Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Productive Move & a Healthy Beanie

Well ladies, the move is OVER! Thank goodness! Now the stressful fun part starts!

I actually missed most of the move (bummer-ha) because I had to work Saturday (the event went great)! So when I got off work, I went to the new house and so much had been moved. I was shocked. We worked like slaves Saturday afternoon and Sunday to get everything moved over and started unpacking Sunday night! I have to say that without my mom and hubs parents, we wouldn't have made it!

So far, I have settled and decorated:

- Spare room (not 100% complete because the headboard isn't built yet but the new comforter looks great)

- Kitchen (well it's gotta be painted but it's all organized and decorated for the most part)

- Master Bathroom (well I still have to find another rug to put down but for now it will do)

Um, ok so it's not exactly settled and decorated 100% but I have made tons of progress. Hubs almost has all the blinds up and our new desk arrived yesterday and hubs put that together. It wasn't the most fun project for him but it was pretty quick and it looks great! But guess what happened... our monitor for our computer broke... sign we need a laptop?? I think so :) However, with a baby on the way, laptop must wait a little while!

A few other minor setbacks...
- Sunday we had no heat! And it was COLD in GA on Sunday. We had two space heaters running and it was cooollldddd! But that has been fixed. Our heat runs on gas and apparently it hadn't been turned on just yet!
- This house has a brand new water heater... well it isn't doing it's job! It isn't heating and it is making me ANGRY! i have now taken a total of three cold showers and I don't mean kinda cold, I mean FREEZING COLD! We are supposed to have that fixed ASAP!
- Then there's the ever so lovely remote control fans!! Cool right?? Um, no! They aren't working in any of the three bedrooms. And we have no idea what's going on because there are no instructions anywhere in this house! Frustration?? YES! We must sleep with a fan on and we have now done without one for three nights! Hopefully that will be fixed soon!

I realize these are really minor things... but I wanted to whine for a moment :)

Thank you for your many well wishes for our moving weekend! We were really blessed with good weather. It only rained Saturday morning then it was over! God is good!

And speaking of blessings and God being so wonderful and good... we just got back from the doctor. I am 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant and we have a super healthy heartbeat, 154! Our little one is a growin'! I can't wait to find out what he/she is! :) We have decided to wait until our 20 week visit to find out! I was considering doing a 4-D at 16 weeks to see, but we are going to wait and do the 4-D a little later in my pregnancy! One more week and I am outta the 1st trimester (yippee)!! Can I get some energy back please and thank you? But how blessed I was not to be sick one single time!! NOT ONCE did I feel nauseous! AMAZING! God has blessed us with so much! We are forever grateful! I am reminded daily that He reigns above all things and loves me no matter how awful of a sinner I am! I am His child and I am so beyond blessed to say that!

My Dr told me that in 4 weeks I have another appointment and that at that time I will decide if I want to have the quad screening! You can read all about that screening here! I won't post it all on here because it would take forever! I want to but I would love to hear all of your opinions on it :) So let's hear it ladies...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's what I will be dealing with this weekend...

Saturday morning I will be at work, we have a big event from 10:30 - 3:30. And I am pretty sure that this is what we will be dealing with... (cue thunder)

It's supposed to be super nasty weather on Saturday here in GA! Not a good weekend for it to rain! But oh well, we will survive! We will be wet and nasty looking but we will make it :)
While I am at work Hubs, the in laws, my mom and some friends will be moving us into our new house, unless it's storming the way they say it will be. If that's the case, the moving of the furniture will be put on hold until Sunday! But we can move boxes and such. But you better believe that I will have someone supervising to make sure the new house doesn't have any serious dirt or mud on the brand new carpet/cleanliness that I worked so hard to achieve!

My mom is coming in town which is always exciting and I took Monday off of work to try and get some things organized in the house! So at least I actually get a weekend day back even though I have to work Saturday!
Baby Update: I have a Dr appointment next Tuesday. I will be 12 weeks at that visit and can't wait. In the beginning I had to go so much because of the scare that I got used to going so often it's weird only going every 6 weeks now. But things have been great. No sickness, not even once! Just sleepiness which is getting better, not great but better! :)
So I will have new to share Tuesday but til then, ladies, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Help me!! I can't decide!

Ladies... we are moving this weekend! O.M.G. Yeah I said it! i am frantically packing all I can and trying to do a decent job! Why is Saturday turning out to be a not so good day??

1) I have to work! from 9 - 3:30! So I will miss out on the moving and supervising (mostly the supervising) )
2) It's supposed to dang rain!! Grrrr!

