Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to Bloggyland...

My roommate from March 07 to March 08 has started a blog. Check her out. She is HILARIOUS and VERY WITTY so she is sure to be a funny one to read! Southern Shell Bell is her name and funny is her game :)

A little background on us... She is one of my best friends EVER! She is one of the most loyal people I know. Sweetest person ever. So here's a little tid bit about how we met :)

Setting the scene for you: (January 2007) In a loud ass bar standing in line to go to the bathroom (where there's one toilet-ugh) and I hear...
SSB (in a drunken slur): "Hey, I know you. I've seen you in here before and on MySpace. Your boyfriend is Adam. He is sooo HOT!"
Me: "Yep he is!"
SSB: more rambles, more rambles, more rambles :) haha!
And we have been best friends ever since :) ha! Weeeellllll... ALMOST right after that! We saw each other a few more times (sober) and then decided to have lunch. She was looking to move to LaGrange from Newnan since she worked in LaGrange and I was DESPERATELY needing a roommate to save some cash. But since I had lived alone for 2 years out of college, I was skeptical. Plus... HELLO, I just met her drunk ass at a bar (hahaha-kidding Shell, you know I will always cherish that story). During that lunch, I told her what I was looking for in a roommate and she agreed so there you have it, the rest is really history. We lived together for one whole year. She was there for me through some of my happiest and most trying times...

- All my sobs because Adam (husband) waited so damn long to tell me he loved me. (March 07 actually-he waited 9 months) (PS-I knew I loved him after like 1 month!)
- Losing my grandmother
- My Dad's triple bypass surgery
- My 25th Birthday Celebration
- My Engagement
- My Wedding
- And so much more.

She has been such a wonderful friend to me, she will never know how much I really appreciate her friendship.

Where is she now you ask... well the biatch (kidding) up and moved to Nashville one month before I got married. TRAUMATIZING for me! :) The person I leaned on the most in LaGrange (besides Adam) and she leaves me... Boo on you Shell Bell! :)

You know another amazing thing about this wonderful friendship we have... She and my husband are just as close as we are. I mean the three of us were roommates really for like the last 4 months. I miss her so much and PRAY and HOPE that she will hurry back "home" soon! You will always have a room at our house :) Adam and I have it all worked out for her so she can save money... JUST MOVE IN WITH US :)

We love you Shell, welcome to Bloggyland (it's so much fun!)!
Shell Bell and I out at "The Peach"
Shell Bell and I at my Bridesmaids Luncheon

And again after a few margaritas ( I know you can't see but we had on clip on nose rings just for shits and giggles) hehe :)


tickledpink said...

TAG- check out my blog for details!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Have fun shopping this weekend! I'll be at Lenox! Wouldn't it be fun to run into each other?

Shelley said...

Um, who is the sweetest person ever who just made me tear up a little at work? :)

thats it, i'm totally moving back in a year :)

morewineplease said...

The story of how you met is great!! Love it.. will certainly check her out!

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

I knew I loved Garth after one month of dating too! But he waited 5 months to tell me he loved me!

Shelley said...

ps you know i hate that story :) haha, but i'm glad my obnoxious drunken appreciation of hot boys brought us together


Being Brazen said...

That is a cute story. Funny thing is that most of my best friends i also met in totally random ways.

Kitty Cat said...

Awww, so cute, the two of you! I relate that to my best friend!

Muffy said...

WELCOME to bloggy land!!!!!