Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Surprises!!!

When you work in a small town in the state of Georgia... you come into work on days like Halloween and find this...

Yes, that's a pig. A miniature pot belly pig... named Maddie!

Isn't she precious????

Do you see her pierced ears???? Adorable!

Such a sweet little girl!!! 10 weeks old!

Kisses for me!!! On my nose!!

I fell instantly in love with her! (that shouldn't surprise some of you who know what an animal lover/activist I am)! Within minutes I was texting Hubs to let him know I would be needing a Mini Pot Belly Pig ASAP! He agreed she was cute, but unfortunately I won't be getting my own little Wilber anytime soon :( A lady I work with brought her in for Halloween because she was supposed to be Sarah Palin and this was her "Pig with Lipstick"!! (but she didn't have lipstick on-ha) GREAT huh? She said Maddie is potty trained and everything! I mean even right now, I am dying to have one!!! For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE animal lover! And I mean huge!!! I would have one of every kind of furry animal if I could!!! I have a list a mile long of all the animals I want. And that includes animals like: many dogs, chimpanzee, llama, mini pot belly pig (now), dwarf rabbit, mini horse... and lots more! I just have so much compassion for animals. They are so innocent and so many times are mistreated! People joke sometimes and say that I love animals more than people... and sometimes it's true :) I won't get going on that though :) But HOW CUTE IS LITTLE MADDIE???? She loved me. She didn't squeal at all and she fell asleep in my arms. Gave me lots of kisses and cried when I let her go!! I could have sat all day and played but work had to be done!!! And speaking of pigs... Grey's anyone???? I about lost it more than once! I was irate! Hubs kept having to remind me they weren't real, but they freakin' looked real and the fact that they even had that "idea" on that show... I was PISSED!!!!!!!!!

On to other news... Happy Halloween to my bloggy friends! I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever you might do! Hubs and I are headed to Alabama to my hometown tonight for an 80's Theme Halloween Party. All I can say is check back on Monday! our outfits are HILARIOUS!!! Let me just point out that I might (or might not) have found a pair of grey/black stone washed AC Slater Jeans! I'm just sayin'! And I might (or might not) have colored extensions to go in my hair! We are sure to be a hit! I can't even explain the outfits. You just have to wait and see pics! Saturday I will get some MUCH NEEDED family time in. We will watch the Auburn game (oh dear-please we have to win) and hang with my family and go to church! Then back to GA on Sunday to get out my winter clothes. I don't have room in my closet for summer and winter clothes so I have to store them in plastic boxes and switch them out from season to season!! Have I mentioned how much I HATE DOING THAT! I can't wait to see pics from all my girls on here next week! Be safe and have loads of fun!!

One last thing before I get back to work... I JUST VOTED!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT FELT GOOOOOOD! Go McCain/Palin!!!!!!!!!!!! And can i just say that old people are precious? There was a little old lady, hardly able to move and her son was helping her fill out papers and vote and stuff. Well she was voting like 5 feet away from me and I hear her son yell, "Now why did you do that? We came up here just so you could vote for McCain!" I about died laughing!!! So one of the voter ladies helped her go back!

Ok that's all :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weight News & A Funny!

Disappointment pretty much sums up how I feel right now... I went to my biweekly Dr appointment today hoping for a decent weight loss. After my first week of -6 and second week of -7 I knew there was a good possibility that this week (I didn't weigh in last week) could be bad or at least really low (I mean hello... I watch Biggest Loser, I see what happens)!
My Dr appointment literally takes less than 5 minutes. I go in, she asks how I am doing, I say, fine then hop on the scale. I take my shoes and coat off (thinking that will make me lose at least another pound-ha) step on the scale, take a deep breath and hear the meanest/nastiest words i have heard all day... "You are still at 153!!!" WHAT WHAT WHAT????? WHAT??????? (I could feel my face turning red!!!) I have been busting my ASS at the gym for two weeks, no cheating and I got NOTHING???? I was so mad! For what I am paying this dang Dr and how dedicated I have been, I really feel like I should have lost at least 2 lbs. Oh well, I am trying to tell myself that 13 lbs in a month is still really good. I will weigh in next Thursday so I am hoping for at least 1 lb down! It's gotta happen. Otherwise I might drop this whole Dr thing! In my Dr's eyes i only need to lose another 5 lbs to get to my "ideal" weight (148) for my height and age, but I say WHATEVER! To get to my goal (145) I have at least 8 more and to get to where I WANT SO MUCH TO BE (140) I need to lose another 13. I know it can happen, it HAS to happen!!! She is weaning me off of the Adipex because I have to get used to not having it. I have to get used to having my appetite back-Grrr-not pumped about that! But I also realize how much self control I have gained in the past month so I will be good! I do feel a lot better about my weight. My pants are big, and things I couldn't wear a month ago are fitting so I can tell a difference! And I am very thankful for that!! I don't mean to sound all down, it just sucks when you work hard for two weeks with no results. But I am going to hold my head high :) And march on to pound loss victory :) So another week... here we go!!

And for your daily "laugh so hard you almost pee your pants" or maybe your "OMG so glad that didn't happen to me" here you go!!!

