Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who is the baby daddy???

More 90210 talk :) Ok so there is a lot of discussion about who's baby Sammy's baby daddy???? I have a theory... hear me out. So Blue-eyed Bride and I have our fingers crossed that it's Brandon... and I really think it is... here's my thoughts on this and you can give me your feedback. Simply a theory but I think we are soon to find out the truth. Let my detective work begin :)
When Kelly was having dinner with Brenda and they were talking about Brandon and Kelly said something like, "Yeah that's what he said when he called me at 3 am." Then I started thinking hold cow, when she was on the phone earlier in the show late at night and she said "He's been asking about you." then the little boy comes in. It made me (and my hubby) go WOAH! It's BRANDON! But could totally be misinterpreting :) And also Kelly made reference to how it had been so long since Brenda had seem Sammy. I smell DRAMA!
I love how we are all so focused on the "old schoolers" haha! Can't wait til next week... I am already having withdraws for more NEWBIE 90210 :)

Who could it be... Let's bring them both back anyway :)


Mojito Maven said...

well i think it may be Dylan...

I've also read 3 other websites that say it's Dyaln, but I do LOVE Brandon. He would be MUCH better for Kelly!

Mrs. Forever said...

If it is Brandon my vision of him as a perfect man is ruined - the Brandon I remember wouldn't have left his child to go to another country! I think Dylan.