Friday, January 23, 2009

You Ask, I Answer: Part 1

This was super fun and I promise to answer them all... a few at a time. Feel free to keep asking :)

Whitney said...
If you could relive any moment over again - what would it be and why?

If I could relive any moment over again it would have to be when I said I do. It was such a powerful moment to be saying that to my best friend. To say I will spend FOREVER with you, in God's church, was such an eye opening experience. I was making a Biblical commitment to spend the rest of my life with him. It was so touching. I got choked up looking in his eyes when I was saying that. It was just so surreal. I would do that over everyday!!

Vineyard Vogue said...
You're always talking about traveling for work, which sounds like so much fun! So, what do you do for a living? How did you decide on this career and is it related to what you studied in college?

Honestly, when I graduated with my degree in Public Relations, I had just completed an internship with NASCAR affiliated International Motorsports Hall of Fame. I thought I would stay in NASCAR because I loved it and event planning was my niche!! But no opportunities came my way that were close enough to home. I never wanted to be further than 2-3 hours from my family. I just couldn't. I didn't really "decide" on this career. It kind of fell in my lap and I have just stayed put :) I am the Associate Director of Admissions for a small private college here in GA. I love my job, but the one thing I don't love is the salary. But I guess sometimes happiness is worth more than money huh? I plan events and am in constant contact with incoming students. I really do enjoy coming to work everyday. It's rewarding because I am helping people everyday and I get to do what I like, where my true passion lies, I plan events :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...
How did you decide to get your puppies, and where did you find them?

I have always wanted a Shih Tzu. I don't know where the obsession started or when. But I have always wanted a small/fluffy dog! My mom actually picked Dansby out because I was off at college and she found a breeder not too far from my hometown. Dansby came from a breeder in Oxford, AL. My mom called me to see what color I wanted. I told her to just pick the sweetest, most attentive one. And she said, "There's a solid black one, and apparently they are rare and I can just see you now, walking down the street with your black hair and this precious fluffy little dog." So she chose him. He is a true joy in my life. I had no idea you could love a non-human this much!
Daizy came from a breeder in Montgomery, AL. I went to the ladies house and she had at least 50 dogs in her house. I was devastated at what I saw. She was a breeder of several different breeds. Daizy just wouldn't leave me alone and Dansby liked sniffing her (and he doesn't always like ALL dogs) so I picked her!! I wanted Dansby to have a companion, that is why I got her! And they are now BFF. After he ignored me and pouted for a month!!

Landra Lynn said...
I'm fairly new to your blog, so bear with me if I missed this one...How did your two precious pups come into your lives? And how did you come up with their names?

See above :) How did I come up with their names. Well, Karlos Dansby was a Linebacker for Auburn while I was in college. I LOVED HIM!! He was so articulate and smart and he was an AMAZING football player! (FYI He plays for the Arizona Cardinals and they are playing in the Super Bowl Feb 1) So I thought, everyone names their dogs, Aubie (after our mascot) or Tubby (after our coach) so I picked my favorite player and WALAH :) With Daizy, I knew I wanted it to start with a "D" and end in "Y" but I had no idea what. So I googled and searched and I thought Daizy was fitting because she is such a girly girl, little princess :)

Landra Lynn said...
Haha! Looks like two of us had the same idea! Fine, sigh lol. New question: You are stuck on a desert island without your Mr. Wonderful. You do, however, get the following. What/Who would they be?
(Girl, these were tough-but FUN FUN) :)
1: Gorgeous male celebrity Gerard Butler
2: Snack food Macaroni & Cheese
3: Fashion item High Heels
4: Music CD (assuming you have a portable CD player on this island) Britney
5: Fashion item Bathing suit
6: One practical item (pocket knife, matches, etc.) Cell phone

SassyEngineer said...
Oh goodness - where do I start? First off, when are you coming to TX to visit? (okay, but seriously) Let's see - what is one of your biggest pet peeves? What famous person would you like to invite to dinner?

Girl, I wish I could come this weekend. I have only been to Houston once and it was a very short trip (for a wedding). Let's see if I can get Hubs to take me there SOON :) K?
One of my biggest pet peeves... honestly... these days its people complaining about their weight and then doing NOTHING about it. I realize it's so hard to lose weight. I do know that! But just don't complain if you aren't going to be proactive!!
I would love to have a double date dinner with Brad and Angelina. I love them and all they do!! :)

Mojito Maven said...
What is your most embarrassing moment? And seriously, when are you coming to Dallas to visit??????

Girl, I am coming to Dallas to visit soon. I swear. I have always wanted to visit there, but now that you are there I AM DYING TO!!
My most embarrassing moment... it has to be when I was in 9th grade I was a cheerleader, I was trying to impress a boy and I decided that doing 6 back handsprings in a row was a great idea. Well on the 6th one, I slipped and landed on my head and my knees. I was humiliated!! I ran off the court crying!! At that age, it was so traumatizing!! Everyone laughed and I was mortified. It makes me have chills even to this day!! :)


Mrs. Newlywed said...


We need to meet up soon. Seriously.

Gwen said...

You are so cute!!! People that complain about anything and aren't proactive about it drive me crazy!!! You should post your travel schedule so everyone can me you in person!!! I'd be waiting at the airport if you ever were to visit us. We have more than BBQ I swear. :)

You ladies and all of your adorable answers are too much. :)

Krystyn said...

Fun, fun stuff!

And, since my schedule doesn't work for meeting up; maybe during the summer we can get together (and we can play with Mrs. Newlywed, too)!

Mojito Maven said...

DITTO about people who complain about their weight and then do nothing to fix it!!

And any time you can come to Dallas we would love to have you!

And, ouch about falling on your head!!!!!

SassyEngineer said...

I love your answers!!! Well, when you do come to Dallas, you, Mojito Maven, and I will have to get together! By the way, I am still working on this push-up thing. I wasn't so good this week, but next week will be better, I promise!

Chic Runner said...

I love your answers. but SERIOUSLY! texas... NO! CA!!! :) Just kidding. but kind of not. I can't believe you fell on your head. Talk about embarrasing! That's so funny.

Tracy's Porch said...

This was too fun!

The Shabby Princess said...

I work in academia too--and yes, the salary is brutal at my college too!
I got my degree in PR too. Ah, did I mention you're amazing?

Ugh, my boss bitches about her weight too, but, doesn't do anything. So annoying! She gets all pissy if I talk the fact that I've lost 3 pounds on WW so far. Um, hello, I watch what I eat and work out. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Brad and Angelina too!!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love all the answers!