Tuesday, April 28, 2009

22 inches???

Even after my complaining yesterday... I don't want THIS!!! Can you get over this?? Her waist is 22 inches and she credits that to Pilates!! YEAH RIGHT!! I am just in shock! Gorgeous gorgeous girl, but teeny tiny waist!! Too teeny if you ask me!!

Photo credit: US MAGAZINE!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

MY Personal Struggle

WARNING: Some whining, bitching and complaining ahead!

Let me start this post by saying this: I am very thankful to be pregnant! And I know how very blessed I am to be pregnant! And I realize that many changes are on their way, body and non-body! I already am completely in love with this child and absolutely can't wait to hold he/she in my arms and spoil he/she rotten and love on them like crazy!!! CAN NOT WAIT!

But, I am not loving my body these days! Most of you are familiar with my weight gain after marriage and then my tough journey to lose it! I worked my butt off and sacrificed so much to lose that 24 pounds and I really had this serious sense of accomplishment. I finally did what I had been needing to do for years. I changed my lifestyle of eating! Almost two months after reaching that goal, Hubs and I began trying for a little one. And our first try was a wonderful/miraculous one! At the end of January, I found out I was pregnant. Now let me also say, I lost that weight for a few reasons:

1. To be a healthier me!

2. So I wouldn't have it to lose it AFTER I got pregnant. I could just focus on losing baby weight not all the extra!

3. So that I felt good about myself again when looking in the mirror or putting on a bikini!

Well, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I said (and I quote) "I am not going wild and eating anything in sight. Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I have to eat more (yet) and it doesn't give me the right/excuse to eat whatever I want!" Well ladies, I am here to admit today that I did just the opposite of what I said for about the last 8 weeks! I haven't completely blown it every single day! But you see, it's hard for me because I am not a healthy eater by nature. I don't LOVE veggies! I don't LOVE meat! I LOVE pizza, pasta, Mexican food and not so good for you food! And because I did this, I have gained 15 pounds in 15.5 weeks of pregnancy! Some have said, "Oh that's not bad Lynds." To me: IT'S DISGUSTING! Because I am 15.5 weeks, I don't really look pregnant, I look like I have gained 15 unanswered pounds! And I am miserable!

I have always had a self image problem. I have yo yo dieted my whole life! People keep reminding me (like I don't know ) "You are pregnant! Your body is going through so many changes! You are going to gain weight girl! Accept it." Ok, I have accepted that I will gain weight, but how much I gain is up to me! And I really let myself down these first 15 weeks. I know that now is not the time to lose weight and I am certainly NOT trying to do that, I am just trying to cope with how my body is changing and I needed an outlet to let it all out (thanks for listening girls)!

For once in my life, I can't push myself to the almost dying point at the gym. I am not a gym wuss! I workout HARD! I mean "legs are going to break" hard! And I can't do that now. I have also always gone to the gym to make myself skinner not healthier (sad to admit, but it's true and I am being honest here) So I feel like I am working out for nothing! I know I am working out for many great reasons but when I can't push myself to almost exhaustion, I feel like it's worthless! And with our move into the new house and anniversary trip, I skipped 3 weeks of working out! But no worries, I am back on the running/walking and body pumping bandwagon! Don't worry, it's all been ok-ed by my Dr.

I feel like I am so different in this weight gain so early because I had NO morning sickness! Not one single time! Which I am thankful for. So many girls I know that are (or were) pregnant had it and they even lost weight their first trimester! I am not envious of their puking but I am envious of their lack of weight gain the 1st trimester! As selfish and horrible as that sounds it's true!

My friends that read this know the issues I have always had with my body! Since middle school. I wish it weren't that way, but it's who I am! I keep reminding myself, I got it off once, and I can do it again! But it scares me that I might not get back to where I was, and where I was, was HAPPY! Finally happy with the way I looked.

Some people say things like "Oh I love my stretch marks, they remind me of the wonderful experience I went through to bring this child into this world!" I think it's wonderful to think that way! I wish I could, but I can't!! I will curse those things if I get them and I won't want them there! I will probably cry over them! I had one friend say "Oh my wife gained 35 lbs and she hasn't lost it all and I don't care if she ever does and she doesn't either!" First of all, neither of them are gym rats like Hubs and I! And they have never HAD to watch their weight and struggle the way I have! If I don't lose all the weight, I do think I will care (quite a bit)! I honestly am more worried about my "body changing forever" (I have heard this so many times) than I am about the actual weight gain! I can handle it for 9 months to a year, but I don't know about forever!

