Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack

And boy do I have have stuff to catch you guys up on! Oh... 6 weeks worth of stuff really! My sweet Addison doesn't allow me much blogging time but I have vowed to be better during her naps :)

It will take me a while to catch you up, but I am dedicated to doing so over the next two weeks so I can get back into blogging :) I have missed it but really haven't been motivated to do it! I have so much to tell but wasn't really in the mood or didn't have the time!

But here we go :) It's time to play catch up (I promise to try and NOT overwhelm you today)!

1. Addison is wonderful. She is 6 weeks old and growing like a weed! At her 4 week appt she weight 9 lbs 5 oz. and was 22.5 inches long! Her clavicle is healing great!

2. I am healed :) I obviously tore when my precious 8.15 baby came out but I am all good now. I tore to a 2 but have healed wonderfully! Stitches are out!

3. You know what that means... I am working out again. I started working out THE DAY the Doc told me I could. I went to my 4 week checkup, he said you are good to go on workouts, I hit the gym THAT AFTERNOON! I was SOOO anxious to get back to the gym! CRAZED REALLY!

4. I started back on Weight Watchers this past Monday and we have great success so far! A little background on my preggo weight gain, etc! When I found out I was pregnant... I had just lost 25 lbs and went from a 10 to a 4/6! Well that weight quickly piled back on plus another 40 lbs! YES, that's right, I gained 65 lbs throughout the pregnancy! SCARY! I went from 145 to 210 in 10 months! I was devastated! But nothing I could do at that point! After I left the hospital, I had only lost 10 lbs (more devastation)! But over the last 6 weeks I have lost 32 lbs (half way there)! But I have MUCH left to lose! So I am back to running and lifting and being VERY good about my eating so I am hoping the other 33 lbs melt off SOON! I am in a wedding Jan 2! So, WWW posts will resume next week (once I catch you all up) :)

5. I have cut 5 inches off of my hair and it's really freaking me out :) (pics to come)

6. Birth story will be another post this week :)

7. Being a stay at home mom is what I was meant to be! Will I? We shall see!

8. Adjusting to being a mom has been challenging but wonderful and I think I almost have the hang of it :)

9. I love this little girl more and more everyday! It's amazing what God does between a mother and child! It's just such a special bond!

10. Here are some updated pics :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Alive!

I'm here.

I'm alive.

I'm busy.

I'm in a blogging funk although I have TONS of stuff to blog about (mostly motherhood related stuff)!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! (our pics are to come)

I really miss you all!

Please forgive me as I am adjusting to being a new mom :) I am loving it and promise to return soon with some good information and funny stories :)

Hugs to you all... I must run, I hear a screaming, hungry baby calling for her mama! :)