Picture this... Me, sitting at my desk, about to eat my 7 point Lean Cuisine Cheese French Bread Pizza (which I pile with 0 point Vlasic Banana Peppers and Heritage Fare 0 point wing sauce- both of which I highly recommend and put on EVERYTHING!!! ) I go to pick up the pizza and some how it slips out of my hand and rolls over onto my desk, throwing the peppers and wing sauce all over my red H&M skirt and the cuff of my Ralph Lauren jacket and onto the floor!!! Panic sets in and I scramble to save some peppers to put on my pizza... I am trying to save the ones on my skirt. So I gather the 4 or 5 that didn't hit the floor and turn the pizza over... PERFECT!!! I then realize that the wing sauce is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Carpet, jacket, skirt, desk, chair, pump, leg, papers... it looks like someone threw it at my desk in an angry rage! Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY! But I just sat back and smiled at what a genius/klutz I am (now I am wishing I would have taken a picture). Thank goodness my skirt is red, the wing sauce has now dried and you can't even see it! Just super!
I then text Hubs (because we are supposed to go 80's clothes shopping after work-Halloween story for later) "So I might need to go home and change clothes after work, due to the fact that I managed to sling wing sauce and peppers all over myself during lunch!!"

What a day!

NKOTB - Soooo worth it!

1 word to sum up last night... FANTASTIC and FABULOUS (ok, 2 words!)

It was so much fun! I will be honest. I wasn't REALLY looking forward to going. Yes, I was looking forward to spending quality time just me and my BFF Jackie, but I was not thinking they would be any good and I REALLY wasn't looking forward to getting home late! I need my sleep!
To start: Jackie and I got to spend some quality time together all right! The drive to Northeast Atlanta (better known as Duluth) from where I am was supposed to be just over an hour and a half. How long did it take us??? Well, thanks to I-85 construction plus downtown Atlanta traffic, it took us 3.5 hours!!!!!!!!!! No lie! We sat on the exit ramp for over an hour!!! OMG!! But once we got there... sooooo worth it! Where oh where do I start. I wanna make sure you ladies (NKOTB fans) get the full effect of what we experienced!! And since we couldn't take cameras in... well as it turns out, we could have, but the tickets said not to and I get all paranoid about that so we didn't! So all I had to use to capture the awesome-ness was my cell phone camera and well we all know those aren't great for capturing moments/things like 100 yards away.

Our seats were great. They were in the middle and we had GREAT views. At one point they were very close. They moved to the middle of the floor seats and got on this spinning thing with a piano!!! (that is when I took the pictures) Here's how we came up in #'s!!!

3... The # of crotch shots of Donnie we got on the big screen!
5... The # of great wardrobe changes!
1... The # of times Jordan ripped his shirt off!
25... (at least) The # of times the 5 of them thrusted/humped the air while dancing!
4... The # of really skinny backup dancers!
2... The # of NEW songs they sang that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!
2... The # of times Donnie asked us if his ass looked hot!!
0... The # of times Jon said a word on the mic (other than singing)!
2... The # of "guns" Danny has! (Boy has massive arms)
1... The # of times Donnie took a picture of his crotch for some girl!
2.5... The # of hours we screamed our lungs out!!
0... The # of times we sat down!
Oh so much to tell, but so little time! You really had to be there. If you get a chance to go... please go! You won't regret it! The dancing was AMAZING! Whoever did their choreography is great! And they danced it well. Jackie and I disagreed as to who was the best dancer. I said Donnie. She said Jordan!
At first, it was just funny seeing them up there, then I was like, hey these guys are good! REALLY GOOD! Of course they sound different now because they are grown ass men, but they really are great singers. Singing wise, Jordan and joey were the best! Donnie did his rap numbers and they were really good. The first time Jordan hit that high note (yall remember) the place went freakin crazy (including me and Jackie)! We acted like teenagers. It was so fun to be silly and dance for hours. When they sang "The Right Stuff" they definitely did the old school dance that goes with it (yall know you remember that for sure)! It was the first time that something like that really took me back to my childhood... it was kinda weird... made me feel old-ha! I really could go on and on... but that would take up way too much of you reading time :) Here are a few pictures that I got with my camera on my phone :)

Jackie in all her NKOTB jacket glory :)

Who is that???? Jordan on the big screen? yes... tearing his shirt off!!!

When they moved to the middle!

And another!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wonderful Weight Watchers Wednesday!

Hello dear WWW readers :) It's that time again. For us all to get on the scale to see how the week treated us (and that scale better not lie)!! Well in my case, tomorrow will be two weeks since I have gotten on a scale. I didn't go to the Dr. last week so I have no idea what my loss was for that week. I will be going tomorrow to jump on that scary tall/hateful thing tomorrow at noon to see if my hard work has paid off! So I will post my weight loss tomorrow. Sorry that I can't post it today. My Dr. is only in town Tuesday and Thursday. So sadly it must wait! But I do want to hear all about your weight loss, so let's hear it ladies!!

Today here at WWW, I want you all to do a little math for me :) Don't be nervous. I want you to calculate your TEE! Thanks to Jillian Michaels, I will forever be calculating this to see how many calories I can have in one day! I promise this is worth doing. It's really neat how it works and what it tells you. I had no idea this even existed :) What is TEE you ask?
It is the number of calories you burn in a day. TEE is short for total energy expenditure. Your TEE is unique to you. They vary from person to person, so take the time to learn yours so you can balance your caloric intake and costs in a totally efficient way as you work toward your weight loss goal.

Your TEE takes into account 3 factors. So we will do 3 different calculations! Here's how you do this... Ready? Grab a calculator, some paper and a pencil.

1) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)- Your BMR is the number of calories your body burns in a day when operating at absolute minimum capacity. So, in other words, if you did absolutely nothing all day your BMR, then, is the number of calories your body burns just to keep you alive. (heartbeat, digestion, etc).
BMR is influenced by several factors, including age, weight, height, gender, environmental temperature, and diet and exercise habits. It's almost impossible to pin down your BMR to the exact calorie, but you can get close. Here are the formulas for calculating your BMR. Grab a calculator and plug your numbers into the formula that is for you!

MALE: 66 + (6.3 × body weight in pounds) + (12.9 × height in inches) − (6.8 × age in years)

FEMALE: 655 + (4.3 × weight in pounds) + (4.7 × height in inches) − (4.7 × age in years)

Keep your number handy!!

