Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Iron Bowl, Turkey Day and WWW!

This could be long...

I can't believe tomorrow it Thanksgiving! WOW! It got here so fast! But I can't wait to spend time with my family and shop on Black Friday and then of course the IRON BOWL is this Saturday!!! For those of you who don't know what that is... it's the Auburn/Alabama game! We have won 6 YEARS IN A ROW but this year we are not so hot and UA is ranked #1 in the country and is undefeated. We have NEVER lost to them in Tuscaloosa (where their campus is located). And if we beat them, we could cause them NOT to go to the National Championship!! Can you say BIG GAME??? I want to win so bad. It could get ugly! We will be watching the game with a mix of AU/UA fans so hopefully there will be no fights!! :) Hubs and I are big time fans and don't take any crap, so you never know!! :) ha (now I sound like I am from Alabama huh?)!!
Hubs and I will be wearing this...

This might be confusing to some but here's what it means... Alabama's "thing" is Roll Tide. Auburn's is War Eagle! Their mascot is an elephant and Auburn's is a tiger! Strange I know, but it's our battle cry :) Anyway... so this shirt I think is AWESOME... Roll This Bama to me means... KISS MY ASS!! ha! Sorry it's the BIGGEST rivalry Auburn has and it's a brutal one. It's braggin rights for a year... it's being able to tell your friends "Who cares about (BLAH) we won the iron bowl!!" It matter more than I could tell you! And I am proud to say I am an Auburn fan (even if we have had a shitty season!) I hope we get a 7th win this year so bad I can't stand it! I get all fired up talking about it :) We have our "We Believe... Beat Bama!" sign up in our yard. We will be sporting Orange and Blue all weekend and wearing our Beat Bama pins!! :) So if you don't care about Saturday's game and you don't love either team, pull for my TIGERS! We need it! WAR EAGLE!!

Moving on to Thanksgiving traditions...

Tomorrow, Hubs and I will be going to be with his family for lunch (we live in the same town as them) and then on to my family for dinner! Hubs has a HUGE family that gets together! My family, however, will consist of Mom, Dad, 1 half brother (out of 4), his girlfriend, my only grandparent still living (MawMaw-mom's mom), my mom's sister, her son and his girlfriend and Hubs and I! I have a HUGE family. I mean massive! But when I my dad's mom passed away earlier this year, our tradition of doing all holidays at her house did too! Everyone used to gather at her house for Thanksgiving and Christmas! It was a HUGE deal! And that is the only times of the year that we all saw each other. You see, my family isn't a REAL close one. I mean, my mom and I are SUPER close. BFF! But I am not really close with any of my other family. That's not to say I don't love them dearly, but we just haven't ever been close. So it's so new to me to now be a part of a family (Hub's) that is so close. Anyway, I say all this to say that I am VERY thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving. Here's my short list!

- My salvation. Thank God for sending his ONLY son to die so that I can live an eternal live in Heaven!

- My wonderful, sweet, amazing husband!

- My strong, selfless, precious mother!

- My family & friends!

- My health (I realize more now than ever how blessed I am to be so healthy!)

- My church. (Well God's church. So thankful to have found one that I can grow in)

- My freedom (Thank you to all the troops who serve our country so selflessly so that we can live free)

- My job! It's not the best paying, but it's stable and I have all I NEED!

I could say so much more! I am just so blessed to have all I have in my life! My life in enriched because of the people in it.

Now onto WWW!!!

This won't be too long. I just have some news to report!! I LOST ANOTHER 2 POUNDS!!! So I am officially out of the 150's. I am not 149 and loving it!! So that's 17 pounds down! Whoooo! I ordered all new pants last week so I am officially in an 8 (and they are baggy)! So that is one more thing I am thankful for!! I also ran two miles yesterday! I haven't done that ever--well maybe when I was a cheerleader, but it's been a loooong time! I was thrilled. And to stay on schedule with workouts... I will be running today at the local track (because the gym is closed today and tomorrow) and in the morning, I will be getting up to go for a run before we start our Thanksgiving Day :)

I am lucky (kinda)... I don't like all the foods that come with the holidays. The only thing I will eat usually is turkey! I don't like casseroles... I don't like pies... I don't like dressing/stuffing. I usually eat the white meat off of turkey (with no skin) and that's that! So I shouldn't go through any BIG withdraws this season due to my dieting!! My mom usually makes mac and cheese for me, but I have instructed her not to do that. It's not necessary and I love turkey (only at Thanksgiving & Christmas) so I will be good to go!

I hope all of you lovely ladies have the best Thanksgiving ever! This is my first as a married lady so it's exciting! So much to be thankful for! I won't be back on Blogger until Monday probably! It scares me to think how many posts I will have to catch up on!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I keep on...

... closing my eyes, crossing my arms, blinking and nodding my head like a FREAKIN' genie and nothing is happening. I thought for sure it would work since this shirt is on sale from $188 to $131!!!! It's just to die for!!! And I am dying to have it NOW! But my genie skills aren't working today! Grrr!

Such Givers!

Thank you thank you to Sarah at Dance Shoes and Combat Boots for passing on the ADORABLE "Your Blog Is Fabulous Award" (Is it bad that I have been REALLY wanting someone to give me this award???) I love the picture of the lady and dog... it's just so me! :) If you don't read her blog, check her out. She is so adorable and so fun to read! Thanks again Sarah!

Now I have to tell you 5 things that I think are FABULOUS and pass this on to 5 FABULOUS blogs!