Do let me say, some people have said "Take what your mom gained and that is probably what you will do!" Well my mom GAINED 85 POUNDS WITH ME! Now, let me also say my mom is very tall like me (5'9"). She was like a size 2 or 4 when she had me. I mean skinny as a rail! And after she had me until I was in middle/high school she was really skinny! So I say to myself "If mom can gain 85 and lost most all of it, I can gain 40 and lose all of it!"

I realize this post makes me sound so self obsessed and selfish! I am likely to receive some negative comments over it. But please understand, I know the experience I am going through is one that not every woman gets the blessing of going through. And I know how lucky I am! I thank God that I am able to carry this child and go through this wonderful experience! I am just trying to cope and trying to deal with these changes the best I know how! If I gain 100 lbs I know that it will be worth it once I hold my sweet angel in my arms. But until then, I am likely to be self conscious about these changes! But I am trying hard to love and embrace them no matter what!

Everyone has their own personal struggles. This is mine! It's a tough one to deal with!

Also, for those of you who don't mind sharing! I am just interested to know: (if you would rather email me, that is perfectly fine. I am open to any and all advice!)

How much weight you gained (or have gained) during pregnancy?

How much did you lose after?

Was it easy or hard?

How did you do it?

Are you ok with the fact that you did/didn't lose it all?

I promise not to judge! I am just curious! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

From B's to D's

Yall, seriously! These things have gotten HUGE! I don't mean kinda big, I mean EXTRA EXTRA large!

What am I talking about you ask??


When I lost all my weight and finally got to where I needed to be, I had dropped from a C to a B cup. Well I have now completely surpassed C's again and gone right to the D's! But I am still cramming these babies into a C cup bra and well I am bustingout.com! I have got to invest in a D or maybe even DD bra soon! It's insane! I can't get over how big they are and I am only 15.5 weeks! How much bigger will they get, geez? And will they stay this way forever? PLEASE TELL ME NO!!

I used to want big boobs. I mean, I pitched a running fit for then in high school. That was going to be my first purchase out of college. Well I learned to love my C's then when I dropped to a B. I looooved them even more. These D's are making me look bigger than I am! I can still fit into my shirts and stuff and will be able to for a while I think but the bust area just isn't cutting it anymore.

Take today for example, I have on an Old Navy button up and it's perfectly fine in the waist, but he boobs are so huge I had to unbutton one extra button and put an undershirt on. The button was about to pop!

I want my B's back pronto please! But I know I have a while before they come back to me! I am glad though that I have now experienced what D's feel like. I know they are not for me and I love my B's more than ever :) Boob job is out (unless it's a lift!)

I am struggling big time with my body image these days so look for a post where I lay it all out there! And yes, I realize I am pregnant, but that doesn't help me when I look in the mirror! But I have remind myself daily that I am pregnant (and I am so thankful and blessed that I am) and my body is ever changing. For the good!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DIY headboard is complete & chic

After coming across this MOST fabulous website, This Young House, I got the crazy DIY disease!! (I mean seriously Sherry and her husband John have done AMAZING things to their home-such an inspiration!) I want to do everything myself and the unfortunate thing about that is, that takes lots of time and energy (and $)! And well, seeing as how we are pinching pennies (baby on the way), I am tired all the time (baby on the way) and we have like 10 friends getting married this year, I don't have any of those!! So it's taking me and Hubs extra long to get the things we want done, done! But it's been fun so far and we will be doing more soon!

Her "how-to" about upholstering a headboard was perfect for me! I wanted to get rid of Hubs bachelor bedroom furniture but we didn't hit the lotto so small changes for now! The headboard was the best start! Ok, well remember this post, I couldn't decide what fabric or color to go with (I ended up going with none of those but thank you all for your help!). Well I headed off to find some on Saturday ALONE! That was my first mistake. Never go to make a big decision like that all alone! After much stress and almost a few tears, I settled on a wonderful fabric that I thought would go great! And it did! I got it at this amazing place called Joann's! They had so much to choose from and great prices (my fabric cost me $8 for two yards)! I will be back for fabric for curtains and pillows!! I got some batting to cover the frame before i put the fabric on it (that cost $10). Hubs had a staple gun, so I was good to go! Once I got going, it was so easy! And fun :)

It was so easy yall! Really! I will definitely be doing that again! Hubs went and bought a piece of plywood from Home Depot and cut me a frame that was 60 inches wide and 34 inches high! This fit for our queen bed!