2) The next number you need to know is your physical activity level. Which one of these descriptions best fits your day-to-day routine? Give yourself the appropriate score.

- a. Sedentary Physical Activity Level - Do you have a desk job or sit for most of the day? If the answer is yes, your score is 1.1.
- b. Light Physical Activity Level - Are you on your feet and walking around for at least half the day? If this is you, your score is 1.2.
- c. Moderate Physical Activity Level - Are you on the move pretty much all day, with a few breaks, this is the level for you. If you're in this category, your score is 1.3.
- d. High Physical Activity Level - Does your job require being constantly on the move, and does it require manual labor? If you're in this group, your score is 1.4.

3) The last part is figuring out the number of calories you burn from exercise on an average day. The number of calories you burn during any exercise session depends on a few things, primarily your body weight.
Use Jillian's chart to help you figure out the number of calories you burn from exercise on an average day according to your weight, the type of exercise you do, and how long. Keep that number handy!

Okay, ready to find out how many calories you burn daily???? (PS-I will share my numbers)

Get the three numbers you've come up with and simply multiply your BMR by your daily activity score, and then add your exercise expenditure. Whatever you get from this final calculation is your magic number. TADA!!!!!!!!! Easy huh? I am obsessed with this number almost as much as what my scale says :)

Here's mine...

BMR: 1881.6 (how much my body burns just so I can stay alive-WOW!)
Physical Activity Score: 1.1
Exercise Cal Burned: 800

So my TEE is... 2869.76!! So basically what that means is that as long as I eat less calories than that (and I do for sure) I should steadily lose weight! Little by little! We shall see if that works!

1 pound extra lean ground beef
1/2 cup uncooked long grain white rice
1 cup water
6 green bell peppers
2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place the rice and water in a saucepan, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and cook 20 minutes.
In a skillet over medium heat, cook the beef until evenly browned.
Remove and discard the tops, seeds, and membranes of the bell peppers. Arrange peppers in a baking dish with the hollowed sides facing upward. (Slice the bottoms of the peppers if necessary so that they will stand upright.)
In a bowl, mix the browned beef, cooked rice, 1 can tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Spoon an equal amount of the mixture into each hollowed pepper. Mix the remaining tomato sauce and Italian seasoning in a bowl, and pour over the stuffed peppers.
Bake 1 hour in the preheated oven, basting with sauce every 15 minutes, until the peppers are tender. (Honestly though-you don't have to bake them THAT long) Just check the peppers for how tender you want them to be)!!

Sorry it was a long one ... but I had to share the TEE and this yummy recipe! Happy WWW girls! I will update you on my weight loss tomorrow. But let's hear all about yours and any tips you have!!!!!!!!!!!
This blog is not supported nor endorsed by any part of the Weight Watchers Corporation. All point values are figured using the Weight Watchers eTools and are assumed to be as accurate as possible. Recipes that are labeled as "Core (WW)" may contain trace amounts of non-Core ingredients, but the point value per serving of those ingredients would figure to be .5 points or less in all cases.


This is hard for me to say... It's kind of embarrassing... Not too many people know... I am not sure how you will feel about me after you read this... Please try not to judge...



Yes, it's true... I am going! This is not a prank!!! No one hacked into my blogger account to post this embarrassing news!

My old roommate, Southern Shell Belle, is a huge boy band fan! So when she heard they were coming to Atlanta, we just HAD to get tickets. Now, don't get me wrong, when NKOTB were hot, I looooved them! But now, I am pretty much over them. So, Shell and my best friend from home (AL) Jackie and I were supposed to see them TONIGHT! Shell can't go anymore so it's just Jackie and I. She will be getting to GA this afternoon and we will be heading to ATL for what is sure to be a knee slapping good time. I mean these guys, now in their 40s, performing the same songs they did when they were in their teens. It will be very interesting to say the least! Please, oh please, let them do the same dances and everything... especially to "The Right Stuff" (you know you know it)! I am looking forward to hanging with my BF and I am sure that at the very worst... it will be entertaining!!! We aren't allowed to have cameras but I will try to sneak a picture or get one with my cell phone so at least I have something to show you girls tomorrow! (and laugh at later)!

I will be honest here, I was a huge NKOTB fan, back in like 1994. I had a fan club and a NKOTB club house and everything! I about DIED when I saw they were going on a reunion tour!! I mean, for goodness sake, Donnie is in one of my favorite movies, Saw II! This is just going to be such a fun/interesting night! And hopefully they sound as good as they did 14 years ago :) I have a feeling Joey Jo might sound a little different :)

Ok, now how many of you girls were NKOTB fans back in the day? Come on, admit it :)

Old School NKOTB

New school--ha!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Passing along 2 posts!

Post 1: Breathtaking!

Today, I saw something amazing. It made me cry tears of sadness, but also tears of amazement. It's amazing to me how God works. He is our all knowing, all powerful God. Only He has all the answers. It's amazing to me how people that go through such tragedy lean completely on Him and give Him all the glory no matter how great the pain they suffer. They lean on Him for guidance and answers and trust in God that He is in complete control. I have never been through something even close to what I saw saw today and I can't begin to imagine what it's like, but I hope that if I ever do, I can be as strong as this sweet couple featured in the video.
If you don't read Kelly's Korner, you should. Her story and faith is amazing. Today she posted this video and I just sat and weeped at what was before me. I had never heard of this before. Please visit Kelly's blog to read today's post.

Post 2: Insightful!

