Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Day

Today is my last day of work until I go on maternity leave!! I am super excited but kind of nervous at the same time. That means, I truly am about to be a mom :) WOW! Amazing! There's a lot of anxiety that goes with that!! But I have full faith in God and I know He will take great care of me and Addison and we will be well cared for! I am so thankful for His mercy and many blessings in my life and through this pregnancy!! I couldn't have gotten through the last 9 months without His guidance!

So... What do I plan to do over the next couple of weeks before her arrival?? Well, besides lots of doctor appointments I plan to wash bottles, wash clothes, clean house, rest, sleep, relax (as much as possible) and get ready for the arrival of my precious sweet Addison Leigh! (Did I mention CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN???) Nesting much?

I had a doctor's appointment today and because of another jump in weight he took more blood to do more labs! I think he is really concerned about Preclampsia but I have no symptoms except swelling and weight gain and HELLO, don't ALL pregnant women gain weight and swell?? :) My blood pressure has literally been perfect since I got pregnant! The scale is an old school sliding scale and I am so serious, it's CRAP! I am not revealing how much weight I have gained just yet!! I promise to do so once she's here and I have slimmed down some! For now, I want to keep that to myself! But I am very open about my weight and weight loss/gain so I promise to talk more openly about that soon!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support through this pregnancy! Your sweet comments and encouragement have meant the world to me. It seriously makes my day! I am very blessed to have such a great group of friends through this blog and I am grateful for each of you! I don't know how much I will be blogging as numb fingers are not fun to type with :) But I promise to update on my pregnancy status and everything via Twitter. So if you aren't following me, you can do so on the sidebar of my blog!

And know I am reading blogs, but I know I have been slacking on commenting! I will be back in full force hopefully next week on commenting!

I am sure I will post again before her arrival but if not, thank you for your thoughts and sweet prayers!! Love u all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ladies, we have PROGRESS!!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and finally got some news that was something other than, "Everything looks great. Right on track!"

I wasn't prepared for what he said but he said "Today's the day for your exam!" What???

My sweet friend Tracy had told me about the exam and how unpleasant it was! Well, she didn't lie! It was not fun ONE. SINGLE. BIT.

But he did tell me I was dilated to a 2! And 50% effaced! GREAT! We have some progress! Wonderful! He said he could induce but he would like for me to be a little thinner before he entertained that idea! i would personally like to go into labor on it's own But if she's not here by Oct 11th (her due date) then, I am down with induction!

Another piece of good news... she is HEAD DOWN! :) I am so glad because I really want to give birth vaginally and not have a c-section! But if it's necessary for her health or mine, I am of course 100% ok with it!

So ladies, we have lots of progress! YIPPEE! I have another Dr appointment Friday! I am having BAD swelling. He diagnosed me with pregnancy Carpal Tunnel syndrome! SUPER! My hands are swollen so big and my fingers are numb! UGH! Hoping the braces he prescribed help me out some!

Please keep Addison and I in your prayers!! I know God is in complete control of this situation. I am not nervous or worried. Just anxious for her arrival!! God is good. He has been so gracious in blessing me in my life with this precious child! I can't wait to meet God's little miracle that I have carried now for 9 months!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Officially 27!

What a weekend I had! I got surprised by my best friends, turned 27, ate lots of yummy food and spent some precious time with my husband! It was a FANTASTIC weekend!

It started off with a rough Friday at work, then when I left work, I got to my car only to find a sweet card from Adam, Dansby and Daizy with a Cherry Laffy Taffy (my thing lately) and money to go get a mani/pedi! So I did! And it was MUCH needed and wonderful! Then when I arrived home, Adam and I went to eat at a local pizza place here and as we are walking up, I could see through the glass a guy that looked an awful lot like my best friend Jackie's husband and I was about to say "Wow, that guy freakishly looks like Jarred," when we walked in and I saw balloons and Jackie, Jarred and Shell Bell! I was SOOO surprised and that never happens. I am always suspicious! :) It was a wonderful night of good food, lots of laughs and some tears (we busted out the wedding video-ha)!

Saturday I had to work until 1:00. Then when I got home, my husband had cooked up quite the spread, some of my favorite things! He even boiled me some peanuts! YUM! He had invited some of our friends over to hang out and watch football all day, so that's what we did! It was fun and sooo nice! Just to hang with our friends. We haven't gotten to do that much since I got pregnant! Auburn won- whoop whoop!

Sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Adam and I were supposed to go to a family reunion but it was canceled so we were LAZY ALL DAY! It was awesome! We laid in bed and skipped church (BAD BAD)! We jut enjoyed being together and went to dinner later that night in Auburn for some YUMMY Mexican! For my birthday, besides all the precious sweet things he did for me, like clean, mani/pedi, invite friends to surprise me, etc... he got me two bookcases I have been desperately wanting to go on either side of our TV stand! It now looks like an entertainment center! :) I will post pics soon!

Needless to say, this birthday was special for so many reasons! It was the last one before I am a mom! My husband truly made it wonderful! So special! He totally spoiled me and I am sooo grateful for that! He is just the most amazing husband. I can't begin to explain!