Here is the fabric I chose...

Here's the frame Hubs cut.
And the batting on the frame!

And here's the finished product hung in our guest bedroom. I didn't show you the rest of the room because it's not quite complete, but we are working on it! :) I promise to post room pics soon!

And if I ever want to change the fabric, I now know it will be so easy and inexpensive :)

Our house is slowly coming together. I promise to do "after" pics room by room soon! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, if you haven't heard it yet, Soulja Boy has a new song out and I LOVE IT! It's called "Kiss Me Thru the Phone"! I will happily admit that I love some Soulja Boy! I loved the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" and I know and have done that dance many times. Yes, I taught myself the way most self respecting people did. I learned it on YouTube :) haha! But seriously! And I am just not embarrassed to admit that. Although I know a few of you are giggling right now :)

Anyway, back to his most current song... Hubs and I were driving back from Hometown, AL on Sunday afternoon and that song came on and I actually had no idea what he was saying when he apparently give out a phone number! (I am notorious for singing the wrong words). I really thought he was saying words that I just couldn't understand. Well apparently, he is saying, "6-7-8, triple nine, 8-2-1-2!" Well immediately I said "678, that's Atlanta, GA's area code" so I got on Hubs blackberry and Googled the number to see what came up! And I saw all these things that said it's Soulja Boy's actual number. I looked at my husband and said, "You know I gotta call now!" He rolled his eyes as I proceeded to call from HIS phone. Well, what sounded like a guy picked up and he said, "Hello! (pause) HELLO!" I knew it was a recording but then he says something like, "Nah, I am just (bleeping) with you! It's Soulja Boy. Leave me a message and I will hit you back!" I started cracking up! I didn't leave a message. Apparently it's his fan club something or another!!

Well I just received a text from Hubs that said, "I keep getting texts from Soulja Boy! Thanks! :)" hahaha!

If you haven't heard the song, you must! It's not the cleanest song, but it's catchy!

It wont' let me post a video but here is the link to it... "Kiss ME Thru the Phone!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quote of the night: "Are you serious?"

Friday evening played out to be quite an interesting/hilarious one! Hubs and I went to dinner with my friend A Belle & Her Beau and her husband at a new restaurant in town. Please note, here in Smalltown, GA we are limited in different/fun restaurants. We live in a town with a huge lake. Well a new lakeside restaurant opened so we thought we would give it a try! Thankfully, Belle informed us that it's BYOB since the restaurant has only been open a month and haven't gotten their liquor license just yet. So Hubs and Belle's husband brought their own beer.

We get there and decide to sit outside. It was a nice night and we thought it would be nice to enjoy it since we have had so much yucky rain lately. Besides, great company, a good waiter and lots of laughs, the dinner was a nightmare! Let me just say it ended in Belle asking to see the manager! :) I was so proud of her!

Here is what we encountered...

- We go to order appetizers and he informs us they are out of shrimp!
- They only have like 6 entrees to choose from (two of which were shrimp). You could order from their lunch menu of sandwiches and such too but we didn't!
- We order mozzarella cheese sticks (my fave), he said "We are out of those!"
- SO, we order Jalapeno poppers with ranch, he says "We are out of ranch!"
- We order Stuffed Mushrooms, he says "We are out of dipping sauce but I can bring you honey mustard!" Seriously, honey mustard with THAT??? Eww!
- 15 minutes later he comes back to take our order, Hubs and Belle order catfish, Beau orders a steak and I order Shrimp Alfredo Penne pasta (hold the shrimp-I mean duh they were out!).
- We get our appetizers and our waiter informs us that he has sent someone to the store to get ketchup and ranch! OH MY!
- The salads arrive and they are floating in water. Belle got like 1/2 teaspoon of honey mustard. Beau's Italian dressing was only olive oil! I was so grossed out!
- 20 minutes later, food arrives... Beau's baked potato was cold. My pasta was cold. They had NO lemon for the fish so Belle couldn't eat hers without it!