Also, I haven't posted about politics, because frankly I don't understand much of what is going on! I just want what is best for our wonderful country! I am not down for arguing over who is better, blah, blah, blah! I have my opinions and you have yours and all is well! I don't think it's any secret that I am a McCain/Palin supporter. I am a big conservative and am not ashamed of that! Do I understand & agree with everything McCain or Palin says, NO! But McCain is who I BELIEVE will be the best president! You think Obama? Ok, cool! So we differ in opinions. I will not try to change your mind, I am just sharing what I think is GREAT information!! I read Just a Girl... And Her Dogs on Monday and I was like HELLO this is one of the best posts I have read about politics and the upcoming election. Also she will direct you to this link. Make sure to check it out too :)

NASCAR Sightings!!!

Good morning ladies! Monday was such a busy day I didn't get to post, but I did catch up on some of my reading I missed last week. But I have lost hope that I will catch up on four days of missed blog reading so I am moving on! I have a list of things to blog about but first things first... my NASCAR race trip was so much fun! We went with my best friend from home and her husband (J & J) and we had a blast!! Fun, interesting and many other words describe some of the things I saw... allow me to share a few!

- Oh Mr. "400 pound man without your shirt on"... eating nachos and two hot dogs simultaneously, please, PLEASE, at least put your shirt back on. I am aware you were sitting in the sun, but it's the end of October and it wasn't hot outside.

- Miss "I need to wear stilettos to the NASCAR race"... I bet your ass was regretting that after you had to walk 2 miles to get to the track and then another 300 yards to get to your gate and then up 50 stairs to get to you seat! Come on, I love me some stilettos too, but a NASCAR race is not the place for your Jimmy Choos!

- Mr. and Miss "We gotta get sloppy drunk & make out the entire race"... thank you for that lovely view. You were two rows in front of me and several times I was afraid we were about to see soft porn! Next time, please try to refrain from grabbing each others ass inappropriately and sticking your tongues down each others throats. Some people are there to enjoy the race not watch you slobber all over each other!

- Mr. "Drunk man that stomped his feet repeatedly"... I understand you have a crazy/psycho love for Mr. Jeff Gordon. And hey, who am I to judge (you're stupid for that by the way), but come on. It is not necessary for you to stomp your feet as loud as you can every time he passes the Grand Stands. You are quite annoying. Just drink your Budweiser and pass out in your seat. You were doing a good job at that from what I could tell.

- Mr. "Mullet Man"... I understand that you are probably from Backwoods, AL or GA, but come on, you know you don't look good. You look ridiculous and YES people ARE making fun of you! A LOT! You look like an idiot! Cut that crap and look like a normal person!

- Mrs. "Mullet Man's Wife"... SERIOUSLY, you let your husband walk out of the house like that. WOW! You know he looks like an idiot and YES people ARE making fun of him... AND YOU for being married to his mullet loving ass!

- Mr. "Dale Jr. tank top wearing Man"... Yes, I understand that you are a Dale Jr fan (as am I) however, it isn't necessary for you to wear a snug tank top to show off your "man-love" for him! Although you did provide lots of entertainment for my husband and I!

- Mr./Mrs. "Atlanta Motor Speedway Engineer"... Although we appreciate not having to sit in the sun for 5 hours, that metal roof thing you have over the top 25 rows, is painful for my ears. Because AMS is such a long track the cars get so spread out and the loud roaring cars never stop it's like a constant ringing in your ears. And forget any conversation you might want to have. And FYI-We can't hear the announcer man due to all the metal vibrations. I realize this can't be fixed as there is no telling how much it cost to put that up. But maybe on the tickets that are in that area, make a suggestion for ear plugs. I have never had that problem at any other track!!
I could really go on and on, we saw some funny stuff over the course of 5 hours. We had a blast making fun of people. It's just one of those things you have to do at a NASCAR race :) And man at the food they had available. Like an Arby's sandwich for $8, a tiny little Papa Johns pizza for $8, Hamburgers for $6... Turkey legs (puke) for $7!!!! It was over priced obviously! I wanted some yummy nachos soooo bad, but before we left home I packed me some Reduced Fat Cheez Its to munch on instead! I did however have some boiled peanuts... yum! Love them! But I was surrounded by people eating up the yummy goodness that a NASCAR race provides... Thank goodness you can take your own beer in to a NASCAR race. Beers were $6... for a can! CRAZY!!! So I enjoyed a few Miller's too! Although I don't LOVE beer, at a NASCAR race it's just necessary to have a few! :) But not too many because to get to the bathroom we had to walk down like 50 + steps no lie. So coming back up, it was rough on the lungs and legs!!
My driver, Dale Jr, finished 11th. A little disappointing because for most of the race he was in the Top 5!! But oh well... Here are some pictures that we took before and during the race! ENJOY ladies!! :)

Before we left... our day to be "red"!!!

Dansby and Daizy wanted to go to the race too!!

We're here... (see the metal roof thing I was talking about?)

There's my driver. We were almost right in front of his pit stall! Whoooo

After driver introductions they put them in a truck and take them around the track. That's Jr in the back of the truck!!

Let's go racin' boys...

There he goes... #88!

Let's go green!!!

I just aimed and took a pic... they were going about 200 mph!! Lucky me! I got his car :)

Jr was running 7th here!

Carl Edwards was the winner. He always does a back flip off of his car. I caught the landing :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Way too disconnected from y'all!

