Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Chance for my GIVEAWAY!!!

Ladies... Today is the last day to get in on my GIVEAWAY!!! Make sure you hurry over to my Giveaway post and leave me a comment and tell me your home's "theme" for this Christmas!! You have until 4:00!!! If you are a follower you get entered twice! (but you must leave a comment on that post!!)

This has been so much fun! :) I am kinda sad to see it end! But excited to see who the winner will be. Tonight I will be cutting up each comment (two if you follow) and putting them in a bowl for Hubs to draw a winner! (we will take pictures!!) And I will announce the winner tomorrow morning! I am so excited to see who it's gonna be. I'm like a kid at Christmas :) Good luck to all of you ladies who entered. The response was overwhelming. You are all so sweet and I am glad that we met (Thanks Blogger!!)

In other news... today at 2:15, Hubs and I will be taking Dansby to the vet. I am so dang nervous! But everything has been ok since his incident!! So hopefully they will tell me everything is ok. OH I HOPE!

Also, if you love Victoria's Secret (how can you not, I mean, HELLO, did you see the fashion show last night? Amazing!!!) you must check out the clearance they are having right now, some of these deals are out of this world. Check it!!!!!!!! We are talking sweaters for $6.99 and up! Crazy!


Mojito Maven said...

oooo I hope Dansby is ok...let us know how it goes!!!

Mrs. Cup said...

Let us know about Dansby's appointment!!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Good luck with everything!!!

Mrs.B said...

I hope the appointment goes well. Thanks for the heads up on the sale :)

Mrs.B said...

I hope the appointment goes well. Thanks for the heads up on the sale :)

Emily said...

Hope the apt goes well... we will be thinking of you:)

With Love from New Orleans said...

I tagged you!!

<3 said...

Hey I Tagged you on my blog
in Candy Cane Questions
Go check it out :)


PS. hope Dansby is better soon

Mrs. J said...

Hope your puppy is doing alright!

And whoa! I'm heading over to VS now! Thanks for the heads up!

Can't wait to see who wins! I'm crossing my fingers for sure!