1. Ellipticals - They are fabulous because they help me out when my shins and ankles can't take the treadmill!!

2. Victoria's Secret Christie Fit Pants - Just buy a pair and you will see why! I couldn't come to work if I didn't have these!!

3. Free Shipping - Nothing makes me happier than to order something online and get free shipping. I am not sure why-but it makes my day!

4. Christmas shopping for others - I love buying presents for other people!

5. Lean Cuisine Pizzas - They rock my world at lunchtime!!!!

And now I pass this on to 5 fabulous bloggy friends....

Who am I kidding... you are all fabulous... so I am giving it to all of you!! ( I never have been much of a rule follower) :)

And another HUGE thank you goes out to Holly at In My Overactive Head. She passed on the Super Scribbler award to me! Sweet girl. Make sure to check her out! I think we could MOST DEF be BFF if we lived close!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big 1-0-0

Hello lovely ladies!! Today I am celebrating my 100th post!! Yippee! (cue music and lots of applause and cheering)!!!

I think Friday I might have mentioned something about a giveaway for my 100th post. Well, due to the lack of time I had this weekend to prepare for the awesome celebratory giveaway, I regret to inform you that it will have to be postponed until next Monday. With the holidays this week and all, I am CRAZY busy so it's gonna have to wait until next Monday! Sorry yall!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!! Mine was pretty dang good! My roommate (before I was married) came into town this weekend. I was sooooo glad to see her. UGH I miss her like crazy! We had a fun filled weekend.

Friday night we had a wine/beer/gossip/bitch night in (my husband was a great sport!!) Saturday night we had a wedding and then hit up the local bar! It was a FREEZING COLD day/night, but we had fun! Just like OLD TIMES! I have a few pics from the weekend to share!

I have to point something out though... I am proud (and ridiculously excited)to say... that "little black dress" that I have on is my FAVORITE dress I own. I have been saving it because it was one of my "I gotta lose some weight before I even try that thing on again" dresses! Well this weekend I gave it a go... SUCCESS! How long have I been hanging on to that you ask??? Well let's just say that I wore that EXACT dress to my Junior Year (of high school) Who's Who Dance! YES 9 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am pumped... It fit really well. It is from Express and really is just THE BEST little black dress! I love everything about it. And 9 years later, it's still in great shape!! I wore it with argyle black pantyhose, my "shooties" from this post with a red shall/scarf!! It was a fun night! It was out first night out in our little town in a long time! We have been busy little bees!

Here are the pics:

Hubs and I after the wedding!

We are two TALL peeps!!

The FABULOUS Southern Shell Bell and I!!

Also, it's important for you all to check out Newlywed Central's Giveaway!! Mention I sent you there (so we can both be WINNERS!!) :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

What is THIS????

Yes, I was raised in Alabama where hunting is prevalent.

Yes, I live in Georgia where hunting is pretty dang popular.
Yes, I went to school at Auburn and we are commonly called the "Cow College" because we are so country there. (Well it's in the country per se).
Yes, I realize that for a second, like two years ago, camouflage was "in."
Yes, my daddy and 4 half-brothers are HUGE hunters (I do not agree but can not stop them either)
Yes, in high school I dressed up for Camo Day during homecoming.

But SERIOUSLY Michael Kors!!!!!!!!!! Seriously?????? I am in complete shock that you think for one second that someone would pay $614 dollars for this. A camouflage silk shirt isn't cuttin' it buddy! Wow, pure shock is what I feel to have found this!! Oh my! And now you have put it on sale for $189.97. Seriously?? You really think someone is going to buy this???? Aren't you a judge on Project Runway??? Aren't you one of the top designers in the world? I idolize your clothing, but I have to say I am in complete shock over this!! I am kind of even embarrassed to post it on my blog but I must!

What were you thinking?????? Maybe you were just hungover from one too many martini's with the boys. Oh lord, I hope so!! I need my love for your clothing to go on... but right now I have to take a moment and step back to reevaluate my love for you!
REALLY??? I am just shocked!

Here it is ladies.... the Michael Kors Collection Silk Tiered Top (I mean no offense to anyone that owns this!) I am just shocked he designed and allowed someone to sew this and sell it! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS-Erin, this is NOT (I repeat, NOT) part of my maternity clothes post for you and other pregnant bloggy girls. Just because it is tiered and flowy does not cause it to be maternity!! Your post will come very soon :)

If you are wondering what in the crap Michael Kors was thinking, I assure you... you are not alone!!!!

PSS--Monday will be my 100th post! Giveaway???? Maybe, just maybe!!! Make sure to check back!!!

They "Shop It To Me" everyday!

The awesome people over at Shop It To Me email me everyday with sales for the day from some of my FAVORITE designers. Now I can't always afford what they send me but it sure is fun to look at and get ideas from. That is where I draw a lot of my fashion inspiration. I love clothes (more than I should). I love shoes (WAY more than I should). But the best part about clothes to me, is piecing an outfit together. I love it! My dream job would be to be someones stylist (so if any of you ladies want to hire me-I'm for hire) :)

I got an email Tuesday that said Shop It To Me would like to to feature my blog as one of their Trendsetters! I was/am FLATTERED & PUMPED! How awesome! This is an area of their website where they highlight some of their favorite fashion/style/shopping related sites. They also periodically highlight them in more detail in their own blog. HOW SUPER COOL??

