Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why do I love shoes so much???

It must be in my genes or something... I mean it is an obsession that is out of control! I really should never look online because I don't find like 1 or 2, I find like 25! :) Now my shoe "collection" has gotten out of control and I really have been trying to make a conscious effort to not buy any that weren't SUPER ON SALE or ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (that gets me in trouble sometimes)! ha! But anyway, so a fellow blogger, Make Mine a Mojito, was asking for help with shoes to go with a bridesmaid dress she has to wear in October. She wanted brown, so I used this as an excuse to browse. Well I found some FABULOUS shoes that I thought would look great with her dress and they are only $50. Well the problem is... now I want them too :) I mean I have been sitting at my desk for 20 minutes looking at them trying to decide what to do. I know I don't NEED them, but they would look awesome for fall... Ahhhh... HELP!!! I am dying here! I wouldn't normally hesitate but you see September is an expensive month for hubby and I... for these reasons: Wedding in Houston, TX next weekend; my birthday; sister-in-law birthday; mother-in-law birthday; football season; already purchased hubby's bday presents for October! So you see... I really don't need to do this... but I probably will anyway... SHAME SHAME, BAD WIFE!! Nah... I will just convince hubby they are a good BARGAIN! Which they really are... they are regularly $100. And have I mentioned that this website is going to break my bank... 6 PM. That is where the shoes are located. I found this website from fellow blogger, Newlywedisms by Bryn (thanks!) So I guess maybe the real problem here is all my blog browsing :) ha... oh well... I guess our grocery fund will suffer a little this month... :) Here are the FAB shoes I was talking about above :)

And why we are on the subject... to share a couple of other SHOE BARGAINS that I found. Now I am not a HUGE lover of flats (although the older I get the more I appreciate them). I stand at a whopping 5'9" so when I wear heels I am one tall lady! But I just love them :) Any who... I am trying to get more into flats because they are hott right now! Here are some precious ones I found for a GREAT price. You can find these at this wonderful online store called LuLu's. Enjoy the eye candy :)
Bamboo $24 (what??? I know)
Bamboo $22 (ahhhh)

$23 (dyin' over here!!)

Qupid $26 (need help now!!)

Here's to hoping you don't all have the same "addiction" as me!! :)


Mojito Maven said...

Thank you, thank you for your shoe recommendations! I'm also going to do some browsing around 6PM to see what other fun things I might find!

I say buy them!