Here's my 37 week pic :) Almost time! I will have to post pics from my birthday soon! They are all on my new Canon and I am not quite sure how to get them off yet :) ha!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I had NO idea...

... all the things that would change the end of my pregnancy! I sailed through the first 34 weeks of this pregnancy with little to no problems. No sickness, no sleepless nights, etc! Well boy have things changed!! Here is my list of things that have changed since I hit the 34 week mark!! And now being at 36.5 weeks these things get harder and harder and some are funnier and funnier! Some are funny, some not so much, but all the same, I need to share with you just to prepare you if you have never been pregnant but will one day!! And it's funny to read even if you have been pregnant because I am sure you can sympathize :)

  • I can no longer paint my toenails. It's just funny to even try!
  • Going to the bathroom and wiping has just become plain comical!
  • Putting on pants, panties, skirts, etc is hysterical! I can't lift a leg without almost falling over!
  • Looking (or feeling) sexy! It's just not happening!
  • Getting in and out of the bath!! Someone really should video this (well if I am not naked!)
  • Hugging! I have to do the whole "ass out" hug thing! REALLY funny!
  • Even maternity clothes aren't fitting these days, my belly hangs over things and t shirts no longer cover it!
  • Walking, yep I am pretty much waddling and I said I never would!
  • Shoes... I said I would wear heels the whole 9 months, WRONG! My feet won't fit in any shoes, not even flats, so pretty much it's flip flops for this girl!
  • I think my thighs are as big as my waist once was! There's no baby in there why did they get big?
  • Numb finger tips! YEP my right hand finger tips are numb which makes for interesting typing, etc!
  • Emotions... they have been in check until now. I cry over ANY and EVERY thing!
  • Shopping, even THAT isn't fun anymore. It hurts to stand up too long. My hips literally feel like I am 100 years old! (So shopping online has been SUPER!)
  • HOT! I am constantly hot! My poor husband is freezing all the time. Our air stays on 68!
  • Sleeping, I am still sleeping ok! I do get up to tinkle about every 2-3 hours though!
  • Working, I sit at a desk all day! That has become COMPLETE misery! My mind isn't on work, it's on GET THIS BABY OUT!
  • Shaving, my legs still get shaved every day! HAVE TO! But it's quite uncomfortable so I do it FAST, therefore, more cuts!
  • Energy, some days I have lots, some days I have none! Just depends! Gets less and less everyday!

So pretty much my everyday chores and responsibilities are completely in chaos!! I don't do pain well so I will admit I am complaining a bit! But not much longer until I get to hold my sweet girl! I can't wait! But until then, I am enjoying time with my husband, just us! He has been wonderful through this whole pregnancy!! Tending to my every need and want! I definitely love him more everyday! God truly blessed me with an AMAZING husband!!

Here is my 36 week picture!! You will notice the swelling of the face and feet :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Push & Birthday Present

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did! I spent all day Saturday getting out and organizing my winter clothes! It was fun. To me, it's always like shopping all over again. The things I bought at the end of last winter have been in huge Tupperware bins all summer and I completely forgot about them! That took me about 6 hours to do! It was rough, especially being 9 months pregnant!

YEP, I said it... 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!

Yeah, holy cow! But I am so glad to be in the home stretch. The pain and discomfort has really set in and is taking a toll on me. Sitting at a desk all day is getting pretty rough but I am suffering through for 3 more weeks then my maternity leave will begin October 5 unless Addison graces us with her presence before then! We shall see!

Speaking of 9 months pregnant... guess what I got a week ago (shame on my for just now blogging about it). I got this...

It was waiting on me last Friday when I got home from work but my husband was no where to be found. The note said to open it, so I tore into that thing like I was a 5 year old kid at a birthday party! And inside I found...

Yes, that's right, a Canon Rebel XS! And I am in love. This thing is amazing. Of course I am still learning to use it, but the camera and picture quality is outstanding!! Pics from it to come later this week! :) My husband really went above and beyond!! He is the most wonderful husband in the world. He has taken such good care of me this pregnancy and literally waited on me hand and foot. He is the best and I can't wait to sit back and watch him be a dad. (and of course capture it all with this awesome camera!!)

And speaking of presents... my birthday is Sunday :) WOOT WOOT! We went to Alabama Sunday to celebrate my bday (9/20) and my brother's bday (9/16) at my parents!! It was so fun! Nothing like a 27 (soon to be) lady and a 39 (soon to be) man playing pin the tail on the donkey :) Even my 81 year old grandmother got in on the fun! I did TERRIBLE. I pinned the tail to the left of his face!! It was bad but hysterical!

My precious mom and dad who have been nothing short of OUTFREAKINGSTANDING during my entire pregnancy got me a wonderful present that I was hoping to have before Addison's arrival. I have been saying I really wanted to get a video camera. Nothing fancy but I want one to capture moments that pictures just can't! Well, my mom out did herself, I was thrilled to receive this...

