Monday, September 8, 2008

VMA's..."Piece of Me"...Hit of the night!

"It's Britney Bitch!!" And she's back... and WOW, looking so much better than last year. I mean Britney is on her way back to the Justin days! Without him of course, but her body looks better than is has in a long time. But looking back on what all she has gone through... I am so happy for her. I have always liked her music (yes I will admit it) and I was so sad to see her going through such a public breakdown. But it looks like she is back on track and working hard to get her body back in "carry a snake/make out with Madonna" mode! She looked great, I thought! I was shocked to see her win three Moon Men honestly! I mean I love "Piece of Me" and the video, but let's be honest, it was up against some pretty stiff competition... and WON! Good for her, but I am not sure I 100% agree, but all the same... I am glad she won. Maybe that was the boost of confidence she, so very much, needed! Maybe the old school Britney is really back. Only time can tell.

Overall I thought the VMA's this year wasn't really all that great. I was kinda disappointed! But oh well, always entertaining to watch and see what people have on :)
Ok so other things about the VMA's that I loved/loathed were...

1. The host (Russell Brand) -HATED IT! I mean come on MTV. I have so many negatives for this one! At times it was hard for me to understand and I thought it was AWFUL that he brought Palin's children into his jokes. Seriously, that was uncalled for. And all his Bush-bashing was ridiculous. I hated him from the first 30 seconds and my husband said the same! And for him to make fun of the Jonas Brothers purity rings... ASSHOLE! Sorry, but it's so true. And that hair...woah...teasing really?? oh me! I couldn't stop staring at his pants... and that's not a good thing! They were so tight and they looked like woman's legs! It was just a disaster! I could go on and on, but I won't! Moving on... :)

2. Rihanna/TI duet- LOVED IT! I mean hello...that was hott! She is beautiful and is really talented and I have always really liked TI (except for all that trouble he got into not long ago). I think he is a great rapper (not that I am some expert-ha)! Her outfit was amazing. Why oh why can't I wear that sometime??? Oh yeah, I have no wear to wear it nor am I in near that good of shape :) My husband asked me at one point, "Can you get some of those boots?" ha! "NO!" I answered really quickly. But anyway, that, to me, was one of the highlights of the night!
3. DJ AM and Travis Barker - LOVED THEM! Fabulous idea MTV. That was awesome. Both are so talented and they had some great artists join them on the side stage! Loved it!
4. Christina Aguilara- LOVED HER! How amazing is she??? Always been a huge fan. She looked great after giving birth not too terribly long ago. And I loved her remix of "Genie in a Bottle" FABULOUS!!! And the new song... that will grow on me I am sure!'s Christina!
5. Pink's Performance - LOVED IT! I am a big fan of Pink and I thought the new song was awesome. Her outfit at the end (after she stripped the precious shirt dress) was kind of risque but I loved it! I tried to find pics of it all but it must be too soon. I can't find any. But go to and you can see the video of her performing!
Even though I didn't think the VMAs 2008 were the best ever, they were still entertaining (except for the host)! If you visit HERE, you can see all the hottest stars red carpet styles! They were awesome/amazing/fabulous!!!!!!!!!
If you didn't get to see the awards, I am sure they will run on MTV all dang week/month :)
Have a great Monday!


preppy little dress said...

great review!

yea that brandt guy - yuck - - SO ANNOYING!!!!

here's my personal review of the evening:

let's see...jonas brothers, i don't understand the obession with them, their music didn't impress me.

britney won 3 awards - i also think she is definitely on a comeback! she looked great and seemed normal!!

demi moore should stick to movies, she forgot her microphone and then messed up a couple of times reading from the prompter. i feel sorry for her, she was so embarassed!

kid rock - loved his performance of all summer long!

also, kanye west - what is the name of that new song? his performance was awesome, the background with the drummers - reminded me sorta of an old phil colins song, but far from it of course.

love your blog!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ok SAME thoughts on Russell Brand...the Jonas Brothers slam pissed me off! I was going to post on it, but still haven't cooled down enough to do so b/c I get mad again when I think about it!

Lauren said...

I totally agree about Britney Spears. I have always been a fan and am so glad to see her getting back on her feet. She looked great and I was so happy to see her win her awards.

I was not happy to read about the jokes against the Jonas Brothers and Sarah Palin's kids. They are teenagers and should be off limits!! I thought that was very inappropriate.