I have been asked before to describe my everyday style!! If I had to describe my style it would be "trendy/funky." I tend to follow the latest trends and put my own little spin to it. I am not what I would call a "preppy" dresser. Although at times I do dress "preppy," I am very different. Edgy I guess! I love everything from Ann Taylor Loft to Ed Hardy to Bebe to Old Navy and beyond!! I don't dress like most people around me. I live in a small town where... well... let's just say the best place to shop is JC Penny! Not that there's anything wrong with JC Penny but I usually have to go at least 30 minutes to an hour to get some GOOD shopping done!

My style really does vary as does where I like to shop. I have expensive taste (my mother likes to remind me of that often) but I don't have the checking account to support that taste, so I usually find inspiration in expensive designer clothes and then go off of that.

So today I thought I would just share a couple of things on my wish list! They are random so get ready! :) (Can you tell I am having a kind of boring week of "life" but busy week at work???)

Ralph Lauren Dress

(If I had to go to another Black Tie Affair this would hands down the the dress I would wear! I really am IN LOVE with this dress!)

Urban Outfitters

I really am DYING to have something LUMBERJACK PLAID! It's so hot right now and I have to have it before it goes out of style (because it sooo will)

French Connection

Obviously I love the funnel neck jackets these days!!

Ed Hardy
Just absolutely in love with Ed Hardy designs! Genius! This skunk shirt is a must have!!!

Charles by Charles David

Now I am dying for some CAMEL/TAN colored boots. I however, can not pay $325 for them! HELP ME PLEASE!!! :) If you see any boots similar to this with a high heel please let me know!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's Weight Watchers Wednesday!!

I have to say that it's been a pretty good week. Considering I was out of town all weekend and in a trailer with no power (much less food) I did really well. Friday we went to eat Mexican but I just limited myself as to what I could have (but I didn't limit the Margaritas)! Saturday was a pretty ok day considering I was at a tailgate. Turkey dog on a wheat bun for me (yeah, ewww I know-but again soooo limited)! Sunday it was back to it with a salad! So eating wise I did pretty good. But since I was sick Monday I didn't get to workout but I went yesterday and kicked my own butt! Today it's back to Body Pump and tomorrow's 5 AM workout won't be super fun but who cares, MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO VISIT! They are coming for dinner. They live like 1.5 hours away so it's not far at all really. I have a fun little dinner planned (to be shared tomorrow)! And I usually rest on Friday and don't workout, but since I missed Monday, I will be working out Friday for sure!

I am glad to announce that I ran 1.5 miles yesterday. That is the longest distance I have ran since I started back running (keep in mind I AM NOT A RUNNER)!! So I was pumped. I plan to do that again today and Thursday and Friday! Mix that with some walking and some elliptical and you have a nice little cardio workout!

I won't be going to weigh in at the Dr tomorrow since I will be going next Tuesday, but I will be weighing at home so I can get an idea of how I have done this week. I will let you ladies know tomorrow!

This weekend I have a wedding - SHOCKER!!!!!!! I was thinking yesterday about all the weddings I have been to this year and the ones I have coming up (that I know of)... And I just had to share: (I realize this has NOTHING to do with WWW) :)

March 08 - 1
April 08 - MINE
May 08 - 2 (but I didn't make it to either)
June 08 - 1
July 08 - NONE (Whew)
August 08 - 2
Sept 08 - 1
Oct 08 -
Nov 08 - 1
Dec 08 - 1
March 09 - 2
May 09 - 1
August 09 - 1

I should be a professional wedding lady :) ha!

Back to WWW :)

I just thought I would share my daily supplement intake with you :) I talked to a friend of mine this weekend that is a Nutritionist and I was telling her that I have low Calcium! and that really I don't get enough Protein because I eat very little meat! She suggested that I get some flavor free protein powder and put it in my morning Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry yogurt. I already take a Women's One a Day multi vitamin but she said I needed more calcium so she recommended Viactiv to help with my Calcium. I plan to get some of that this weekend! I have taken that before and it really does taste pretty good.

Happy Hump Day ladies! I wanna hear how you all are doing!


Anyone received some CREEPY email lately??? I didn't want to have to go private but now I am thinking I might have to!

UPDATE: It seems like several of us have and some haven't received these emails! I don't want to post details of the email on my blog. If you leave me your email I will be glad you send you what I got.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Freezing Trailer & The Supper Club!

No post yesterday because I was at home being a sick lady! I caught a cold this weekend from sleeping in a trailer where I could see my breath!! (Yes, it's true!!) We aren't really sure how cold it actually got in there but it was FREEZING!!!!! No heat + freezing temps outside = me getting very sick!!

Besides the sickness/coldness and the ACCIDENT (getting to that) I had a fabulous weekend! We had a great time hanging out with friends from home and from college! It was a big game for us but unfortunately my Auburn Tigers lost (again)! But it was a close game. It was a very exciting game to say the least! So probably no bowl game for my tigers this year (which is MUY depressing)!!!

I have a few pics for you from the weekend! It was a windy one so excuse the "wild/crazy lady" hair! I didn't get tons of pictures due to all of the craziness of the weekend, but I have a few!! :)

Ok... I know you are all DYING to know about the accident (things are never boring in my life)! It's a long story but I will shorten it the best I can!

If any of you are familiar with the SUPPER CLUB, you will enjoy this story more! For those of you who don't... let me give you some background...

