Monday, December 28, 2009

My Birth Story: The Delivery

12 weeks ago today, October 5 at 4:33 pm, Addison Leigh was born into this world by God's grace alone! The journey to how we got there was mostly captured on my blog... but I have let 12 weeks go by and haven't told you the birth story... UNTIL NOW!

My alarm went off at 4:00 am. My eyes popped open... and instantly I thought, "I am going to be a mother today!" Any other day if I had to get up at 4, I would be dragging. But I bounced out of bed and into the shower, but not before giving Adam a kiss and we both just looked at each other and we knew what the other was thinking ... today, WE would be parents! Wow!

I got ready, put on make-up, rolled my hair... I was determined to look "good" when I delivered this baby! We got the car all packed up and we were ready to go... but one more thing we had to do, love on our furbabies and let them know we would be home soon (my parents and in-laws took care of them while we were at the hospital). Before we walked out the door, we took one last picture of my big belly! HUGE is the only word to describe it!

We arrived at the hospital around 5:15 am (late as usual)! No one was in the emergency room so checking in only took about 30 minutes. Next thing I knew we were walking through the hospital to the Labor and Delivery floor. I get to my room and immediately they are telling me to change clothes into the backless gown (I was so concerned about my butt shining)! I crawled into the bed and only got out once (to tee tee) over the next 10 hours. Before any big events happened, Adam and I prayed together... I will never forget that moment as long as I live! It was so sweet and it gave me such a sense of peace! I knew God was in total control and I was ready! I was all settled in around 6:15 am and they started my IV and the Pitocin at 6:25. I was warned it could be a long day. I was ready. My blood pressure was good and I had no strange side effects from the Pitocin. WHEW! My Dr came in at and checked me, I was only dilated to a 2 so he broke my water at 7:26 am.

Let me pause here and say the worst pain I felt from beginning to end was when they out in the IV and when he broke my water!! After that, it was a dang breeze (pain wise)! I am not a big wuss, but I am not the best pain manager in the world, but holy moly when he broke my water I thought I might pass out, but the pain only lasted maybe 30 seconds! After that, it was relaxing time. My parents arrived around 8:30 am. So the 4 of us hung out in my room as things progressed. Looking back, the next 8 hours absolutely flew by. I remember thinking I wasn't ready... I wanted that day to last a long time... I wanted to remember every tiny detail. I remember feeling that exact way on my wedding day.

My Dr said he would like for me to get the epidural when I was dilated to a 4. Over the course of an hour and a half, I dilated to a 4... and was feeling the contractions. I had always heard contractions were like BAD menstrual cramps... and that is EXACTLY what they felt like. Not bad at all. I got my epidural at 9:00 am on the dot! There was never ANY QUESTION IN MY MIND that I wanted that thing! Yes, the needle is scary looking. But NO it does not hurt when you get it! They give you a little shot to numb the area before giving you the epidural and that hurt like, well, like getting a flu shot! Then I felt nothing until they pushed the medicine in and it felt like cold water running down my back! That's it. No pain. No tears. No nausea. No blood pressure drop. Just instant relief from the contractions! How in the world people do it without the epidural, I will NEVER understand!

After the epidural, I got a little loopy! I remember saying several times, "I feel gooood!" But I remember everything! We were watching contractions on the monitor and I couldn't feel a thing! It was insane! The Dr came back to check me several times... I wasn't progressing very well. But that is expected because the epidural usually slows labor down some, but not a lot like most people say (that's what my Dr said anyway)!

Over the next 8 hours or so I... ate ice, talking with Adam and my parents, updated Facebook and Twitter, relaxed, shut my eyes (but never napped), fixed my makeup, etc. I didn't play games or listen to my ipod or anything, I was too anxious! I remember being checked around lunchtime and I was dilated to like a 5. Then again at around 3 and I was dilated to a 7. At that point, I was hurting a little, the epidural felt like it was wearing off, so the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me some more meds in my epidural. Things were moving along and I was READY! That epidural really hit me hard that time and my legs were completely numb! That was the weirdest feeling ever!

Then all of a sudden, at around 3:45, I remember the nurse saying, "Ok, are you ready to push?" "WHAT??? NO I AM NOT READY!" I thought there would be some big production leading up to the pushing part. It was so fast and I wasn't ready. I wanted to hang out some more. But Addison had a different plan. She was ready. So I pushed with the nurse for about 20 minutes... my mom stood behind me and took pictures while Adam and another nurse held my legs up. I couldn't feel if I was pushing or what because I was so numb. My legs felt like they weighed 100 lbs a piece! I pushed and pushed and she finally crowned.

Then came in the Dr... yeah he was really only there for like 20 minutes. Side note: I had the BEST nurse ever. She was amazing. And as I talked to her more and more, turned out we went to the same church. She just attended the early service! And she was actually in the Sunday school class that we had been wanting to visit. Small world!