It's a Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera. It's literally the size of Adam's blackberry and it's even lighter! I love it. It's all charged up and ready to capture some video :) It holds 200 hours of video and I can't wait to catch Addison being silly :)

So I thought I would show off and brag a little :) Forgive me! But I am dang excited about my new electronics :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet the Newlyweds!

Yes we have been married for one year and almost 5 months (Saturday), but check out this awesome blog ran by Sweet Pea over at Newlyweds. Each week she posts a "Meet the Newlyweds" post introducing a couple to the blog world and this week I am lucky enough to be one half of the couple for this week-ha :)

The post tells a little about Adam and I, how we met and how our relationship evolved!! It was fun to read this over again! I love my sweet husband so much. He will never really know how much! We have been through our share of ups and downs but I have to say our relationship is stronger than ever and I grow to love him more EVERYDAY!

With us welcoming our first child in a few weeks, we both worry about how we will balance parenthood and our relationship, but I know we will be great at it. It will take some practice and getting used to but with God's guidance our relationship with flourish even more, I just know it!

So check out "Meet the Newlyweds"!!! Happy reading!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Old Navy!

It's Fall! Yeah it still may be like 80 something degrees here in GA but to me, it's fall! It's September, the leaves are starting to change, football has officially kicked off and well... IT'S FALL! :)

I currently have no waistline, my boobs are ENORMOUS, my hands and feet are swollen like something I have never seen, but I can't help but shop for these beautiful fall clothes that are all around me. Everyday I have a new email from J. Crew, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc! The temptation is rough, but I have withstood it until now. How can I continue to be good with all these "sales?"

I think the answer lies within Old Navy! I will tell you, Old Navy has really stepped it up this year!! I am really digging a couple of their fall items so I thought I would share! Super trendy and super cute and we all know you can't really beat their prices!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Where Addison will sleep sound and dream! (Right??)

I am due October 11th. My goal was to have Addison's room finished and baby ready by September 1st so I could relax the last month! Well I am pleased to announce, it was finished and completed Aug. 31st. I was one day early! :)

We are all set for Addison's arrival! Thanks to wonderful family and friends for all their sweet and kind gifts, Addison is one spoiled baby already and she has no idea!!

Originally I wanted to go with something funky, because well I am funky a little :) but ultimately i decided to go the sweet baby route :) We did a color scheme of baby pink, bright pink, sage green and yellow. I have to say this room wouldn't be what it is without my husband. He loves this little girl so much already!! He painted her room, put up crown molding, put up chair rail, built and painted those fabulous bookcases, hung her letters and all the pictures and put together all her furniture. One day Addison will hear the story of how her daddy was so excited to get her room ready! (Almost as much as mommy!)

This is the view from the door into her room!

Her changing table!

A closer look :)

This door leads to the bathroom that connects her nursery and spare room but since she won't be using the bathroom anytime soon (well toilet) we won't be using this door either!

A DIY project mom and I tackled with some spray glue, Amy Butler fabric, cheap ribbon and a cork board from TJ Maxx!

The beautiful shelves Adam built for Addison! Remember this post about his project, well here's the final piece!! Amazing huh?

The two pictures above it say:

"For you formed my inward parts. You knitted me together in my mother's womb.I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."Psalm 139: 13-14

"For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to Him."1 Samuel 1:27

Her closet and glider!

Her crib and the gorgeous custom bedding from Javis Davis by Amy Butler!

A closer look!!

The letters that I hand painted for my sweet little girl!!

Inside her crib where she will sleep so quietly every night right?? haha! yeah right!

Inside her closet, where some of the most beautiful clothing hangs!! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DIY: Rock-a-bye baby

So I promised a DIY project reveal this week didn't I? Well here it is! And boy is it exciting. To me it is anyway.

A little background... When we found out we were having a baby, I immediately started thinking of names, planning his/her room and making all kinds of plans! Well, these plans turned out to be SUPER expensive so we thrifted in every way possible for furniture for the babies room. Soon after we found out we were having a girl, my mom (being the AMAZING MOM SHE IS) found the most amazing rocker/glider at a thrift store for $20. Yeah, that's right, $20. Now we all know they can run upwards of $200 plus so I was thrilled! That meant we could spend more on bedding right? Oh wait, we are being thrifty right?? Anyway, I was so excited to hear she found that, well when I saw it in person, I was less than thrilled... here is what I saw...

OH MY! My mom has an eye for these things... ME?? Not so much!! But I trusted her and her DIY skills and two coats of KILZ primer and some white paint, $10 worth of fabric and TADA!!!! We had the beautiful rocker you see below!! It doesn't even look like the same one does it?? And we saved ourselves a couple of hundred dollars going this route! Sure I would have loved to have one of those big comfy recliner gliders, but trust me, this thing is so comfortable and for about $50 it makes Addison's room look dreamy! Stay tuned for a post on her room tomorrow!

I present to you the DIY project of my amazing and talented mother! Whatcha think? And yes, that is a pink feather boa on the back--haha! And you can see a lil' sneak peek of her room in this pic too :)