The War Eagle Supper Club has a motto"Cold Beer, Hot Rock, Expect No Mercy." It has four bars total; two full bars, one beer bar and a shot bar on the infamous SHOT BUS (It's literally a school bus painted white that has been gutted and has a tiny bar in the back where you can get shots!!) The interior walls of the Supper Club are covered with decades of Auburn memorabilia. The drunk bus is a Supper Club exclusive. Its existence known by almost all patrons willing to climb into a crowded van sporting a license plate touting 'NO DUI.' They also offer rides to and from the Supper Club so you don't drive drunk! Now, the Supper Club is a one of a kind PRIVATELY owned bar. So you must be a member (i.e. pay $3 to get a member ship card then another $10 to get in every time you go)! The bands don't start until around 1 AM and the party doesn't end until around 5 or 6 AM! It gets so crowded in there that you literally can't move! It sounds like a BIG bar but it's not! And it's OLD! I could go on and on but I won't! You get the idea! Just look at the website! It's where everyone goes once they are HAMMERED!!! (usually)

Back to my story... ok, we get to the Supper Club, it's not that crowded. We pay our $20 to get in and we walk around to check out the new back deck and stuff. Ok then all of a sudden it gets SLAMMED in there! (Note: We have been up since 6:30 AM for tailgating). We (meaning Hubs) decide that we are pretty tired and that we don't want to wait around for 2 more hours for the dang band to start! (Sad because I loooove the Velcro Pygmies!) So the girls walk out to go to my car while Hubs and I close our tab! 10 minutes later we walk out to see them huddled at the back of my car talking to some guys. I'm like "Great, these drunk guys are probably hitting on my friends!" They say "Umm, Lynds, we have some bad news." My first thought was "SOME (bleep) JUST HIT MY CAR!!!" And I was CORRECT!!! Some drunk guy was fighting with his girlfriend and hit my car and my friend had to tell him he hit it, he didn't even realize!!! So they stop and give my friends his name and number and drive off. My friends got his tag number. So Adam decides we better call the cops. We do... and blah blah blah we tell the cops the story. They call the little (insert bad word here) and tell him to come back to the scene of the accident. He does. So anyway, long story short, I am gonna have to have my car fixed (not happy)! It's not horrible but its a really deep scratch and a dent! Grrrr! His insurance will be cutting me a check so I am not too worried! But it's a pain in my you know what! I took a few pics of the damage (just for you girls) :)

I am late catching up on my blogs. I will be catching up for days I am afraid! :) I have several things to blog about this week, but they will have to wait! I have work to catch up on too :)

Here are the weekend pics:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Diane!!

Diane Von Furstenberg that is! Why must you always design such wonderful gowns that I can not afford?? They are absolutely breath taking and I so desperately want to sport one to some red carpet event (haven't figured out how to get invited to one yet though)! Oh wait, what's that? You have some on sale right now that I am dying to have?? SWEET! Although they are still out of my price range. Props to you DVF for cutting your prices!

Here are some of my faves that Shop It To Me sent me today! You MUST click on the links to see the "up close" amazing work of DVF!

Little Black Dress?? I think not! Little Black FABULOUS-NESS!!!
Price: Was $795.00 Now $477.00

Ahhhh. Look at that pattern!! L-O-V-I-N-G this!
Price: Was $925.00 Now $555.00

Sexy, yet, classy and super stylish!!!
Price: Was $425.00 Now $255.00

And a BIG Thank you to Elizabeth at No Worries WYNN In Love for passing these awards on to me today! I love reading her blog. She is a fellow newlywed and I always enjoy her posts!!

I have already passed on the Bloggy Goodness Award but oh well, I wanna give both of these awards to the following wonderful blogs (I tried to choose my bloggy friends that haven't already received these):

Tweet Tweet, Chirp Chirp - my real life friend!!! And she cares about the environment :)

An Atlanta Bride - She has FABULOUS taste in wedding planning!

In My Overactive Head - What a fun blog!! Always makes me smile!

More Wine Please - Well because we should live in the same town so we could be BFF!

Wandering DC - She is so fun! And pretty much because I love her blog!

Oh, wow!

Talk about a wake up call! I haven't ever blogged about this particular subject but I have blogged about the resource once before. I read this today and I felt compelled to share. Remember back when I posted this... about a daily email I get from Proverbs 31 Ministries, well today's is share-worthy!

I have to admit that I don't read them everyday. But the days I do read them, I always learn something. When I saw the title of this email... "Even a Great Husband Makes a Very Poor God," I knew I had to pass it on! The author makes some amazing points that I think we often forget! This is for married/not married/divorced/ or anyone really. It really spoke to me so I wanted to share it with my friends!!

Happy Friday girls!

Even a Great Husband Makes a Very Poor God
“Speak to the Israelites and say to them: 'I am the LORD your God…” Leviticus 18:2 (NIV)


I’ve often wished I could travel back 16 years ago and give my “young bride self” some advice. But since that’s not possible, I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. Recently, I had dinner with a 28 year-old friend who would love to one day be married. During our time together the conversation flowed freely about all sorts of things. Blogs. Writing. Leaving your comfort zone because God said so. Biscuits. You know, girl stuff. And then we moved on to the subject of relationships and marriage.

I shared with my friend that when I was single I thought marriage was all about finding the right partner. I thought if you find "the one," you'll be happy, secure, and fulfilled. I do think it's good to have a list of standards that you look for in a spouse. However, it can never be with the expectation that if you find that special someone, he'll right all your wrongs and fill up all your insecurities. The problem with this thinking is the pressure it will eventually put on your spouse.
To expect another person to make you feel happy, secure, and fulfilled will leave you disappointed at best and disillusioned at worst. Even a great husband makes a very poor God.