But anyway we are movin along!

I need your assistance! You see, as much as I would love to go out and buy brand new furniture for most of my house, I can't! So, it requires me to do small DIY projects (which I love doing) for the time being until Hubs and I are making our millions :)

I recently ordered this new comforter for my guest room for the new house! Now, in that room, we have Hubs old bedroom furniture. I am doing away with the headboard and foot board just for a more updated look and I am going to build a headboard and upholster it! I got this idea from this fabulous new blog love of mine, This Young House! You can see their "how to DIY" here! I thought this was a great inexpensive way to update a room so we are going to try it!

Now here is where my dilemma comes in. What fabric do I use. Keep in mind I don't want to be too matchy matchy!! I want it to look kinda classic but a little funky! I want the fabric to kind of off set the comforter. That is why I went with a neutral color for that room. I can accent with any color. Here are some ideas I have for the fabric. I realize they are all over the place because I can't decide for sure what color scheme, pattern or shades to go with!! HELP! Let's take a vote and see what you ladies like best :) I am desperate for help and if you have any other suggestions I am soooo open to them!!






Friday, March 20, 2009

House: before

I will do a before and after series on our sweet little new house! So today it the BEFORE :) We will be painting and working on lots of things over the next several months. The entire house was repainted before we bought it so it's in good shape it's just not the colors I want. The outside of the house is kind of a sage green and the shutters are a brick red. We will be painting the house but I am not sure what color yet (any and all suggestions are welcome). The shutters are going to be black!

When you walk in from the garage this is what you walk into :)
This is where our kitchen table will go!
Living room! Where our new furniture now sits :)
Cozy fireplace! We will get gas logs eventually!
The kitchen is painted this pale yellow. I HATE IT! It doesn't go with my kitchen decor I already have so it will be painted asap! And notice that strange bronze covering stuff. It's coming down!! It's not horrible but not my style! We will probably paint the kitchen red. Not 100% sure about that just yet!

Hubs was opening a bottle of non alcoholic champagne to celebrate our closing!! It was pretty good :)

Laundry room (right past the kitchen) Look at this amazing storage space :)

All of the bedrooms are painted an ivory/beige color so I am not in a huge hurry. With time we will paint those. I want to take my time with that! Of course Beanie's room has to be painted at some point before his/her arrival but so we will see :)

Master bedroom. It's bigger than it looks!

Master bath!
Guest bath!
There's this HUGE front room that will house our desk and work space and eventually I will have a nice sitting area to have my quiet time or just spend quality time with Beanie! It has huge windows so it's so well lit! I love that room. One day it could be a huge dining room if need be!!

The foyer when you walk in the front door. HARDWOOD! I wish it was throughout!! I love it!

There's already a fenced in back yard but there are some spots where trees have fallen on the fence so Hubs will be fixing that and we are painting it black. Crazy? Kind of but I really want a black fence :) There is a patio in the back and it's painted red... weird! For Christmas I am asking for a new deck (My hubs and his dad are great at building things and they have built decks before so i am crossing my fingers i get that)!

I am sure that it's going to take some time getting this house in order. and I want to take my time because this one is OURS and I want to make sure that everything is organized and not just slung in some corner or closet! I am pretty impatient about stuff like that but I am really going to try to work hard for a few weeks to get things in order. That however is going to mean workouts will be minimal of non existent! Working out kills my afternoon after work. I didn't workout yesterday and Hubs and I actually got our office packed up (for the most part).

I hope you ladies have a great weekend. I have to work for like 2 hours tomorrow and then my mom is coming in town so we can clean the new house and pack up the old one some more. I always look forward to seeing my mom. I can't wait until she arrives tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New things all around!!

New baby on the way...

New house...

This weekend we were on the hunt for NEW things :) It's our theme these days! You see, the house we bought has brand new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen EXCEPT a refrigerator. Well we all know how expensive those things are. And well, we do have a baby on the way so we can't be blowing money left and right. I was so thankful when I saw this fridge on Sears.com. It's stainless. Nothing fancy, but it's stainless. That's what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have had one of these, but with the cost difference being around $3,000 I thought we better go with the other choice. And it will serve it's purpose just fine! Once we had that it was on to find new living room furniture.