Good Friday morning to all! I have sooo many things to say (random things) but first I want to say SUPER SORRY for the missing comments to all of my bloggy friends. We have a huge event this weekend and being that I am the Event Coordinator... I have been running myself crazy the past two days! I haven't even been able to read my fave blogs, let along comment. I think I left a couple but that's it! So please accept my sincerest apology for my lack of blogging and commenting. Next week will be back to normal!! :) Promise! I had every intention of catching up yesterday right when I got home from work (since I went to the gym at 5AM-grr) but I ended up being at work until 5:30 and then went home and had a 30 minuted conversation with my mom about my dang wedding photos (we are having issues with the photographer 6 1/2 months later). Then, I had to cook supper and my TEAM played football last night... Guess what... WE LOST! Shocker I know! I am convinced that we are THE worst team in the SEC!!! I am so frustrated with my TEAM that I am not even mentioning their name in my blog today! I am not one of those fans who is a hot then cold fan! But right now the best word to describe how I feel is PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubs was IRATE! I just sat in amazement as we led 17-10 at halftime... what was the final score you ask?? 34-17. Yes, we did not score one single freaking point in the 2nd half. AMAZEMENT!!!! And we let them score 24 points. I mean WOW, just WOW! Anyway, I can't get myself all worked up again, I have lots to do! :)

I do however want to point out a VERY IMPORTANT (and amazing) blog. My good pal Mojito Maven is celebrating her 100th post with an AMAZING giveaway! You must check it out!! You won't be sorry! She is giving away 5 Stella & Dot Wishing Thread necklaces!!! 5, yes that's right, 5!!!! So make your way over to see exactly what a "wishing thread" is and enter and congratulate her on her 100th post! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Also, I have received some fabulous awards over the past couple of days and I have been tagged to play some pretty fun little "get to know me" games ... thank you to you all and I PROMISE to post about them next week and mention all of your sweet blog names :) I have made note of them all. Sitting on my desk is a post it with all of your blog names so I don't' forget!

I am off today for a MUCH needed hair trim and some layers... it's been 6 months since I have even had a trim (I know-don't judge) :) And I keep trying to let my bangs grow out, but I just can't! They get to that awkward length and I cut them!! So I will be getting them trimmed again and they will stay around for at least a couple of more months!

What are my weekend plans???? Well work tomorrow and then a wedding shower! Sunday??? I will be getting up at the butt crack of dawn and heading to Hampton, GA. What is there you ask??? THE ATLANTA MOTOR SPEEDWAY to see the Pep Boys 500!!! Yeah, this lil' southern girl will be turning pure redneck for one day! :) If you have never been to a NASCAR race, don't knock it til you try it. They are so fun, even if you don't enjoy NASCAR! So fun. The PERFECT place to people watch! Wow, I always get some fascinating pictures, so Monday's post should be VERY interesting!!! Who will I be pulling for??? Well of course, Dale Jr :) (I realize how absolutely red you must all think I am--deep down, maybe I am a little-ha) I started really following NASCAR when I was a senior in high school although my redneck family (oh yeah, my dad's whole side of the family-RED as ever-that's a post for another day-wow!) I don't watch it religiously or anything but I do like it... so there... I admit it, I said it... I LIKE NASCAR!!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Say a prayer that it doesn't rain tomorrow. It will make our event MISERABLE!!! I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs Monday (I will be behind like 4 days-lots of reading I will have to do!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WWW - Again? Already?

I can't believe this is our 4th Weight Watchers Wednesday post. Don't forget to check out Blue-Eyed Bride's WWW post today. She is the fabulous host of the week!

So I don't have news to report this week as far as weight loss goes. I decided not to go have my shot tomorrow due to the fact that it is $20/per shot. Well they want me to have them twice a week (that is on top of the other "fees" I pay them) and I just can't afford to do that really! So I am only going to be getting them every two weeks. And until I get a new scale I won't be weighing at home. My scale SUCKS!!! Something awful. It will tell me one second that I weigh 156 and I will step off and get right back on and it says 154 so I am over that thing. So I won't have weight loss to report until next Thursday! So my WWW posts will have to be about exercise and diet :)

Let's see... this week has been GREAT for workouts and dieting! Monday I went to workout after work as usual. It was good to be back into my Body Pump routine (although for the past two days I have looked pretty dang funny walking). Miss one week of BP (dang travel for work) and you are screwed, you will be sore for several days-and I am FEELIN' it now-I can hardly sit down in my chair at work so I have been getting up and down as little as possible and miiiighty slow! I feel like someone beat my legs with a bat or something! PAIN! Ok, back on track, Monday I also ran 1.5 miles & walked 1 mile and considering I am not a runner I was really proud of that accomplishment. Typically, I am all for the elliptical. Usually running really hurts my ankles, but lately I am trying to mix up my cardio so running it is! And spinning will be back in full effect very soon. I like to do that in the winter rather than summer. Tuesday morning at 5:00 AM, I was up and at it... off to the gym with hubs for some cardio and abs. And since I have dinner with the in-laws tonight, I got up this morning at 4:50 AM (Grrrrr) and went to Body Pump. Now this is the first time I have done BP this early in the morning. Usually it's after work at 5:30. Well, after squats were over, I was pumped and ready to go. But squats almost killed this girl this morning! WOW! I think the sore-ness might have had something to do with it, but also, I wasn't even really awake yet! Afterwards I ran a little! Tomorrow morning and Friday morning I will be rising early (5 AM-booooo) to burn my calories for the day. Tues and Thurs Hubs and I like to go early because we like to have those two nights to come home from work and do what we want (which is usually laundry, dog baths, early dinner & TV)!! And Friday we are going on a date night to the movies to see Saw V! I loooove horror movies (the Saw series is one of my faves of all time) so I am pumped!

