Thursday, October 30, 2008

NKOTB - Soooo worth it!

1 word to sum up last night... FANTASTIC and FABULOUS (ok, 2 words!)

It was so much fun! I will be honest. I wasn't REALLY looking forward to going. Yes, I was looking forward to spending quality time just me and my BFF Jackie, but I was not thinking they would be any good and I REALLY wasn't looking forward to getting home late! I need my sleep!
To start: Jackie and I got to spend some quality time together all right! The drive to Northeast Atlanta (better known as Duluth) from where I am was supposed to be just over an hour and a half. How long did it take us??? Well, thanks to I-85 construction plus downtown Atlanta traffic, it took us 3.5 hours!!!!!!!!!! No lie! We sat on the exit ramp for over an hour!!! OMG!! But once we got there... sooooo worth it! Where oh where do I start. I wanna make sure you ladies (NKOTB fans) get the full effect of what we experienced!! And since we couldn't take cameras in... well as it turns out, we could have, but the tickets said not to and I get all paranoid about that so we didn't! So all I had to use to capture the awesome-ness was my cell phone camera and well we all know those aren't great for capturing moments/things like 100 yards away.

Our seats were great. They were in the middle and we had GREAT views. At one point they were very close. They moved to the middle of the floor seats and got on this spinning thing with a piano!!! (that is when I took the pictures) Here's how we came up in #'s!!!

3... The # of crotch shots of Donnie we got on the big screen!
5... The # of great wardrobe changes!
1... The # of times Jordan ripped his shirt off!
25... (at least) The # of times the 5 of them thrusted/humped the air while dancing!
4... The # of really skinny backup dancers!
2... The # of NEW songs they sang that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!
2... The # of times Donnie asked us if his ass looked hot!!
0... The # of times Jon said a word on the mic (other than singing)!
2... The # of "guns" Danny has! (Boy has massive arms)
1... The # of times Donnie took a picture of his crotch for some girl!
2.5... The # of hours we screamed our lungs out!!
0... The # of times we sat down!
Oh so much to tell, but so little time! You really had to be there. If you get a chance to go... please go! You won't regret it! The dancing was AMAZING! Whoever did their choreography is great! And they danced it well. Jackie and I disagreed as to who was the best dancer. I said Donnie. She said Jordan!
At first, it was just funny seeing them up there, then I was like, hey these guys are good! REALLY GOOD! Of course they sound different now because they are grown ass men, but they really are great singers. Singing wise, Jordan and joey were the best! Donnie did his rap numbers and they were really good. The first time Jordan hit that high note (yall remember) the place went freakin crazy (including me and Jackie)! We acted like teenagers. It was so fun to be silly and dance for hours. When they sang "The Right Stuff" they definitely did the old school dance that goes with it (yall know you remember that for sure)! It was the first time that something like that really took me back to my childhood... it was kinda weird... made me feel old-ha! I really could go on and on... but that would take up way too much of you reading time :) Here are a few pictures that I got with my camera on my phone :)

Jackie in all her NKOTB jacket glory :)

Who is that???? Jordan on the big screen? yes... tearing his shirt off!!!

When they moved to the middle!

And another!!!!!


The Pink Chick said...

Sounds like so much fun! I adore this post!

The Heckathorns said...

OMG, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! LOL! And you said you weren't looking forward to it. Hehehe! 40-year old men can move huh? ;)

Tara Caire said...

omg so jealous! sounds like you had an awesome time!!!! love how you did everything in numbers!

SassyEngineer said...

I'm so jealous - I wish I could have been there!!!

Tracy's Porch said...

So was the crowd mostly 20 and 30 somethings reliving the old days? This is so funny. I so remember loving them.

Jessica said...

The return of NKOTB thrusting on stage along with 90210? I really just don't know what to do with myself.

Being Brazen said...

sounds like it was fabulous and looks like it too. Jordan ripped off his shirt??? That must have been awesome..I would have had serious teenage flashbacks goihg to that concert

Kitty Cat said...

Yummy -that chest I mean! Sounds like you had a blast! Good times!!!!