Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's Weight Watchers Wednesday!!

I have to say that it's been a pretty good week. Considering I was out of town all weekend and in a trailer with no power (much less food) I did really well. Friday we went to eat Mexican but I just limited myself as to what I could have (but I didn't limit the Margaritas)! Saturday was a pretty ok day considering I was at a tailgate. Turkey dog on a wheat bun for me (yeah, ewww I know-but again soooo limited)! Sunday it was back to it with a salad! So eating wise I did pretty good. But since I was sick Monday I didn't get to workout but I went yesterday and kicked my own butt! Today it's back to Body Pump and tomorrow's 5 AM workout won't be super fun but who cares, MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO VISIT! They are coming for dinner. They live like 1.5 hours away so it's not far at all really. I have a fun little dinner planned (to be shared tomorrow)! And I usually rest on Friday and don't workout, but since I missed Monday, I will be working out Friday for sure!

I am glad to announce that I ran 1.5 miles yesterday. That is the longest distance I have ran since I started back running (keep in mind I AM NOT A RUNNER)!! So I was pumped. I plan to do that again today and Thursday and Friday! Mix that with some walking and some elliptical and you have a nice little cardio workout!

I won't be going to weigh in at the Dr tomorrow since I will be going next Tuesday, but I will be weighing at home so I can get an idea of how I have done this week. I will let you ladies know tomorrow!

This weekend I have a wedding - SHOCKER!!!!!!! I was thinking yesterday about all the weddings I have been to this year and the ones I have coming up (that I know of)... And I just had to share: (I realize this has NOTHING to do with WWW) :)

March 08 - 1
April 08 - MINE
May 08 - 2 (but I didn't make it to either)
June 08 - 1
July 08 - NONE (Whew)
August 08 - 2
Sept 08 - 1
Oct 08 -
Nov 08 - 1
Dec 08 - 1
March 09 - 2
May 09 - 1
August 09 - 1

I should be a professional wedding lady :) ha!

Back to WWW :)

I just thought I would share my daily supplement intake with you :) I talked to a friend of mine this weekend that is a Nutritionist and I was telling her that I have low Calcium! and that really I don't get enough Protein because I eat very little meat! She suggested that I get some flavor free protein powder and put it in my morning Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry yogurt. I already take a Women's One a Day multi vitamin but she said I needed more calcium so she recommended Viactiv to help with my Calcium. I plan to get some of that this weekend! I have taken that before and it really does taste pretty good.

Happy Hump Day ladies! I wanna hear how you all are doing!


Danica said...

Good luck tomorrow with your weigh in tomorrow! :)

Congrats on the run too! Great workout schedule.

Mrs. Cup said...

Good luck tomorrow! Congrats on your run. Sounds like you're doing a great job!!

Can't believe all of the weddings!!!

Mrs.B said...

For privacy reasons, I plan to go private soon. I would love to add your blog. I set up a temporary email address so that you can be added to mine when it is private :). The address is Let me know on my new site when you email me :) Sorry for all of the trouble but you can never be tooo safe :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I think you are a professional wedding lady! I did a little run at home with Wii Fit last night...I am hoping I can become a runner someday! If sounds like you were super good this weekend...good luck with your weigh-in!

New Girl on Post said...

Holy crap woman! You've been to a ton of wedding this year. You should have a movie similiar to Wedding Crashers..but about you.

Cah said...

Hey!! It's the first time I read your blog. You seem to like going to weddings!! I don't know if it's that boring as everyone says that, because I've never gone to a wedding. Comment me back if you can !

With Love from New Orleans said...

Nice work!! Geez that is a lot of weddings!

Kris Norman said...

Nice work!

And that's a lot of weddings! I've only had 2 this year, one was my own and the other is this Saturday!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I have low calcium as well! Mine is from not eating or drinking any dairy products though!

AndreaLeigh said...

A quick, easy way to get protein is a smoothie with protein powder. I'll do the powder, some fruit, and some soy milk and have a filling lunch or snack for about 180 calories.

The Mrs said...

Good job running! I think Everyday about going to work out but still never seem to make it. Also with your pills you are taking I would look them up on a calorie counter website to add to your points. Remember EVERYthing that enters your mouth counts as calories/points. I learned this lesson last winter with cough syrup.

Kitty Cat said...

Your sure work out a lot, well done! I find lately that the more I'm working out the more my weight is creeping up. I hope like hell it's muscle I'm building and not fat!

Lindsey said...

Good job eating so well!!! And working out so much, you rock!