I am pretty disappointed I have to wait until next Thursday to weigh in, but hopefully it will be a good loss. I am getting closer to my goal and I can def see the weight coming off. I am, however, beginning to wonder what it will be like when I come off of the meds. Can I keep it off? Will I have the self control to keep it up? My plan wasn't to start a "diet" it was to make a lifestyle change and to never go back. I thought it was going to be hard to do, and it has been, but it's been 24 days since I started this journey and I can honestly say, I think it's set in. I finally, for once, have the right mind set. And I know that I can never go back to what I was doing, which was binge eating all the wrong things. During the 24 days, I have "cheated" once. It was for Hubs' birthday. I really didn't have much of a choice where we went, so I got pasta alfredo, but I didn't allow myself to eat it all. And I was ok with that. It was good, but I didn't stuff myself. We got dessert (which I don't LOVE) and I had 3 small bites for celebration purposes :) We have to go out to eat tonight, and I will be ordering a grilled chicken breast. It's what I have to order anywhere we go. Sometimes I think, UGH, I just want to eat and then I remember how good it feels to make progress and lose and that feeling goes away. It bothers me less and less to see other people eat and enjoy their food. I now (well I try my best) to look at food as nutrition and not as something to do that's fun and enjoyable. Because if we are being honest, food is my drug... I freakin' love it and I looooooooove to eat! And I will always be an "addict" so I can't fall off the wagon :)

Happy Weight Watchers Wednesday girls! I hope you all have had a successful week! Don't you just wish we could all go to the gym together. It would make it so much more fun (for me anyway) :)

I leave you with this...

I found these and I am IN LOVE with them. They are perfect for breakfast or a snack or for your sweet fix! They are REALLY good! (no lie!)
South Beach High Protein Cereal Bars (They have 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 140 calories & 5 fat grams) I know the fat grams seem scary but I don't worry about that because I don't get enough protein because I don't like meat. So this doesn't seem too bad to me and it really helps curb your appetite. :) WW points: 3
This blog is not supported nor endorsed by any part of the Weight Watchers Corporation. All point values are figured using the Weight Watchers eTools and are assumed to be as accurate as possible. Recipes that are labeled as "Core (WW)" may contain trace amounts of non-Core ingredients, but the point value per serving of those ingredients would figure to be .5 points or less in all cases.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged: All I love!!!

Ms. Florida Transplant over at Just a Girl... & Her Dogs and Mrs. Forever at A Housewife's Journey to Forever tagged in this fun little game! Thanks girls! Y'all are sweet to think of me :) I am to list 11 of my favorite things and then tag 5 people! Fun times for this Tuesday!! Ms. Florida Transplant changed things up a bit and put pictures instead so I am going to do the same!



City: (Auburn, AL)


TV Series:
Film: (it's impossible to just pick one)



Coffee: (yeah I like the stuff in the can!!)

I am tagging:

And my sweet friend Blue-Eyed Bride tagged me to play along in this survey! She mentioned this in her blog, but I am afraid that a few of my answers will be the same as hers! Why can't we live in the same town. Can Me, You and Mojito Maven all move to the same town asap and somehow start a business with WWW & Event Planning???

Top Four Wishes:
1. To not have to worry about money!
2. To have my family & best friends live in the same town as me!!
3. To find my true calling in my career path!
4. To have healthy children someday!

Four places I want to travel:
1. Turks and Caicos
2. New York City
3. Italy
4. Australia

Four careers I want to be involved in: (I promise I am not "copying" BEB and MM. These "jobs" really are my loves!)
1. Event Planning (anything... weddings, parties, showers...)
2. Dog groomer/sitter (It's amazing to most people how much I love dogs!)
3. Stay at home mom (Sooo much!)
4. Swanky Boutique owner (high fashion clothing store)

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
1. "Someone lied to you. We do have dogs in Heaven!"
2. "I am so glad you are here!"
3. "My child, you've served well. Welcome home!"
4. "You family awaits you!"

Four people I tag: (if you have already been tagged, just ignore me) :)
3. Megan at Wandering DC

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Wonderful-ness

Work is killing my blogging time! I realized it was 3:00 and I was like CRAP I haven't even blogged today! I have finally caught up on all of my reading I missed over the weekend. That is why my Monday blogs are so late. Have to read to see what I missed!

So the birthday celebration was a success. Only one small glitch! I rushed home after work to get dressed, then we rushed (it poured down rain all day in GA so traffic was horrendous) to Atlanta to go to dinner at this awesome restaurant, Twist. (they have a sister restaurant called Shout, how fun!) It was amazing. Very hip and cool. I enjoyed wine (yeah I just went with my White Zin) and hubs had his vodka tonics. The music was pretty loud but it was cool. It wasn't what I would call "a romantic dinner," but we definitely had a great time! I gave him his gifts. He has been wanting a new tailgate tent, we have a blue one, but it's not really "Auburn blue" so I got him an Auburn one like this...

The only glitch was the other present. He has been wanting an Ed Hardy shirt (I am obsessed with Ed Hardy and so I think I rubbed off on him). So I ordered him this...

... but I ordered a Large. And he needed an XL in Ed Hardy stuff! It tends to run a little small. FYI :) I was being pretty picky because a lot of Ed Hardy stuff has skulls on it and I am not much of a skull person. And plus it's blue with orange (HELLO-AUBURN!!!) He was excited until he put it on and it was kind of like a tiny tee :) hehe! But I will be fixing that situation ASAP!