Only God can settle those deep heart-needs. A man can never do this. If a husband could meet every need his wife had, we'd have no need for God. Therefore, instead of just focusing on finding the right partner, let God work on your heart to help you become the right partner. The time to start working on becoming a wife is now. Before the white dress, delicate bouquets, unity candle, bacon wrapped shrimp, and reception punch, there is some heart stuff to consider:

Getting married doesn't instantly make you selfless... it makes you realize how very selfish you can be at times.

Getting married doesn't make you feel loved... it makes you realize love is more of a decision you make than a feeling you feel.

Getting married doesn't take away loneliness... it makes you realize true companionship comes not when you demand it but rather when you give it to another person.

So, what does marriage give?

A beautiful chance to make the choice to ...

Laugh whether or not the jokes are funny.

Love by folding his collar over his tie every morning.

Pretend like you don't need flowers, but delight when he buys them anyway.

Cheer him on through both failures and successes.

Tell him he's a great man everyday.

Thank God for the privilege of being his wife.

After our time together, my friend thanked me for our talk. She said it gave her a lot to think about. To be honest, it gave me a lot to think about as well.

Dear Lord, only You can fill my heart, right my wrongs, and make me feel loved. I pray that You would show me how to keep my expectations of my husband in check. Help me to be the wife he desires. And help me to remember that marriage was never meant to make me happy all the time. Marriage is a decision to honor You by honoring the one you’ve entrusted to me to be my husband. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND ERIN AT BLUE-EYED BRIDE!!! She announced her pregnancy news and I am so happy for she and Todd. If you haven't already, head on over to congratulate her!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Two what, you ask??? Well two things actually (weird with the twos)

Well... 2 pounds down! Yay! I was thrilled when the Dr told me that. I swear stepping on that scale feels just like I am on The Biggest Loser. I take a long breath before stepping on it, make sure to suck in (even though I realize this doesn't help AT ALL) and then I almost pass out from sucking in/anxiety-haha-I kid!!! I was so worried it was gonna be zero AGAIN and I was gonna have to go all SUPER CRAZY in the Dr's office. (ha-kidding, I wouldn't ever)! So that is my good news for the day! I have now lost 15 pounds since October 1. Now weighing 151 (almost below 150). My 1st goal is 145 and my ultimate goal is 140. And at 5'9" (according to the Dr) I should weigh 148! So my goal isn't too far off from that. And in other wonderful weight loss news... I have retire my size 10s and am now officially workin' the 8's! Whoooo! Although my Victoria Secret dress pants that I adore and wear all the dang time (I own like 4 pair) look ridiculous on me. They are all baggy and the crotch hangs down. I look kinda gangsta :) ha! So I am ordering new ones today. In an 8! I am pumped! I love these pants because they come in lengths (I have to have a 35"-36" inseam). If you are in need of a pair of awesome dress pants for work check them out!! Plus VS is having a deal right now with free shipping & $30 off of 175! Yippee!

Moving on with the TWOS... Today I was pumped when I saw that I had been given TWO awards from TWO of my sweet bloggy friends!!

1) Mrs. Newlywed from Misadventures of a Newlywed gave me this Bloggy Goodness Award. How sweet of her!!! Thank you Mrs. Newlywed. I am waiting for us to meet in person VERY SOON!!! If you don't know her blog, check her out! It's one of my faves!!

I am going to pass this award on to:
Being Brazen - She lives in South Africa (so cool) and I loooove reading her blog!

Newly Wedded Wife - We are a lot of like in our tastes! I always look forward to reading her blog!

Candice at Brand New Sidewalk - Her posts always leave me wanting her to post another! If you haven't checked her out-do!

Tracy at My Front Porch Looking In... - Because I want her to move to GA :) hehe

Sassy Engineer at Pretty Peony - I adore her blog. Her posts are NEVER boring. :)

2) My friend Tracy at My Front Porch Looking In... (love her) so generously passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to me EVEN THOUGH SHE KNEW I HAD ALREADY RECEIVED IT! That, my friends, is a sweet bloggy friend! I want to give this to any and all of my wonderful readers who hasn't gotten this award before! I love reading all of my 100+ blogs everyday! Brings me such joy!

Now that we have gotten the TWOs out of the way! I must share this... This is the second visitor I have had in two weeks. I can't get any work done around here with all the cuteness!
I know I am killing you girls with these angelic babies. But I had to share! This little angel walked into my office today and right into my heart...

One of the baseball coaches at the college I work at was telling me about this little guy this morning and then brought him by! I fell instantly in love and he loved me! He is a 7 week old Boxer. Isn't he gorgeous?? I immediately texted my husband to let him know we needed one. He disagreed. Although we both REALLY want a big dog and really want it to be a Boxer, we gotta wait! Boo on that! I say we get one now!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is Friday (TGIF)... that means I am headed to Auburn to the empty trailer... and for a football game that is going to give me ulcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's Weight Watchers Wednesday! Yippee! I don't have a lot of news to report really. I don't think that I mentioned last week (due to my forgetfulness & well... anger) But after my weigh in last Thursday at the Dr I had not lost any weight (for the 3rd freakin week in a row)! I was really down and disappointed (and premenstrual) so I was quite emotional. 3 WEEKS AND NO LOSS... (or gain so I have to be positive about that) can be quite frustrating when you are paying what I am paying to help me get these pesky pounds off!!!!!!!!! But alas... I weigh in tomorrow and according to my scale at home I should have a loss this week for sure. If I don't. No more Dr for me I don't think. I might give it one more week, but I can't justify paying for this Dr to help me if I am only going to maintain (plus I can think of several things I could put that money toward, see here and here)!! So let's all cross our fingers that I am a LOSER tomorrow!! :)

