Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me, Myself and I - oh my!

So I got this from a fellow blogger Off the Beaten Path. Check her out, her blog is so cute!

I thought this was so cute and fun and different! I decided I would post my own little list: so learn a little more about this newlywed, bloggin', southern lady! And have a great Thursday!

I BELIEVE ... God is in complete control.

I WANT… a mini golden doodle (just like Perez)!!!!

I HAVE … the most wonderful mother alive!

I KEEP … trying to better myself spiritually and physically and always will.

I WISH I COULD … relax more often.

I HATE … liars.

I FEAR … SPIDERS and losing loved ones.

I HEAR … that love conquers all.

I DON’T THINK … I will ever stop "dieting".

I REGRET … rushing through college.

I LOVE … my husband.

I AM NOT … always the sweetest person to the ones I love.

I DANCE … booty-shakin' style! :)

I SING … terribly, I mean really, the worst.

I NEVER … eat meat off of a bone (although I realize it all comes off of one at some point).

I RARELY … get enough sleep.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … any movie where animals or people die.

I AM NOT ALWAYS … patient. I have a REAL problem here!

I MISS … my mom. She lives an hour and a half away! :(

I HATE THAT … i am sometimes high maintenance and I have high anxiety.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … whether or not to go back to school to be a teacher.

I NEED … lots of love and understanding.

I SHOULD … have more energy because I work out, but I am always tired.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

really cute! i want to try this next week.

Mojito Maven said...

HAHA. Love this. She actually stole this from my blog!!

Tracy said...

This was fun. I may "borrow" it fro my blog :-)

Petunia said...

I like your list!! (I can relate!)