The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing. Saturday morning we watched ESPN Gameday (that is a ritual at our house). Then we cleaned and I ran to get groceries and such (and by such I mean stuff for my fall craft... I will post on that later this week). We had a few friends over for hubs birthday and we grilled out and watched football! I was so glad Auburn didn't have a game (we were off) to upset hubs on his birthday, because odds are we would have played like crap! Sunday morning we were off to church (wonderful) and then went to eat with hubs family. The rest of my Sunday was spent being completely lazy! I did NADA! Watched some Lifetime movies... hubs suffered through the second one. And then off to sleepy land! :) Overall, a great relaxing birthday weekend. Thanks to you girls for all of your sweet comments on my birthday post :)

So after all of that, Monday can't be bad right??? WRONG!!! I had a Dr appointment today because for several weeks now, I have had this lump in my throat and my hypochondriac self decided to just go to the Dr just in case something was wrong. Because it sure felt wrong. So I go to an Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. I go in, tell her what's up. She then (with NO warning) sprays this crap up my left nostril... then sprays some other crap that burned like h*ll! She then (again, with no explanation) starts running this long (approx 10 in.) thing up my nose and into my throat to see if there's anything abnormal there. Ummm... yes I said up my nose and down to my throat! Can we say Owwwwwwww? I will just say, it was smaller (around) than a pencil but larger than spaghetti. Grrrr. But good news is, there's nothing abnormal. Thank God! She thinks it's my sinuses. Although I explained I have had no drainage! I think these meds I am taking are drying out my mouth and throat! Mouth for sure! My anxiety levels went down significantly after she told me nothing looked abnormal! :) But dang that thing was not pleasant all up in my nose and throat! WOW!

I have much to blog about this week so stay tuned :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Celebrating the past 29 years...

... that is what Hubs and I are doing today!!! But, we are celebrating especially hard this year because this is Hubs last year in his 20's. Next year we will say good bye to the 20's. He isn't too thrilled over that, but he is ready for what 30 and all of the 30's have to bring: parenthood (we hope)most specifically! The 20's have treated him well... and so it's time to move on... almost!

How my husband and I met is very very random and how we got together is even more random (I will have to post that another day)... but oh how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband & best friend!! I celebrate today and everyday how wonderful of a man he is! Happy Birthday to my wonderfully, sweet, amazing husband!!! I love YOU (I use YOU 'cause I know you're reading this)! ;)

I LOVE him for soooo many reasons but so all my girls in bloggyland can get to know the birthday boy a little better, here are a few reasons:

- He is a Christian!
- He is one of the most loyal people I know!
- He is a TRUE southern gentleman! (he opens my car doors all of the time. even going to the gym at 5 am)!
- He is a romantic!
- He makes me laugh even when I don't want to!
- He works hard to be able to provide for me!
- He wants me to have everything I need/want!
- He puts my needs/wants before his own!
- He will be an AMAZING dad!
- He is so laid back (Bless his heart, I am so dang high strung & anxious!)
- He has learned to deal with me (well he's still learning, but let me say this is quite a task!)
- He is HOTT!!!
- He's an Auburn fan!
- He tells me he loves me like 10 times every single day!
- He always tells me how beautiful he thinks I am, no matter what!
- He let's me pick where we go out to eat because I am so picky!
- He let's me watch all of my "shows" and he watches them with me so we can spend so much time together. Because he knows my shows mean so much to me. (sad I know-props to hubs because he watches "90210" "Project Runway" "Biggest Loser" "Dancing with the Stars" "Grey's Anatomy" and many more)
- He never complains about my cooking because he knows I try so hard to please :)
- He buys me the best presents!! :)
- When he found out I liked Nascar, he started watching it and loving it too!
- He is a wonderful "dad" to my two shih tzus I brought into this marriage! (I mean this man loves these two shaggy/tiny dogs!)
- He never complains about how picky I am (because it really limits the amount of "restaurant exploring" we get to do)
- He doesn't complain about my fashion forward taste in clothes (although I know sometimes he questions it and he doesn't understand my NEED for clothes)
- He understands finances/insurance/all that other crap... and doesn't expect me to get it! (cause I never do!)
- He accepts me for who I am! (and that can be tough to do!)
- I will stop there, because I could go on and on!!!
- He is the most amazing husband!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey! I am excited to celebrate your first birthday as a married man with you! I couldn't have wished for a better husband and thank you for making my life better... and complete!
Some of our wonderful memories below!!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wrecks and Weight Loss

Just when I thought my day had gotten great, BAM! It's one thing after another. I was so glad to start a new day today and be coming home. It took me over 5 hours to get home thanks to stupid road construction. My saving grace: my almost 3 hour phone conversation with my mom! Love those! So I get back to town and immediately go to see my Dr at Physicians Weight Loss for my 2 week check up. I left on CLOUD 9!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, you see, last Thursday I went for my weekly shot (a B-12 mixture) and I weighed while I was there! But I had just posted the day before about WWW and my 3 pound loss so I thought I would wait to share what happened that Thursday this week. Anyway, while at the Dr last week, I weighed in and I was down from 166 to 159!!! 7 pounds in one week!!! I was thrilled and totally shocked! So today when I went to weigh in, I was dreading it a little because I knew because I had such a huge loss last week that this week wouldn't be as good, but that was ok as long as it was a loss I didn't care! I was also worried because my "monthly visitor" came this morning. So, can we can BLOATING??? Yes! So I go in and we talk for a minute then I get on the scale (it's one of those Dr., scary tall ones) And she keeps pushing the scale back I don't think I even got what was happening before she said, "WOW, you are down another 6 pounds. You weigh 153!" I was like "What?" completely in shock but so excited and feeling really good. Only 13 to go to get to my goal weight! I am so excited. I knew I was losing because my pants I bought 3 weeks ago are huge now (they were a little loose fitting when I bought them)! And I tried on an amazing Calvin Klein dress this week in an 8 and was so pumped that it fit! So progress is being made. I think blogging about it and being held accountable has done wonders :) That and the help of this Dr and I am well on my way to being where I want/need to be! Thanks to all you girls for your support and encouragement!