Speaking of LOSER... anyone else a FANATIC about Biggest Loser??? I admit that I am overly obsessed with this show (and Bob and Jillian)! I want them both to be my personal trainers. I would be in tip top shape!! But about the show... I am sick and tired of Vicki and her a-hole husband Brady! They get on my nerves! Seriously! I have decided she is a cold-hearted bitch (I just can't say it any nicer really!!!) She is inappropriate and mean and her husband needs a backbone. And Heba and Ed... oh me. They are in for it! Vicki is only out for herself. I couldn't have been more pumped that BRADY got kicked off. I was so proud of Amy C for doing what was the best for her and being the deciding vote to oust him!!!!! HOLLA! Anyway, onto nicer couples, I loooove Phil and Amy. Not only are they southern and sweet but they are really good people trying to better their lives for them and their children. They are just there to play the game and win money! But since they are no longer there, I am obviously pulling for the black team girls and Amy C on Bobs team! I am usually a huge Bob Team fan, but this year he just got screwed with some horrible people! I can't wait for Vicki to go home! I wanted to jump through the TV last night and punch her, yes PUNCH, not slap, but knock her clean out :)

Ok back to helping US out this week. Monday night I cooked this recipe I mentioned last week in my post and Hubs said it was really good. I tasted the cheese and it was really tasty!!

This week I am sharing another recipe... (obviously I loooove cheese and pasta is my fave!)

Easy Macaroni and Cheese

POINTS® Value: 6
Servings: 6
Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 10 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy


12 oz uncooked pasta, elbow macaroni or other small shape (about 3 cups)
1/8 tsp table salt, for pasta cooking water
2 cup(s) fat-free skim milk
1/4 cup(s) all-purpose flour
3/4 tsp table salt
3/4 tsp onion powder
1 cup(s) low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, sharp-variety
1/3 tsp hot pepper sauce, or more to taste


Cook pasta in lightly salted boiling water according to package directions; drain and return to pot.
Meanwhile, while pasta cooks, in a large saucepan, whisk together milk, flour, salt and onion powder until blended.* Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, whisking frequently; reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring often, until thickened, about 2 minutes. Remove pan from heat and whisk in cheese and hot sauce. Add sauce to pasta; toss to mix and coat. Yields about 1 cup per serving.

So how have you ladies done this week? I wanna hear some yummy holiday recipes that won't hurt the waist line :) Pleeeease!

I will let you all know about my weight loss tomorrow :) Promise!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anyone heard of this?

We all know I am an animal lover (especially dogs) so you won't be surprised when I start RAVING about my new find today (No I didn't get a new dog, but DANG I wish I did)!

So my first read every morning is and today Kerry Washington suggested that Obama get his girls a particular dog. Apparently she has one. What kind is it you ask? It's a Shorkie!!!!!!!!!!! It is a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkie! How precious! I have never heard of this and I thought I had heard of all these strange cross breeds (better know as mutts-kidding)! You all, of course, know that I am a PROUD owner of two Shih Tzus. They are my favorite breed for sure (of course I am biased)! I would have one of every breed if I could, but pretty sure Hubs would peace out if that were the case! I want to stop and pick up every stray dog that I see! Ok sorry to get off topic here... back to Shorkies!!!!!!!! Because Obama has to have a hypoallergenic dog, apparently they are perfect. And of course one would fit right in with my little ones :) So if you haven't ever seen one of these little angels, let me introduce you!!!

So if you take one of these... (the dogs obviously-ha)

Here's a better up close shot of my Daizy...

And you breed it with one of these...

Then you get one of these... (WARNING... This might cause you to rush out and spend an obscene amount of money on one of these little sweet angels!!!)

I just felt it was my duty as a dog lover to share this with you! It's all new to me today so I will be obsessed with these little guys (ie-beg Hubs for one) for at least a couple of weeks!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Also I want to wish my friend Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! You deserve all the happiness in the world :)

And thanks to Just Me at Nikes and Ponytails for the sweet BFF Gold Card Award!!!!!!! Thank you so much girl!

And another big thank you to GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL for giving me the Smile Award! Thank you so much. I love reading your blog and I am soooo thankful that you read mine :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

To Die For

Could someone please let my husband know I am dying to have these... please and thank you!

And if I am getting those... I also need this to wear them with...

Just had to show you the AMAZINGNESS of these wonders I discovered today!! I have been drooling since 8:05 this morning when I opened my email to find those wonderful TB shoes! Thanks Shop It To Me for always making me WANT things I don't NEED! :)

Well ladies, weekend was great (other than having to get up at 5:45 on Saturday to be at work at 7:15). We relaxed Friday night and went to dinner with my friend L and her husband. Good times were had. :) Then Saturday (after working til 2) I went home and lounged with my husband and watched football all day long (that's a typical Saturday for us!). I figure if I make him suffer through "Biggest Loser" "Dancing with the Stars" and such, I can handle one day of football. And honestly I love college football. But even after A WHOLE DAY of it, I can get a little tired of it! We did have L and her husband over for some kabobs and beer Saturday night. It was so nice to hang with friends and relax (she and I rocked sweat pants like it was our job)! We played dress up with my dogs and laughed! It was a great day! MY AUBURN TIGERS FINALLY WON!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Sunday it was off to church. Wonderful service of course! I love it more every time! And then after church, home to cook lunch and then the dreaded... SUMMER/WINTER CLOTHES SWAP! Each year in November and April I have to swap out the winter/summer clothes. Let me just tell you what a JOY this is! Yesterday it took me 5 hours to get my summer clothes out and winter clothes in! WOW! I mean really, but I always feel a good sense of accomplishment when I am finished! I always do a little cleaning out. There's always the "What was I thinking when I bought that" moment and of course the "Why do I still have this, I wore this in 9th grade" moment! So those go off to Goodwill! So my winter clothes (that consists mostly of wonderful sweaters and jackets) are out and ready to be seen! :)

I want to thank Confessions of a Control Freak for giving me the Smile Award. You are so sweet to think of me! I love your blog and I am glad you are a reader of mine! :) Check her out if you don't already read her blog!