It was like everything we asked for, they were out of it! I mean at one point we were frustrated then it became HILARIOUS! They were pouring drinks from 2-liters. I mean come on, you have been open for a month, get it together!!

Since Belle asked to see the Manager, we got 50% off all of our meals. They basically begged us to come back! It was the worst service i have ever experienced. But at least it was entertaining!! We will try it again maybe a few months down the road!

Then we went to a little wine/dessert bar in town! I asked our waiter if they had Dr Pepper, he said "I don't know I will check.'" I then said, "Do you have a dessert menu?" He said "No, we only have what's in the case!" Ummm, ok, "What kind of desserts do you have in the case?" He said "Cheesecake and some kind of chocolate mouse-like cake I think." UGH! He took the other's drink orders then walked away and I just started cracking up!! It was hysterical! He came back like 10 minutes later and had to be reminded what Belle asked for. I couldn't stop laughing!!

Besides the poor service, Friday night was so much fun and much needed. It was great to get out of the chaos of our ever evolving house and just enjoy ourselves with some fun friends :)

PS--to come this week... my completed DIY headboard. I finally picked fabric and it turned out fantastic!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You WANT to have this handy!

Usually we are giving out recipes for food, yes?? Well today I have something different for you!

Ok, we all know the economy is crap and some of us have had to cut spending in some areas! And most of us love a good DIY project, right?? Well, I have a way you can save $ and have a fun, quick DIY project :)

This recipe is for some of the BEST lotion in the world! I promise! You must give it a whirl and did I mention how yummy it smells? It is fabulous!

My aunt gave me the recipe and I fell in love! It's so smooth and smells so good and it makes a TON and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever! If you decide to try it, let me know how you like it! You won't regret lathering this wonderful-ness on your body this summer!

13 oz. Baby Lotion with cocoa butter
7 oz. Vaseline
7 oz. Vitamin E cream

Whip together in bowl with hand mixer!

TADA! Your skin will thank you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our trip was beachy!

Our Anniversary trip to Destin, FL was unlike any other beach trip either of us have experienced! We both frequented this beach in high school and college, so you could say we have both done our share of partying in Destin!

Well this trip...

... instead of sipping on a yummy Irish Wake at McGuires, I had the yummy Water :)

... instead of hitting up the bar scene and having a few cocktails, we went bowling and putt putting!

... instead of staying up until the wee hours of the morning, we were in bed by midnight almost every night (except one where we stayed up til 1:00 watching Baby Mama)

... instead of pounding beers on the beautiful sandy beaches, I killed some Dr Pepper and read some of the best gossip magazines around!

The trip was a success! No rain, only beautiful, perfect weather! We had an absolute blast! We got up every morning and had breakfast then hit the beach! We would stay on the beach watching all the kiddies play (we were at a hotel that seemed to be more for families than spring breakers) for hours then head to the room to shower and go out for some yummy food!
I had some of the BEST fried shrimp I have ever had in my life at AJ's. Now let me tell you that I have spent many a nights at AJ's doing things other than eating! After hours, AJ's turns into one of the most popular bars in Destin. It's an open area bar that overlooks the ocean. It's so cool. They have the coolest bands and karaoke. But this trip, we opted not to stick around to see how wild and crazy it got. Those days for us are over (or at least few and far between)! I was honestly scared that Hubs might get bored. He is used to so much excitement at the beach when we would go with groups. But we both thoroughly enjoyed being alone and being relaxed and not having anything we HAD to do! WE talked about Beanie and tried to come up with some girl names (we are settled on boy names but we are struggling with girl names)! It was just such a nice trip.

I am sorry to say I don't have tons of pics. It's tough to take them when it's just the two of you! But we got a few! So I present you with our 1st Anniversary pics :)
PS-I haven't shown you lovely ladies a belly pic yet because there's not much to show. Right now, I just look like I have put on a few pounds :) I promise to post some in the next couple of weeks! I want to look pregnant when I post them, not just like I've gained some poundage in the midsection :) I will tell you though that my pants are getting tighter so that means I (and Beanie) are growing! YAY!

Also I want to point out that the shirts I am wearing in these pics aren't maternity shirts. They are just shirts from last season that happen to be great for the beach and lots of eating (i.e. bloating!). :) I have bought ZERO maternity clothes but it's coming, really soon! :)

So pretty

One of the HUGE fish at the Bass Pro Shops aquarium! He loved me! He kept trying to kiss me!