So back to pushing... I pushed for 45 minutes before Addison's arrival. I will tell you... that was exhausting. It felt like 12 hours of pushing! My body was completely worn out. I didn't say a word during the 45 minutes of pushing. I was completely focused and wanted to get her OUT! I didn't cry, I didn't scream. I didn't cuss. I just grunted. And finally at 4:33 my sweet baby girl was born! It was amazing. They laid her on my chest and then the tears started flowing. God had just given me such a blessing and I was completely overwhelmed! I remember thinking "She's so big!" And turns out she was. The doctor informed me that because she was so big, she broke her right clavicle coming out. I was worried at first, but he assured me that it would heal perfectly fine (and it is!) Turns out, that's pretty common.

Addison Leigh weighed 8 lbs 15 oz. And was 21.5 inches long. One more ounce would have given me a 9 pounder :) She was just perfect! I was literally awestruck! I don't know really how else to describe it! Adam cut the cord and then they took her away to begin working on me!

YES, working on ME! I barely remember the placenta being delivered. I didn't even push. The Dr pushed on my belly when a contraction came and it just came out. Blunt I know, but that's how it happened! Over the next 20 minutes, I was SOOOO uncomfortable! I had a 2nd degree tear so I was being sewn up. But that wasn't what was hurting. I couldn't figure out why I was hurting. But I was in pain! Turns out that all it was... I had to teetee! They took my catheter out before I started pushing and I couldn't feel anything so apparently I was holding it. They put my catheter back in (which didn't hurt at all-I was freaking out before they did it-i was scared i might die) and instant relief!

About 2 hours later I was moved into another room where I would spend the next 2 days. I will say, standing up was tough the 1st time. There was so much pressure on my bottom. I didn't understand (still don't). And of course I was sore and walking REALLY funny! I never felt any pain really from the stitches. Just soreness. And for you ladies that are wondering... the 1st bowel movement is scary, but not painful... yes I know... prob TMI, but I told you I would be honest and open about all this :)

Let's see, what next... everything else started getting jumbled together. Breastfeeding wasn't working out so well. So after the 1st day, I pumped. And I pumped for 6 weeks and she is now on formula. It's been 12 weeks and I just now feel completely healed "down there." It is true what you hear... you bleed a lot for the 1st 3-4 weeks. And wearing diaper-like pads isn't fun but you get used to it quickly!

Have I left anything out?? I am sure I have. But if you ladies have any questions about ANYTHING, I am more than happy to answer them. You know me, open and honest! I plan to do a post about weight and weight loss very soon. I would talk about it here but that's a story on it's own!

If you have questions, leave them in a comment. I will do a separate post answering them if there are enough, if not I will answer them individually. If you want to email me and ask me something, feel free! Giving birth was an amazing experience for me. I seriously enjoyed the entire pregnancy and delivery! I was beyond blessed to not have any complications for 10 months! And now that I am a mother, I know that this is what I was meant to do! I was DEFINITELY meant to be a mother and am thankful to God that he allowed me to be just that!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Um yeah, I lied.

So I realize that the last post I did was titled "I'm baaaack!" But I really wasn't! Sorry for that little white lie! I really had every intention of blogging at least twice a week but I didn't! Having a sweet baby at home took most of my time and when she was napping, sometimes so was I :) Well, now I am back at work (SO SAD!) and I have lots of time to BLOG.

I just looked back and realized that I have only blogged 3 times since she was born! SHAME ON ME, I know! I realize I still have the birth story to tell and I think that might be a great story for next week :) So look for that post to be next week. I PROMISE! That is my Christmas present to you all... you can hardly call that a Christmas present but hey, it's the best I can do :)

Before the post I will give a warning. I think you all know I am very open and honest and NOT MODEST AT ALL! So it will have lots of details that some may or may not want to hear but I think it's things I need to share with those of you who are interested or those that might be having a baby any time soon (and I know I have some preggo readers and I want to make sure that you have the option of hearing my non-horrifying birth story because I am sure you have heard enough horror stories!)

Ok so enough about that... let's talk Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you ladies (and maybe a few gents)! What an exciting time of year, expecially for our family, with our new addition! We are so excited about Addison's first Christmas! We went to Alabama this past weekend to celebrate with my family and needless to say, Addison is a blessed baby!! She got lots of toys and fun clothes and even some diapers and formula (which mommy and daddy are mostly thankful for) :) Christmas Eve we will go to Adam's family and then my parents are coming in town to spend the night so they can be here to see what Santa brings Addison! Santa won't be going overboard but gifts will be dropped off for my sweet baby girl! Pics are promised!

I promise to post some December pics of Addison tomorrow, she is getting so big! Here are a few updates!

- She is 11 weeks old! HOLY COW, I know!
- She has her first cold and there is nothing more sad!
- She is currently flailing her arms A LOT!
- She coos a little, but it's more gurgling!
- She smiles big as life, but no giggle just yet!
- She weighs 12 lbs and 11 oz. and is 24.5 in long!
- Wearing 3-6 months clothes!
- She loves bath time.
- She is a teetee-ing machine!
- She loves to look at ceiling fans! It's hilarious! They mesmerize her!

More Addison updates to come... but for now I leave you with her newborn pics!