Have a great week ladies. I know I sure will... I have a BIG weekend ahead... Let me just say I will be attending the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry!! What is that you ask?? It's only the name given to the college football rivalry between the Auburn University Tigers and the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The two schools first played each other on February 20, 1892 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, with Auburn winning 10-0. The teams have played each other almost every year since 1898, with only World War I and World War II preventing games from being played. So... you see... it's a huge weekend for this girl. A little preview...

- Me in a trailer with no furniture. Only running water and and power (thank God!)

- An air mattress that Hubs and I apparently fight over in our sleep (ha)!

- A tailgate that is sure to leave me "hurtin'" Sunday!

So all that should make for some FUN pictures to share with you ladies Monday! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Social Life Killer

THIS DIET/LIFESTYLE CHANGE IS KILLING MY SOCIAL LIFE! I know I sound a little crazy but it's true. While some of my girlfriends are having girls nights on Monday at the pub drinking beer and eating pizza, I am across the street (literally) working my a** off! (Literally! I wish I was really working it OFF!) When I leave the gym I see their cars and I'm like... Ahhhhhh! I know that sounds sad but I just can't give up my work outs. They are KEY for me!

I am so limited to where I can go eat and actually have something healthy. Remember, I am SUPER amounts of picky so I can't even get like chicken and veggies because OH YEAH I don't eat veggies! We went to a friends birthday party last night at a Mexican Restaurant here (PS-Mex is my FAVE!!) and I had to eat before we went. Grrrrrrrr! But I did allow myself ONE taco, of which I scraped most of the stuff out so I wouldn't feel as guilty for eating it!!! Tonight, Hubs and I have gone back and forth about what to do this weekend. Usually our entertainment is EATING OUT!!!!!!! However, that ain't happenin' these days so we have to find other forms of fun :) There's nothing that great out at our movie theatre, so that's out! And I can't hit up the local pub because I have to be at work in the morning at 7:15! We shall figure something out I am sure! Why, oh why, couldn't I be born with that "Naturally Skinny" gene??? ;) But isn't it sad that most all things "entertaining" involve food?? Movies... popcorn! Bar... Beer! Friends house... High calorie snacks! Bowling... Nachos/Beer! Football games... Beer & Hot Dogs! You see where I am going with this... :)

I hope you wonderful ladies have a great weekend. Sorry for my lack of commenting today, we have ANOTHER even tomorrow so I have been busy as a bee today!
Say a prayer for my Auburn Tigers this weekend. We DESPERATELY need a win!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's talk about SPANX baby...

... let's talk about you and me!!! (yeah you know the song.... and now you are singing it) :)

Something I don't think I have ever mentioned/admitted on my blog is my love for & wonderful relationship with SPANX!!! I mean, pure, unconditional love. There I said it, WHEW, it's out!!They SUPPORT me in my times of need. They SMOOTH things out when things are bumpy. The TIGHTEN things and make me appear to look smaller! How can I not have MAD love for them??? And I am pretty sure they love me back! The squeeze me tight enough to make me think that anyway!

I own this pair here... and I just have to say... They are wonderful!!!!! I decided to get the "Higher Power" version because they come all the way up to your boobs! Therefore, they do not allow for squeezing of your "love handles"!!!!! Because we can't be having that now! They do not squeeze your leg. So no leg bulge!! I think no matter what size I am I will always wear these under a snug fitting dress or even pants. They really just work miracles on my body! Now, are they tight, YES? Do they ride down occasionally? YES! Are they hard to go to the restroom in after you have had a couple of glasses of wine (or anytime for that matter)? YES! Also it's very important that I point out the Spanx have what they call "double cotton gusset." What is this you ask?? It's basically an opening in the crotch that allows you to tinkle without taking them off. So, might you try to use the "gusset" and tinkle on your Spanx? YES! But hey, you can wash them!

Here are mine... (Please note- This is not me :) & I DO NOT look like this in them!!)

If only they had Spanx that could make my whole body look as smooth as the Higher Power's do I would be set. Oh wait... what's that... THEY DO! Ladies let me introduce to you...

Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip (perfect for strapless dresses)

And the Hide & Sleek Full Bodysuit (how funny/fabulous is this?)

Now i am not sure if I would bust out the body suit but I sure am tempted :) It might not be so comfy but who cares if it makes me look smaller & smoother right?

Now one last thing, one day when I find out I am having a baby, one of the first things I will be purchasing is... Power Mama. Could these BE more wonderful? I about died when I saw these. I just love them!

Now I wanna know how many of you ladies wear Spanx and how you really feel about them!! Tell me about YOUR relationship with Spanx!! :) Come on, it's ok to admit it. I mean OPRAH wears them!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WWW & Dream Dresses!