Hubs coming back from the ocean!

Me and my best golf pose :) i really look pregnant here. I swear I am not showing yet!

Hubs getting ready to LOSE :) ha

Putt Putt! This is my serious/focused face!

Me, making sure I didn't look pregnant (although I know I am, I am not showing and I didn't want to look like this shirt was a pregnancy shirt) Weird, yes I know!

Our first night out! :) Heading to McGuires YUM!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Has it really been a year already??

That's what I keep thinking over and over!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet sweet husband!

This year has flown by and we have been so blessed! Sure we have been through a few trying times, but God saw us through each and every one of those and we are better for them!
I thank God that I married the man I did and that God sent him my way!! I am one lucky lady!

He is more than I ever hoped to marry. He makes me happier everyday and I try to be the best wife I can! We are a God fearing couple and I am so thankful for that! We are growing together in our faith more everyday! And with a new little one on the way, he/she is sure to be raised in a strong Christian home with morals and values!

Through out this year I have learned so much about myself, Hubs and our relationship! We are better people today and more in love than we were the day we married and it is my belief that is the way it should be!

We have accomplished a lot in a year and I look forward to spending the rest of my life growing and learning together!! I love you honey!! Happy Anniversary!! You are the love of my life!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Much needed!

(scheduled post) Today I am heading with my wonderful husband to paradise!! I am ECSTATIC! We are leaving at 6 AM so we don't miss today's fun! It's a 4.5 hour drive so not too bad, but calculate in some (frequent) restroom stops for this pregnant lady and her coffee drinking husband and there you have about a 5 hour drive! So, 6 AM it is! Should put us arriving around 11. Just in time for a yummy lunch and some BEACH TIME! Whoooo! Hubs exact quote was, "Oh, so you want to leave at 6 so you can sleep the whole way?" And my answer was, "Why yes!" I kid! I probably won't sleep I will be too excited! I'm like a kid at Christmas right now!

Gone for 5 days and 4 nights to the beautiful beaches of Destin, FL to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Sunday!! So that means I won't return to Blogland (although I might have a few posts scheduled) until Tuesday! I will be hanging with my hott hubby on some sandy beaches, trying to look like I haven't gained weight :) I am at that weird place in my pregnancy where I am thickening but I am not showing at all! That my friends is why I haven't posted belly pics just yet. Maybe in a few weeks I will be showing :)

I am so excited to just lounge on the beach, sleep late, eat very well, play putt putt, shop, maybe a movie... all just me and my wonderful husband celebrating a WONDERFUL year of marriage!

I hope you ladies have a great weekend and I will be back to reading all about them on Tuesday :)
Just so you have a mental image, I will be lounging here...

And eating places like ...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yummy soup

I don't know about you girls, but here in GA the past two days it's been FREAKING FREEZING! I mean seriously. Is it April or what?? Yesterday we even had some sleet and a little snow! CHAOS! But any how, nothing I like better than some yummy hot soup when it's chilly outside! I made this for Hubs and I and we devoured it in two nights :) Mmmm! I am sharing with you a recipe that my mom shared with me! Trust me, this is the best potato soup EVER!!!! And I am funny (note: REAL funny) about soups!

Is it super healthy? No!
Is it THE WORST THING you could ever eat? No!
Is it super yummy? Yes!

Since I found out I was pregnant, I haven't been as strict about my diet so I don't feel too bad eating this! I mean french fries and fried chicken fingers would be worse right?? :)

Ok here's what ya need: (this recipe feeds hubs and I for two nights)

- 6 medium potatoes peeled and cut into cubes (that is the most work of the whole recipe)
- 3 chicken flavored bouillon cubes
- 1/2 block of 2% Velveeta cheese (there's the badness)
- water

TADA-that's it!

Put the potatoes in a large boiling pot cover with water. Add water until it's about about two inches above the potatoes! Bring to a boil. Then add the bouillon cubes. Cook for 35-45 minutes until potatoes are tender. I like mine falling apart so I cook 45! Stir ever 10-15 minutes. When potatoes are as tender as you like them, add the cheese. Make sure you cut the cheese into cubes so it will melt quicker! Let cheese melt and serve :)

My mom serves it with cornbread, but I just eat mine with fat free crackers! :) It's de-lish-ous!