Let me explain why we are buying this NEW. Well, because, I, nor Hubs, has ever owned NEW living room furniture. His has been handed down and used and so has mine. Well we have a NEW house and a NEW baby on the way, it's time for updated and NEW furniture. So we went to several places in town then we went to some places outside of our little town and we found something we both liked (I was shocked)! I wanted leather, he didn't! We got leather :) And we got it for a STEAL!!! I mean seriously! Sofa, love seat and recliner for $1100. And did I mention IT IS NEW????

Here are the pics!

Ok, next mission was a desk. Well we found one we both LOVED but it wasn't exactly what we NEEDED and it was a little pricey! So we went home and got on the Internet... you see, up until now we have had an office, well now our office will be the front room (you will see in pics soon) and it will be for all the world to see. We have been using my desk from college (i.e. piece of crap). But now that this desk will be showcased in our front/sitting room, it has to look presentable! So thanks to Walmart.com we found the perfect desk for us!

So you could say we had a busy busy weekend!! It was jam packed full of house this and house that! But it was fun. And I am feeling like our new house is coming together slowly. This weekend we will start moving. And continue into next week and then finish up next weekend. We are excited, but I will be honest with you. I am tired just thinking and writing about that! Oh me. But thankfully we have some great friends that will be helping us move :) Couldn't do it without them. My mom is coming in town this weekend and next to help us pack, move and clean!! Hub's parents will be assisting too. We are so lucky to have our parents so close!! They can be there for us anytime :)
I have been reading posts ladies, but I don't think I will ever catch up :) Hope your week has been great and you all had a GREAT St Patty's Day! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We now OWN a house!

So sorry for my absence this week. It's been a crazy week at work and at home!!

Let me first start by saying we had a BLAST in New Orleans. We just weren't there long enough to really do much. But I def want to go back sometime to take in more of the city. When we got there Saturday (after a 6 hour drive) we only had time to get ready and head to the wedding. The wedding was beautiful. It was in a church built in the 1800s with no indoor plumbing. But it was stunning. The reception was help at the Audubon Tea Room which is part of a Zoo there in New Orleans. They had the BEST band. They were amazing. It was a blast! I was tired (of course) but it was fun! They had some great food, that of course I didn't partake in, because I am so picky, but Hubs said it was great. We will be visiting again to be able to do more around. I mean we arrived at 4 pm Saturday and we left at 1 pm the next day. So we didn't have any time to explore... we will be back!

Sunday we walked around Canal Street and Bourbon Street. It was cool to just take everything in and not be hungover :). Here are a few pics that I have. We didn't take many. My camera wouldn't cooperate with the dim lighting in the room.

Hubs and I at the reception!

Our buddies at the wedding (basically the only people we knew)

Again at the reception!

Beautiful cake!!

Grooms poker cake :) so cute!

So onto some serious HUGE, exciting, BIG BIG news!! Hubs and I are now proud owners of a house!! :) We are so super excited. I will be sharing lots of news about this over the next couple of weeks but I had to share my excitement :)

Here's what we know about it (well some):

3 BR, 2 bath! It was built in the 60s! One of our best friend's grandmas lives next door! Everything on the inside has been completely redone. New painted walls (which I will be repainting again in time). New carpet throughout. New tile in all bathrooms and kitchen. New cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms. I mean inside, it looks brand new. It's crazy. It has new door knobs, new stainless appliances (except fridge which we will be purchasing this weekend). I will post more pics later of the inside, but here is the outside. There is work to be done. Landscaping to be done, but we are so excited to have our OWN place. There are of course things we want to do, and they will be done over time! But first things first, we will be fixing the fence in the backyard. Some trees have fallen on it. No window coverings so I am ordering all new blinds today (we are going for the white faux wood ones)! And Saturday we are off to try to find a fridge, new couch and love seat and new desk!! :) NEW NEW NEW!! Yippee!

Here is the new humble abode!! :) (as you can see it has a huge beautiful front yard!!)

Friday, March 6, 2009


I will be heading there early in the morning for a wedding. It's about a 5 and a half hour drive from over here in Smalltown, GA!

We are going for a wedding for one of Hubs friends from college at Auburn!! It will be a lot of fun I am sure. From what I hear, that family knows how to PARTAY! I just hope I can sustain enough energy to actually look alive :) I have been so tired I have felt completed UNENERGIZED (if that's even a word)! But I do plan on sleeping most of the way there and getting a great nights rest tonight!!

I will make sure to take lots of pictures to share!!

I hope you ladies have a great weekend and have lots of fun!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Everyone tune in...

...to Ellen today!!

According to UsMagainze.com, Melissa (from the Bachelor) will be on there today spilling her guts. I will be rushing home at lunch to make sure I get the DVR set to record today!!!