I won't go into all of my opinions about what happened last night! And I won't talk about how ULTRA conservative I am and all the things I believe (actually KNOW) to be Biblical! I will just say, I cried, I prayed, I feel better! I am trying not to be scared to death. I am working really hard to accept America's decision! I completely trust that this is God's will and He is completely sovereign and deserves all the glory!! In saying that ... “… in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Today is Weight Watchers Wednesday! Yippee! Make sure to check out Mojito Maven's WWW Post! I don't have any weight loss news to give you, seeing as how I weigh in tomorrow. I will tell you, after last weeks 0 loss, I am feeling really nervous. I am scared I will have another week like that. I will NOT be a happy lady if that happens! We shall find out tomorrow how I did. Til then, I wanted to share two things with you...

1) A yummy recipe that I will be cooking for Hubs (Remember how picky I am so I don't eat hardly anything I post about, but I loooove cooking for Hubs)
2) Dresses that I desperately want to purchase (but probably won't) once I lose all the weight I am dying to get off!

Here's the recipe: Broccoli with Cheese Sauce

POINTS® Value: 2
Servings: 4
Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 6 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy

1 pound(s) broccoli, fresh, florets
1 1/2 cup(s) fat-free skim milk
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
3/4 cup(s) low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
2 tsp Dijon mustard
3/4 tsp table salt, or to taste

Bring 1 inch of water to a boil in a large pot. Place broccoli in a steamer basket and set over water. Cover and steam until crisp-tender, about 5 to 6 minutes; drain and return to pot. Alternatively, you can cook broccoli in microwave.
Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, whisk together milk and flour until blended; place over medium-high heat and bring to a boil, stirring often. Reduce heat to low and simmer until slightly thickened, about 3 minutes; remove from heat. Whisk in cheese until melted; whisk in mustard and salt.
Pour sauce over broccoli and toss until coated. Yields about 1 cup per serving.

Now, onto some of the most amazing dresses EVER!!!!!!!!!! I am simply in love! (And did I mention they are all AMAZINGLY on SALE!!!!!!! The only catch is, they are limited in sizes) Nordstrom presents....

First up... A Babydoll from my personal favorite Betsey Johnson. On sale from $355.00 to $141.90!!! I am dying to have this! It can be found here.

Then we have the lovely Drape Sheath Dress from ABS by Allen Schwartz. On sale from $258.00 to $128.90. Found here.

Up next, a David Meister Strapless Dress. Stunning! Perfect for your rehearsal dinner or a holiday party!!! (sigh) From $406.00 to $159.90. Found here.

Now, a BCBG MAX AZRIA Ruffled Shirtdress. Loving it. From $220 to $87.90. Found here.

One of my personal fave designers... a Diane von Furstenberg 'Tuvallu' Dress. From $325 to $129.90. Found here.

The ever romantic, Dorothy Lee Bib Front Dress with Ruffle Collar. From $272 to $107.90. Found here.

The dreamy, Nicole Miller Gathered Neck Silk Halter Dress. From $255 to $99.90. (WOW) Found here.

Ahhh to dream...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tid Bits!

It's election day!! Yay! I am feeling good today. Hubs and I went to a prayer vigil at the church we have been attending (but haven't joined YET) last night. It was a 24 vigil and boy was it refreshing. I don't know that I have felt that close to God in a while. It was so refreshing to leave knowing that this election is GOD'S WILL! Whatever happens is His will! No need to worry, no need to stress. It's absolutely in His hands. And I have peace with that. And I love that I have peace with that! And He will receive all the glory and honor for whatever happens! So much talk about the election and crap, so I won't go into my opinions and beliefs. I will leave you with this website to take a look at. And I would encourage you to look at it!! Very insightful!

Moving on... thank you girls for your sweet/funny comments on my post about 80's night! :)

Also I am pretty upset that I had to come into work this morning, turn on my computer, open Internet Explorer (homepage is and find this TRAGIC news... Deanna and Jesse from The Bachelorette broke up!!! I am sooooo sad! To see his tearful story of the breakup, visit here. I loved them together and I really wanted them to work. Oh well, I guess I can't be too surprised with all the dang press they did after the finale. Poor Jesse!

So sweet friend at Tweet Tweet, Chirp Chirp gifted me with an AWESOME Pay It Forward surprise!!! Thank you thank you thank you my friend!! It's an Envirosax bag!! And I can't wait to march in to buy groceries and look all stylish with it :) "Chic, in-expensive and compact, Envirosax® environmentally friendly shopping bags carry the message of re-use to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future." Check out their website to learn more about this great product and all they have to offer. Here is the one I got today!

Also, the amazing bloggette over at GracieFabulous bestowed this wonderful award on me yesterday! Thank you girl. I love reading your blog and all of your opinions/stories. I think we could definitely be friends in real life :)

I get to pass this award on to 5 blogs that I think are just FABULOUSLY AWESOME! It's so hard to only pick 5, because I love all of my daily blog reads. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday, but here are my 5 winners in no particular order!
  1. Misadventures of a Newlywed - because she is open and honest and I smile every time I read a post. Plus she is a fellow GA resident!! Only 1 hour from me. We have to get together soon.
  2. Nina Knows Best - because I love her sense of style! And her taste in all things FABULOUS :) And have I mentioned how talented she is???
  3. Monograms and Manicures - because well, she is just amazing. Her posts always inspire me and she makes me want to go shopping :)
  4. Simple Yet Classic - because we think alike I think :) her posts always leave me intrigued :)
  5. The Student and the Soldier - because, well for several reasons, but one... she treats her dogs like children and so do I!

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