Some of you ladies might like to add onion and maybe some bacon. I am picky so I don't but I am sure it would be yum!

Enjoy sweet girls!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a lucky gal I am!

I didn't blog yesterday because well I am one lucky lady! So on Friday we got an email at work that said our power would be out most of the morning so we didn't have to be in until 12:00. It's spring break at the college i work at but we have to work anyway-boo on that i know! So i slept in (10:30) and then came on into work. At 12:30 they told us that the power in the other building would be out at least 3 more hours so we could go home! SWEET! That is some serious good luck! :) I ran a few errands then home I went to rest on the couch with my furbabies! (Remember, I am pregnant so I am trying to get as much rest/sleep/napping in i can before Beanie arrives)!

This weekend was nice! Not too much going on... but one exciting thing... my roomie Shelley came in town (she lives in Nashville) and we had a nice weekend together! Friday night we went to eat at a little Mexican restaurant here in town with some friends. Then Saturday night we went to a friends house for game night! It was so much fun until something happened...

MY STOMACH! OUCH! It was killing me. I mean burning and cramping. I was like what the crap! It kinda did the same thing Friday night but it went away! Well this did not go away! It was too high to be something seriously wrong i thought. I have never had indigestion so I had no idea what was going on! It kept me up Saturday night in tears from about 4:00 til almost 6! It was horrible! i was up every hour and I thought I was dying (i.e. I over exaggerate about pain because i am a wuss!) It happened all day Sunday and a little Monday but today it seems to have gone away! I am assuming it was indigestion. Any of you pregnant ladies or mommies know what I am talking about?? Any cause for concern??

Here are a couple of pics from Friday night! Excuse my ghostly appearance! It's so different from what I am used to seeing! My tan has faded and I haven't seen sun in months! :)

And thank you for all of your sweet emails about the house and Beanie! The house is still a work in progress. Pics to come sooner rather than later I hope! We still have so much left to do. It's gonna take what feels like FOREVER!!! But a little at a time. I am doing my best to have patience! :)

And I have to give a big CONGRATS to my sweet friend Emily at Living or own fairytale... She just announced she is having a sweet baby girl :) Congrats girl! I am thrilled for you!

A GREAT and wonderful friend! I miss her!

The three amigos!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No covering this up!

My baby bump, that is! I mean, let's be honest... I am not going to be small by any means when swimsuit season hits full force!! I am actually going to be quite large! I mean June, July and August, HELLO, here comes BIG PREGNANT LADY in a bathing suit! We live right next to a lake, we have a boat... we spend time on water :) or near it anyway!

So I posted a while back about bathing suits and that was obviously a little premature! I am pretty sure I won't be wearing those hot little numbers! But let me tell ya, I also DO NOT WANT TO WEAR A MATERNITY SWIMSUIT! What I have seen thus far, they ARE NOT cute AT ALL! I mean I am already going to feel so HUGE I at least want a cute suit to wear! Now granted, I will be able to wear a regular tankini for the beginning, but near the end I will need a GINORMOUS suit! And I am just not happy about that! Maybe I will just wear a normal tankini in an XL and wear a suit cover up!

Hubs and I are going to the beach next week for our one year anniversary (April 12th)! We will be gone Thursday through Monday! And I couldn't be more excited! This vacation/celebration is much needed with all we have had going on! We decided to not exchange gifts due to our new... house, furniture, desk, baby... we didn't think it was necessary to get each other gifts this year! Our trip is our gift to each other and it will be a blast! I am sooo looking forward to it!

Back to bathing suits... I am planning to wear my bathing suits from last year to our trip, no need in buying one I won't be able to fit into in a few months and might not be stylish next year :) I am not really showing yet so I am not worried about this trip. But we are going back in May for a wedding and well I will be 19 weeks pregnant. Almost 5 months. So you can bet I will be showing then! So I have to have something by then! HELP ME! :)

Here are a few maternity suits I have seen...

(this one is by far the best-it's a tankini and that's def what i want)

When you are used to wearing sometime like this...

...it's hard to imagine putting on a big ol' tankini!
Just remind me later that it doesn't matter what I look like in a bathing suit this year, I mean I am pregnant and all :)