Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I'm wearing.

Hey girls!! It's been a while since I did a maternity wear post so I thought I would share some of my recent and most loved maternity stuff :)!

Thank goodness for my wonderful, thoughtful, loving mother! Without her, I wouldn't have any of these wonderful maternity things to fit my ever growing body!! And believe me, it's a growin'!

All of the things I am about to post I absolutely adore!! I will give a brief description of why I love them but if you are pregnant... even if you don't need them just yet, these things are so comfortable and will definitely be worn over and over and over again!!
It's hard finding cute maternity stuff out there, and in this HOT 100 degree weather we are having in GA, I gotta have cool stuff too :)
Enjoy ladies!

Here are my Old Navy Picks:

Maternity Floral-Burnout Tees
This shirt, so so soft and comfy!! Perfect for summer!

Maternity Striped Cross-Front Dresses
I have this on today!! And HELLO, it's like wearing nothing :)

I have this in black and brown and they are so lightweight and cool!

Maternity Yoga Capris
These are great for working out and lounging!!

Great for work, but definitely meant to be worn in your 7-9 month range!

Women's Flower Pom-Pom Leather Sandals I am a heel girl through and through and am still rockin (6 months pregnant) the 4" heels and wedges pretty much on a daily basis! But I know flats can and will be my friend soon :)

Maternity Long Layering Tanks

Comes in so many colors and great length. Great for wearing under things! I got pink :)

Maternity Pintuck Tops
So lightweight and cool!

So comfy, meant to be worn up until around 7 months or so! Typically I like the full panel but these are comfy and soft!

Maternity Fold-Over Waistband Yoga Shorts (5")
So comfy and perfect for these hot summer days and workouts!

Maternity Fold-Over Bermudas (9 1/2")
Great for weekend wear and working out :) Super comfy! I have these in black and brown!

Maternity Smocked-Trim Tops
Soooo comfortable. No even playin :)

And now my TARGET picks!

Liz Lange® for Target® Wrap Dress - Black/White
Perfect for work!! And really comfy!

Liz Lange® Fashion Empire Tee - Yellow
Cool , comfortable and stylish :)

Liz Lange® for Target® Knit Pleated Dress - Cement
One of my favorite things I have!! It's so comfortable!! Perfect for work, church and lounging!

Liz Lange® Printed Sleeveless Maxi Dress - Blue
I wore this to my dear friend's engagement party this weekend!! It's so comfy and flowy! Not much of a figure show off though, even when pregnant!! But I got compliments :)

Liz Lange® for Target® Wrap Dress - Purple Ikat

So pretty for summer and early fall! And great for work! :)


d.a.r. said...

My goodness girl, you are probably the cutest pregnant lady out there. I wish I had your style and I'm not rockin' maternity clothes!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Very cute! Maternity clothes have come a long way since our moms' day!

Is it odd that sometimes I see cute tops in the maternity section at Target and wonder if I could get away with an XS now? I mean some of that stuff is seriously adorable!

Tara Gibson said...

now its time to post pictures of you in these cute clothes! : )

The Dunaway's said...

I have seen that last dress at our Target and I love it! Does yours have the maxi dress that is grey at the top and the bottom is two tone blueish teal? I was so bummed that they didn't have it out last year when I was pregnant! and they actually have maternity bathing suits at ours this year! Cute ones!!

Kitty Cat said...

You guys have a lot nicer maternity pants over there than we have here!My gosh. Hey, won't you PLEASE post a recent pic of your bump? Mine is growing almost daily!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute! :)

Lindsey said...

Awww these are all so cute!! You are so fashionable! Pretty please show us some cute baby bumb pictures, I bet you are just the cuest preggo!

JennyLo said...

Cute stuff! Who knew maternity wear could be so cute!

Dollface said...

super cute! I am going to send my preggo friends to Old Navy!! xxooo

Marge said...

I'm pretty sure I have looked at one of those dresses and contemplated buying it even though I am not pregnant! So happy to hear you're looking cute and staying comfy in your maternity wear!

Lis said...

You have found such cute stuff! I love the Liz Lange maxi dress you wore to the engagement party! They should totally make it in non- maternity too! ;) I also love that you are still rocking heels!!

Jen and Rob said...

Too cute!!!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Such cute maternity clothes!! I love those sandals!!

Emily said...

i love all the dresses you have found! Great finds! Also I have the old navy comfy shorts that you wear! I am actually wearing a grey pair right now. my life consists of these shorts and my black ones! I saw the pics of you in the long flowy green dress and you looked too cute for words! U are adorable;) I love you:)

a H.I.T. said...

You found some adorable pregnancy clothes! I went shopping to buy my sister something cute and boy oh boy did I have a hard time finding stuff.

Chic Runner said...

You are too cute! I can just see it all, ah how cute cute cute, but now I mean this in a non-creepy way but I want to see the bump! :)

Gwen said...

So I'm thinking I need the brown & black maternity skirt for hot summer wear too. We need full outfit photos of you now. XOXO

Practically Perfect... said...

Those clothes are cuteness personified! Great taste!

A Walk With The... said...

these are great picks! I love the flowy feeling of maternity clothes but lordy I can not wait to have my form fitting skinny outfits on again!!

The Shabby Princess said...

Cute finds!!!! Gosh, seriously, what awesome maternity wear!

Mojito Maven said...

seriously, some of that you can wear when you're not pregnant!! it's really cute stuff!

Miss E said...

What stylish clothing! I want to wear it and I'm not that acceptable?! :)

Miss E said...

PS - think you need to post some pics of you in your cute clothes with your cute belly :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i love that first dress!!

Wearing Mascara said...

I am not pregnant but if I was, I'd know who to turn to for fashion advice! xoxo

Rachel said...

We have many of the same things =)! You need to show off how cute you are in these things =)!

The Browns said...

Everything is so cute! I bought a few tops at Motherhood Maternity & JC Penneys last weekend. I love Motherhood Maternity, but they were a little more expensive. (what can I say, I like sales) I love these fashion posts...keep them up girl!
<3 Bon

*~! megs !~* said...

I bet you are one stylish mama to be!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

yaay! we need some pics of you in these cute clothes hot mama!! (i wore heels my entire preggy with BabyBoy too! this time i've gone mostly comfy=))

Mrs.Preppy said...

Love the Target IKAT dress. How does it fit? It looks like it would be a good post-baby dress... I might order it.