurants/bars were closed. All except for one! So we grabbed a bite to eat! I mean I can imagine at normal times, this place was SUPER NICE! The pool was closed (THANKS IKE)! So there wasn't much to do. We met up with a few others there for the wedding and just hung out. Finally the bar opened... I have never wanted alcohol so much! ha!

The rehearsal dinner was really nice. I of course had to change up the menu options because I am so dang picky... and complicated! The speeches were great and the WINE WAS AMAZING! :) But here is what I wore that night! (Yes, I wore the gold to the rehearsal dinner instead of the wedding).

Husband and I at the rehearsal!

My friend Amanda and I!

After the rehearsal dinner we went to a little bar in the hotel and had some birthday drinks (and maybe a few shots). It was a lot of fun! Then, Saturday after the brunch, we laid by the pool to get some sun before the big event. Again, the pool was closed and the sun was bright, so I think we lasted about 2 hours in the sun :) HOT! Then, it was off to eat a bite and rest (from the shots). :) We were shuttled off to the wedding, which was beautiful. It was a candle light ceremony because there was no power. Crazy huh? Can you imagine how hot it was in Texas?? Oh yeah...dang hot! Everyone was fanning themselves. So so hot! Poor men in tuxes. The reception was like something I have never seen. Absolutely beautiful. They had a sushi bar, seafood bar, OPEN BAR :) It was great. They also had other "eats" too! We danced and sang along to a wonderful band! The only downside... HUSBAND AND I WERE FREAKING ABOUT THE AUBURN/LSU GAME! So we had our phones out the first 45 minutes of the receptions reading play by play what was going on... and in case you care... we lost the game with 3 minutes to go! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Anyway... overall, the weekend was fun. Several things I could complain about, but I will stay on the positive side today!! :) It was a sweet ceremony, my birthday celebrations, although interrupted, were great! My husband's the best! Here are some pics from the weekend!!!

I woke up to this Saturday morning!!! How sweet of my husband to get up earlier and sneak around to get these BIRTHDAY decorations up :) Yeah he's great!

If you ladies have any questions, I am happy to answer. I just have so much information in my brain from this weekend, I can't get it all out in one post. I am sure to have random bits and pieces in this weeks posts... and maybe next week too :)


Mrs. Forever said...

Happy Birthday!! You look gorgeous in BOTH dresses. Glad you had a good weekend.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

happy birthday!!! sounds like it was a blast.

where is the black dress from? i love them both. you look amazing and i L-O-V-E the bangs! the scarf is amazing, too. you have so much good stuff to say today.

Tara Caire said...

happy birthday! you look so pretty in those pics! That hobo story made me laugh! Boys really do try though and your hubby did such a good job!

morewineplease said...

YOu look amazing in both dresses and your hubby is tooo sweet!
Happy Late BDAY!

Tracy said...

First, Happy Birthday!!

Okay - your hubby did a good job!!! Very sweet.

Love both dresses. You look beautiful!

I watched the end of the Auburn/LSU game (after our game was over)and couldn't help but wonder if you were either checking stats on your phone or trying to find a TV at the reception :-)

Petunia said...

Happy to hear that you had a good birthday! You received some wonderful presents--what a nice hubby! The pictures are beautiful and the dresses looked lovely on you!

NewlywedCentral said...

Happy Birthday!! With all the excitement of the wedding... sheesh! You did have a lot going on -- You looked incredible in both dresses :)

Mojito Maven said...

Happy birthday!! BUY can we talk about how stunning you look??? love the dresses!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Happy Birthday! Oh and the gold dress is super duper cute! I want one!!