Friday, October 3, 2008

Worries and such...

I am so glad this week is almost over! It has just been "one of those weeks"!!!!!!!!! So this post will be pretty random, as I have several things to say/address/ask :) So bare with me!

I have a question for you all. This is kinda strange but I gotta ask anyway :) Little background before my questions... So I have had a small freckle on the top of my right hand for as long as I can remember, we over the past few years I have noticed it has gotten a little bit bigger (not much) and it's a little raised up (I don't mean like a mole, I mean like a little hump-you can barely feel it). Well, I have been meaning to go to Dr. Derm about it but haven't. Well, today I did and I wish I wouldn't have!!! I thought by looking at it they could tell me whether it needed to come off. Well, here's what she said, "Well, it could be one of several things, but we wont' know for sure until we cut it off and send it to the lab to be tested." GREAT! She didn't seem too concerned about it, but I am starting to freak out! And it will cost me around $450. Grrrrrrrr! Isn't it always something? Here's my issue, I don't want to pay $450 just to have something removed. If it's not cancer, I am fine with it staying right where it is. It's not big, it's not all gross, it's small! I am just all sorts of stressed out about it! Have any of you ever had anything removed?? Or know someone that has? Should I be worried? I have no experience with this what so ever, and I am freaking out!!!!

So on to not so stressful news... guess what I am doing this weekend???? WEDDING!!! Shocker! :) They are one after another these days! This one, thank goodness, is in the town we live in. Husband is in it, but not me! So there's the dress dilemma all over again :) This one isn't as fancy as the Houston wedding, but still, decisions, decisions. So I have to rush home after work to figure out what to wear tonight and tomorrow night! Oh the joys of being a woman! (I love getting all dressed up, but figuring out what to wear is a *itch sometimes!) What are you girls doing this weekend? Any big plans??

Sorry for the uneventful/kinda boring post. After that Dr's visit, my mind isn't working quite right today! :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Hun!

Sorry to hear that & I wish they could let you know what it is so you wouldn't have to pay that much money to have it taken off! That's like 3 new pairs of shoes! Ugh!
I hope everything turns out great & keep us updated!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Hey! I'm sure the thing on your hand is fine. Anytime they take a mole/freckle off they send it off to be tested. It's routine, so there is nothing for you to worry about! I've had a couple taken off and they always have them checked at the lab.

Even though it costs a lot, I'd still probably have it taken off so it doesn't keep growing/changing or turn into something dangerous!

Good luck!!!

Muffy said...

I once had a mole removed. It was painful but SOOOO quick, it's really nothing to be worried about. I had it burned off. It took 3 seconds. Piece of cake. You def think, "$450 for THAT?!!??" My father had a mole frozen off and he said it hurts but it is really quick too. I wouldn't worry- just make sure they know it's your "first time" and that you have concerns. They should walk you through it!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...


I had something removed off of my back in college and it turned out to be nothing. My cousin is a dermatologist and she didn't remove it, but she recommended that I get it checked out because it looked suspicious.

I would ask the doctor if she recommends you do it soon or if you could wait a while based on what it looks like. I'd still go ahead and get it removed eventually because you never know. It doesn't hurt. You'll feel better with it gone.

Have a great weekend. Show us some photos in your fabulous dresses.

By the way... that black Laundry dress that you wore in Houston is seriously on sale right now!

Being Brazen said...

Im sure your freckle is fine

Have a great time this weekend.

My weekend wont be too interesting, but i am going to a birthday party tomorrow night which should be fun and definitely tipsy.


Lindsey said...

I'm sure the freckle is nothing, but I had a mole removed in college and it wasn't a big deal at all.
Have fun at the wedding this weekend and be sure to post pics!

P said...

I've had several things removed. One was a mole and two others were what I would call a "sun spot," but the derm didn't. She removed them all. It was the easiest thing I've ever had done at the doctor's office. Simple, simple, simple. Also, don't worry. They always send them to be tested. But just to be safe, get it off. I hate that it's got to cost so much, though. Geeze, Louise, that's a lot of money for them to just take that little thing off!

Mojito Maven said...

BEing that i was a swimmer for 15 years and spent 6 summers as a swim coach and lifeguard, I ahve had over 10 moles/freckles removed. All of them looked suspecious but were all normal. I ended up getting all of them removed just in case. It was very quick and painless. HUGS!!!

Elizabeth said...

I recently went through the exact same thing except mine was on my back! I was worried because I stayed in the sun all summer and noticed a freckle was a little raised and looked a little different. The doc removed it and I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying everything came back fine. I understand how it is scary but I wouldn't worry too much. Mine was def not $450 though! That is crazy!

Sass said...

I think, and this is just from my own experience, piece of mind can't really have a price tag on it. If you're concerned, then save up and have it done.

I had a mole on my back removed and it actually grew right back in the same place. Then they had to take a little more. And a little more. What they ended up removing from my back was about the diameter of one quarter and about 1/8 inch thick. It was pretty significant, and there's a significant scar.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't wait if you don't have to.

Sounds like you and I have a lot of similar concerns right now! ;)

SassyEngineer said...

Hey - so I had to have a mole removed on back quite a few years ago because it was pre-cancerous. I should probably head to the doctor again to have everything checked out since then, but it wasn't too bad. I am a wimp when it comes to pain so I thought it hurt, but my biggest complaint was the scar. It is in the middle of my back so I used to feel self-concious, but luckily I am over it now! Anyway, the money part does stink, but maybe try to get a second opinion to make sure it does need to be removed? Anyway, good luck!

Jessica said...

I think the general conclusion we have all come to is to get that thing removed. I hate that it costs so much.. tons of other things you could spend that money on... but it could be worse if you let it go. I'm sure it's nothing, but better to play it safe.

Have fun in the wedding.. good luck picking out the outfits!

I left you a little somethin somethin on my blog.. make sure you check it out when you have a chance!

Leslie said...

I have two spots on my tummy that they said the same thing about! I haven't had anything done because of our move and all, and now I am waiting until I have a new job and better insurance. But I hate the idea of having two scars in my summer bikini if they aren't a problem!

Kitty Cat said...

Okay, you've already got heaps of advice but I tend to agree: just have taken off, then it's no longer a worry.

Lauren said...

I had a mole taken off a few weeks ago. It isn't bad at all. Plus, it is better to be safe than sorry. I am surprised your insurance does not cover that?

southern daze said...

I had a few spots removed last summer and I know how scary it is to hear, "I think they're fine but we need to test them to make sure." Thankfully, they were both non-cancerous [and covered by insurance] but you just never know. That being said, while $450 is a lot of money, I think it's worth that price for piece of mind. I'd hate to think that a few years down the road you find out it's something you could have prevented. Maybe you should get a second opinion before shelling out the $$. Who knows, maybe a different dermatologist can quell your fear without having to remove it [I had that happen a few years ago with a spot on my hand ]. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!