Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's lighten this day up a bit!

With all this talk of politics, the economy, gas shortage, blah blah blah... I wanted to lighten up the mood a little in bloggyland today :) Now I certainly do realize that our economy is in all kinds of trouble, and I am just as worried as the next, but I am pretty sure that it's out of my little ol' hands so I am really trying not to fret too much, as I truly believe God will take care of it all. Some people might think that I am stupid because I don't "get" all this economy biz (why yes I am when it comes to politics, policies, stock market, financial anything) and maybe I am a little strange because I am not freaking out about our economy. Typically I am a freaking worry wart times 100, but not about this for some reason! So anywho, to lighten the mood over here, I have been searching for "Couples" Halloween costumes. I haven't found anything just yet for Adam (husband) and I, but I have found some pretty funny/knee-slapping things that I thought I would share. Sorry this isn't as exciting as "Scary Subway Man." I am just glad my lunch was uneventful today. Well not totally, but that is to be told in another post... :)

Let me introduce you to... Annie's Costumes. Browse around and laugh a lot :) Here is my contribution to today's much needed laughter time :)

This one is a shout out to Make Mine a Mojito. Check out her Miscellaneous Monday post from yesterday here. Mr. Mojito wants them to be Mustard and Ketchup. :) When I saw this outfit, I almost died. It actually does exist :) She might be in trouble now that I found these :) ha!

This next fun costume has me thinking this might be a good idea for us this Halloween :) I just think it's hilarious!!! He's a brick layer and she's a "Brick House" (remember my post about "bitch owwwwww"?? it's just so fitting!!) I mean I realize it's a little inappropriate (read his name tag) but it's so dang funny!!!!

How funny is this? I seriously doubt my husband would go for this :)

I don't know who would wear this, but if they did, they would surely win a costume contest :) haha. Yes that really is a costume, you can find it here.

Ok, this one isn't funny, but so cool I think :) I kinda want to go for that "dramatic look" this year instead of that "hooker-ish look" ha!

I told my husband that I really wanted to do something fun and paint my face and wear fake eyelashes (he looked at me like I was crazy). :) I need help ladies. What are you and yours going as??? I don't know why I am stressin', we don't even have anywhere to go. But Halloween is on a Friday and I am bound and determined to have a little "spooky" fun this year :) Next year, God willing, I will hopefully be preggers. So this could be the last "Adult Halloween" for us. We need to go out with a bang :) haha! HELP!


Mojito Maven said...

I LOVE that Mr. Potato Head...hmm, ketchup and mustard might have some competition haha

Lindsey said...

I'm trying to convince my husband to let me wear my wedding dress for Halloween and be a "bride." But he wants us to be something together like salt and pepper or peanut butter and jelly (similar to the ketchup and mustard idea).
We had no plans for Halloween either so we're hosting a dinner party.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i seriously love the brick house!

Tracy said...

You are a hoot! I like the brick house and brick layer. I think y'all would be cute in those.

I have a two year old so the focus is off us and on her. She wants to be a lady bug this year so I was thinking about finding insect costumes for the rest of us. I already have some butterfly wings and I saw a cute bumble bee dog outfit for the pooch.

Andi said...

If you don't have anywhere to go you should have a party! I love Halloween decor and would love to have a Halloween party.

Kitty Cat said...

We don't celebrate halloween here in South Africa, but I kinda wish we did, it seems like such fun!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Ha! is there a mr and mrs. potatoe head??

La Pixie said...

I wanted to be Giselle & Prince Edward (from Enchanted), but my Boyfriend wants to be Uncle Remus from Song of the South. (we love Disney.)

I think being ketchup and mustard is cute!

Tara Caire said...

angelina jole and brad pitt!Wait you could be that next year if you are pregnant ; )

I have no idea what drew and i are doing, i was a dallas cowboys cheerleader last year! Drew wasnt to fond of me wearing that haha

SweDaisy said...

I just found your blog today and read your Halloween costume post. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. My cousin has a party where costumes are manditory. This year I wanted to do the makeup and fake eyelashes thing to. I'm going as the bride of Frankenstein and my hubby is Frankenstein. So fun!

Take care,