Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tid Bits!

It's election day!! Yay! I am feeling good today. Hubs and I went to a prayer vigil at the church we have been attending (but haven't joined YET) last night. It was a 24 vigil and boy was it refreshing. I don't know that I have felt that close to God in a while. It was so refreshing to leave knowing that this election is GOD'S WILL! Whatever happens is His will! No need to worry, no need to stress. It's absolutely in His hands. And I have peace with that. And I love that I have peace with that! And He will receive all the glory and honor for whatever happens! So much talk about the election and crap, so I won't go into my opinions and beliefs. I will leave you with this website to take a look at. And I would encourage you to look at it!! Very insightful!

Moving on... thank you girls for your sweet/funny comments on my post about 80's night! :)

Also I am pretty upset that I had to come into work this morning, turn on my computer, open Internet Explorer (homepage is People.com) and find this TRAGIC news... Deanna and Jesse from The Bachelorette broke up!!! I am sooooo sad! To see his tearful story of the breakup, visit here. I loved them together and I really wanted them to work. Oh well, I guess I can't be too surprised with all the dang press they did after the finale. Poor Jesse!

So sweet friend at Tweet Tweet, Chirp Chirp gifted me with an AWESOME Pay It Forward surprise!!! Thank you thank you thank you my friend!! It's an Envirosax bag!! And I can't wait to march in to buy groceries and look all stylish with it :) "Chic, in-expensive and compact, Envirosax® environmentally friendly shopping bags carry the message of re-use to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future." Check out their website to learn more about this great product and all they have to offer. Here is the one I got today!

Also, the amazing bloggette over at GracieFabulous bestowed this wonderful award on me yesterday! Thank you girl. I love reading your blog and all of your opinions/stories. I think we could definitely be friends in real life :)

I get to pass this award on to 5 blogs that I think are just FABULOUSLY AWESOME! It's so hard to only pick 5, because I love all of my daily blog reads. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday, but here are my 5 winners in no particular order!
  1. Misadventures of a Newlywed - because she is open and honest and I smile every time I read a post. Plus she is a fellow GA resident!! Only 1 hour from me. We have to get together soon.
  2. Nina Knows Best - because I love her sense of style! And her taste in all things FABULOUS :) And have I mentioned how talented she is???
  3. Monograms and Manicures - because well, she is just amazing. Her posts always inspire me and she makes me want to go shopping :)
  4. Simple Yet Classic - because we think alike I think :) her posts always leave me intrigued :)
  5. The Student and the Soldier - because, well for several reasons, but one... she treats her dogs like children and so do I!

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Mrs. Newlywed said...

aw it is OK! I'll give you credit too :) THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards! I love the 80's pics - you guys look fabulous!

Gwen said...

It is definitely in His hands and I've said my prayers for His will to be filled today.

Congrats on your PIF and your award!!!!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on the award, you deserve it!

Leslie said...

OMG!!! I LOVED Deanna and Jesse...so sad! I really thought they would make it. Now to go read the scoop...

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

That is so awesome that you went to the prayer meeting last night!! Very insightful and a great reminder Lynds! It is in God's hands! Next, cute bag, so fun, love bags! And congrats on the award, definitely deserved!

Bama Belle said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I cant believe Jesse and Deanna broke up (wait, yes I can - but still, so sad!)

morewineplease said...

AHHH! Like that wall website... only confirms things for me... and seriously, I was so upset when she picked Jesse, but its still sad that they broke up.

Caro said...

I'm so sad to read about DeAnna and Jesse! I think they need to throw in the towel for the Bachelor/ette series. I LOVE the show each season but obviously it isn't very successful! :(

Jessica said...

I agree with your thoughts on the election. I actually made a similar post a few minutes ago.
More importantly (jk.. maybe) I am so so sad to see that they Deanna and Jesse broke up!! I haven't read the story yet so I don't know the details, but I really liked them together :(

Nicole said...

I love all of your encouraging words! I think we all need that every now and then.

I also opened up my home page today and found out about Jesse and Deanna.....I was shocked! So sad and his video is hard to watch. Poor guy!

Kitty Cat said...

I love that you have peace and know that whatever happens is God's Will. That's the key, isn't it? Accept the things we can't change, knowing we cannot control everything.
Congrats on the award, girl!!! Love your great blog!

Emily said...

I feel safe in God's arm... I mean he is the one in charge.. not just the president!!
Found your blog through a comment on The Mrs. Blog:) Ur blog is adorable:) Im a newlywed too;) well since March!! Married life is the best!