So I am on cloud 9, feeling all good... I go home and unload all my stuff from the rental car, grabbed some lunch because I needed to get back to work to do a little work before the day was over! When I pulled in the drive way I pulled on my husbands side of our carport. Well in the middle of our carport there is a wooden beam. Let's just say I was backing out, turned the wheel too soon and all I hear is "Eeeeek, Scraaatttccchhhhhh!!!" I slam on the brakes (I wasn't even using gas) and the first thing I say is "God, NO!" I pull forward and I hear all kind of scary noises that are just not supposed to come from a car! I had just wrecked the freakin' rental car!!!!!! (Did I mention I was on my way to return the dang thing??) So I immediately bust into tears. Crying like a baby. I call my husband, then my friend from work who this happened to just a month ago, my mom, my coworker in the office, Thrifty... complete panic had set in. I was shakeing, still kind of am! I mean what had I done. Thank goodness for my works insurance huh? But at the time, I was not thinking about that at all! I was DEVASTATED and so mad at myself! Why oh why do these things happen to me???? I feel a little better now, just really dumb!!! SO DUMB! I was just so happy then it was like complete devastation! Oh well, it's just one of those weeks I guess! I took the car back and handled all that and had just enough time to run into work, check my work email and personal email and quickly write this post! Tomorrows post will be better and more positive, promise! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is here! (Hubs birthday celebrations are to come!)

So sorry for my lack of posting today girls, you understand after that story right? I will have to catch up tomorrow! (Bad bloggy friend I know)!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 things

1. Note to self: Next time a Project Runway (my fave show) Season Finale is on, do not plan a travel trip for work. Dang Hampton Inn doesn't have Bravo = me so so so sad! I have it tivo-ed at home so I will be watching it 1st thing tomorrow when I get back!

2. McCain & Obama debate #3: Here's what I have heart the past 30 minutes... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, promises, promises, promises, promises, promises, promises, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies!!!!!! I am so over these debates. My mind (and most of America's) is made up! And I fully support my candidate! But tonight, they are both talking in circles and getting on my nerves :) Come on election day!!!!!!!!!!

Um, what did you say??? (& WWW)

First I want to say... today was a better day. After yesterday though, anything would have been better!

Secondly... I have been asked several times lately what I do in my job, so I want to explain, but don't want to tell too much in case there's some SUPER CREEP BALL (like the man from my last post) stalking my blog! I am the Associate Director of Admissions for a small, private college in GA. I like my job, but it's not what I want to do forever. I eventually want to teach and I am in the process of working on that goal now. This week, I am in TN attending college fairs. Yeah, you remember those... where 50 colleges pile in a gymnasium and set up a table with info and then you come stroll around and hang with your BFF or BF and check out what the colleges have to offer! (yeah right!) I will only tell you I am in east TN, no more, because what I am about to tell you is some of the funniest/strangest stuff I have ever encountered at a college fair. See typically, I only recruit transfer students, so I haven't covered a high school fair in a long time! This morning, I was at, well we will call it "Countryville High School (CHS)." Being an out of state college, it's tough to recruit here because they do offer the Hope Scholarship for TN students to stay in state. So that is a huge disadvantage for us as a GA school, but no worries. Ok, well I first want to point out that we have a huge board on our table that has info on the college on it. Right in the middle is a HUGE picture of the state of GA (and surrounding states) with a big star where we are located. The question of the day was "Where are you located?" DUH!! :) Also, might I point out how many Dolce & Gabbana and Prada knock-off purses I saw today? I am assumming they were knock-offs because this wasn't the kind of school where you wouldd see designer anything! But hey points for them for knowing what D&G and Prada are at least! (Man, that sounded ugly-sorry!) There's just something about those brands that don't mix with camo and shirts that say "Redneck." (I hope no one takes offense to that-if you do, I'm really sorry!)

And for your entertainment, and mine, here are the other wonderful questions of the day...

- "Y'all got truck driving?" (his accent was so thick I had to ask him to repeat himself. I mean I am country and have a good ol' southern accent, but wow!)

- (student is filling out an information card) "How do you spell Psychology?" (friend answers) "It starts with an S duh!"

- "What is accounting?" (to which I replied with the easiest answer I could come up with for this guy- "One thing they do is taxes. You know when your parent's have their taxes done?" (I realize this answer is very vague and not a great answer but trust me, had you met this guy, you would understand completely) (he replied) "No, what are taxes?"

- "I'm either interested in culinary or pre-med, y'all got those?"

- "How do you spell 'theatre'?"

So you see, the day becomes pretty long after questions like that :) I am glad to be going home tomorrow though. I have lots to do before hubs birthday Friday! :) I made us reservations at a place in Atlanta. (it's a secret) It's a new place for both of us so I am excited! It will be fun! And then Saturday we are celebrating with friends, but I don't know what to do about that either. Maybe have people over? Maybe go out to eat somewhere low key? I am so dang indecisive! More on the hubs birthday Friday :)

And last but not least... Today is Weight Watchers Wednesday!!! Yaayyyy! Blue-Eyed Bride, Mojito Maven and I are on the "fit train" are you??? :) If you haven't already, make sure to check out Mojito Maven's WWW post today! It was a great post! And she has a great recipe to offer you :) Next week, Blue-Eyed Bride is back to host the WWW!! :) Can't wait girl! And what about our FABULOUS new button that the wonderful Nina made us?? Isn't it so cute? If you are following WWW, please feel free to add this button to your side bar! The three of us WWW girls will continue to host a WWW post, but we would love to hear your story too. If you post a WWW post, let us know so we can make sure to check it out! Happy Dieting Ladies! :)

PS- I can't tell you my weight loss officially yet, because my Dr's appt isn't until tomorrow, but I promise to post as soon as I get back to the office from the Dr. And a little hint: I am pretty sure it's gonna be a BIG loss (so says my WW scale). See, with the program I am with, I weigh in every two weeks, but I will be weighing in weekly after this week but it will be on Thursday. But that's ok. I will let you all know how it goes :)