You can read a little about the interview here.

She just confirmed everything that I believed to be true:

Jason LIED!


Jason's an ASS!

I am so glad she came out and told some truth, because we've gotten nothing from Jason and Molly but LIES and BS!! This interview confirmed for me how full of it ABC is and the producer of The Bachelor is so full of *hit!!! I can't believe Jason dis that to her. UGH! What a bastard (as Melissa likes to say)!! :)

Melissa has moved on and is dating a guy named Ty (how ironic!!) I was so happy to read this interview... make sure to check it out!!


CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH MIKE FLEISS... He completely throws Jason under the bus. I mean WOW!!



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just so precious!!

Sweet Island Girl at Not Perfect But Worth It bestowed upon me this pretty and pink award!! I really was so excited to see this award was so graciously given to me!! Thank you thank you Island Girl!!

Now I have seen this done several different ways on different blogs! But apparently you are supposed to list 10 Cute and/or No So Cute things about yourself. So here I go!!
1. When I eat an Art Vandalay veggie burrito from Moe's... not cute!!
2. When I leave the gym all sweaty with frizzy hair and streaked makeup... woah... not cute!!
3. During the winter months when I neglect my toes because they don't show... not cute!!
4. When I wake up in the morning... not cute!
5. My hair right now... not cute!
6. When my dogs go more than a week without a bath that = greasy... not cute!!
7. When I see something on sale, I might pitch a fit for it... not cute!!
8. My stress/anxiety level on any given day... not cute!
9. My complaining about being so tired... i am sure... not cute!!
10. Folded clothes, sitting in baskets for a week... not cute!!
I am passing this award on to:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So the Vet called Hubs and left him a message...

"This is Animal Medical Clinic. Dr. Durham wanted me to call and tell you that Dansberry is awake and doing fine!!"

Dansberry?????? hahaha!! Um, it's DANSBY! I laughed hysterically and can't tell the story without cracking up!!

But I am so thankful my baby is ok!! :) Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!!

Til tomorrow... I am off to attempt a little cardio... my nauseated stomach and pounding head says go to bed... but my growing arse says go do a little running :) So I am going!!


I didn't know it was possible to be this mad at someone I don't REALLY know!

But I am LIVID!!! Jason Mesnick (AKA The Bachleor) is an ASS! I knew what was coming (thanks to Reality Steve) but nothing could have prepared me for the train wreck that was to come at the After the Final Rose!! I knew the whole story. I thought I had prepared myself well, but NO! I was so sickened by what took place I am still not over it!!

Throughout the finale and the After Show, I yelled things at the TV at least every 30 seconds while Hubs just sat back and giggled at me!! I was just so mad I could hardly stand it. The most common words used last night were... "LIAR", "ASSHOLE", "LIAR", "LIAR", "LIAR"!!!! Yeah pretty much he is a LIAR!!! I said other words that are not blog appropriate and honestly I hardly ever say, but I was so mad!

Hubs looked at me at one point and said "Why are you so worked up!" I shot my eyes over at him and said "Because these are REAL people with REAL feelings!" Melissa is a real person and she seemed so genuine and sweet!! I told Hubs last night I just wanted to call her and check on her and hug her! I am pretty sure my husband thinks I need help after that 3 hour hot mess last night!!

Did you girls watch it?? What did you think?

I am so disappointed in ABC and Jason!! I mean come on!! This is supposed to be reality!! We all want to see a fairytale ending. Not some drama filled BS!

I know a few other spoilers for tonight and if you want to know them too go visit Reality Steve. He has been dead on about everything thus far so I have no reason NOT to believe him!

I am still fuming mad... and I just want to sit Jason down and scold him for everything he did!! It's sick and just so screwed up!! And I am telling you... I fully believe in "what goes around, comes around"! And he's got it coming!!! Poor Melissa!

The only thing that would have made me feel better is if she had slapped him!! I loved it when she called him a "bastard"! That's exactly what he is!!

Had the show just played out and Jason really had a change of heart, yada yada yada... I wouldn't be so angry, but the whole thing was orchestrated!! He knew Molly was the one a while back but still proposed... and he has a child for goodness sake!! Think of Ty when you are making these STUPID decisions!!!

Ok, my rant is over :) Thanks for letting me get it out!! :) I am sure there will be more to come tomorrow :)

PS-- Please be thinking about my sweet Dansby... he is getting fixed today and I am a nervous wreck!!! Hugs!!