Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Up, Pics, and Baby Secrets/Info (i.e. conglomeration of randomness)

So I have a touch of "bloggers block" so I thought I would update you gals with some random bits and pieces of things going on in the life of me and my fam & of course, some precious pics of my sweet baby Addison!

- Addison is 17 weeks old today. I CAN NOT believe how big she's gotten.
- She hasn't been to the Dr since she was 8 weeks old so we aren't sure about weight, but best i can tell after pulling the ol' hold her, weight myself, then weigh just me... she weights 16 lbs.
- She is holding her head up better everyday.
- She is "talking" up a storm. Lots of jibber jabber :)
- She's officially out of size 1 diapers and into 2's. We figured this out after she had what her dad and I call "explosive poops!" We made it 16 weeks with no poop on either of us or out of her diaper... then 2 in one week. Conclusion... move on to size 2 diapers :)
- We are still using Pampers Swaddlers but have some Pampers Baby Dry diapers that we got at our showers and I really like them just as well!
- We recently learned that not ALL Pampers Swaddlers have the yellow line that turns blue when they are wet. We are sad about this, but have gotten used to smelling to see if she's dirty!
- She is now taking 5 oz of formula 6 times a day. Her schedule changed once she started going to her sitter, but she adjusted well and is satisfied.
- No cereal yet. Waiting to see what the Dr says at her 4 month appt.
- We use Dr. Brown's bottles and LOVE THEM! We have had no problems with them!
- We have upgraded her to the "Level 2" nipples! She eats SO FAST now.
- We have had no problems with spitting up, until about a week ago. I am worried now!
- She had had a cold for almost a month now, so she will be going to the Dr tomorrow to make sure it's not something else!
- She goes for her 4 month appt & 2nd round of shots the 2nd week of February so that will be fun. It's always fun to see how big she is! :)
- She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month depending on the brand. 3 month clothes are pretty much out. Too small now. (she's not even 4 months yet).
- She hasn't rolled over yet. She did the other night but I think it's because I had her propped up on a pillow :)
- She is sleeping in her crib, has been since early Dec.
- Last Monday we began putting her in her crib awake and letting her "cry it out." It worked. She still cries a little but she puts herself to sleep.
- She takes her last feeding at 9:30 pm and we put her in bed about 10 or a little after. She's usually asleep no later than 10:30 pm.
- We had been allowing her to swing herself to sleep in her swing after her 9:30 feeding but i didn't want her to get too used to that.
- Our plan is eventually for her last feeding to be at 9, we are gradually getting there.
- She sleeps from 10:30 (ish) until 7 during the week. I usually have to wake her up to get her dressed and feed her.
- On the weekends she sleeps until 8 or so. So she is sleeping about 9-10 hours a night!
- She is beginning to drool a lot and wants to chew on everything, her favorite thing? Her fingers!
- We are BEYOND blessed with a good baby and I am sooo thankful!
- She hardly ever cries and other than two colds, she hasn't been sick!
- She is not a fussy baby at all!
- I still haven't decided about staying at home or working! I lean toward staying at home, but it's a very scary decision for me! As most of you know, Adam left the decision up to me and I am scared financially! I am the kind of person that thinks and thinks about something and give myself the most awful anxiety over it! Continuing to pray that God will show me what His will for me is!
- Adam and I start a class this Wednesday night at our church called, The Power of a Praying Parent. We will be studying from this book and we are so excited to get started. I have hear wonderful things about this class and book so I can't wait!

And now for some updated pics of Addison. Warning: picture overload :) I realize these are LONG over due but since I got my Canon Rebel, I have been downloading them at home and well, when I am at home, I have NO TIME to be in front of a computer.

This picture is the day of my grandmothers funeral Dec. 7th. This dress was mine. Made by my grandmother that passed away! Addison thankfully got to meet her great-grandmother before she passed. We have pictures that I will cherish forever!

"I do NOT like tummy time MOM"

So over tummy time. See drool... precious!

My sweet chunky monkey legs!

Distracted by Dansby and Daizy I'm sure!

I love my rattle!

Waiting to see my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jarred!

"Me mad now!" This is her MAD face! She was OVER Bumbo time!

1st time in her Bumbo!

She didn't know what to think about it!

Drool! Who ever thought it could be so cute?

Boppy tummy-time. I don't hate this AS MUCH!

My Barrington Baby Lambie coat :)

This was my gown that I wore my 1st Christmas and Addison barely fits in it :)

My Life Is Good pjs :)


"I love to chew on everything!"

Ready for the Auburn bowl game!

Sweet cheeks and laughs!

Christmas time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WWW: An update.

Blogging Funk? Check.

I haven't been motivated to blog for the past week. Call it stress. Call it crazy busy mom syndrome. But I have been in a funk! I am trying to work my way out of it by coming up with fun blog posts but so far, FAILURE! I am open to suggestions!

But on to Weight Watchers Wednesday!

I always weight myself on Friday morning before I shower (and after I tinkle, of course). For me that's the best time because, I have worked my but off for 4 or 5 days and not cheated even once. This past Friday I was down 2 more pounds. :) SUCCESS! Still have a long way to go but progress = success for me these days!

The gym is harder than ever! It's hard to go when I don't see my baby from 7:30 til 5. I just want to rush home and cuddle her! But 4 or 5 days a week (including weekends) I am hitting the gym. But only for an hour or an hour and a half at the most! BIG difference from the 2 hours I used to put in 5 days a week when I lost all that weight at the end of 2008. I am doing weight training 2-3 days a week but my main focus is running and abs. I am training for some races so I am a running machine. My 1st race is Feb. 6th. Adam and I will be running the 5K.

When I went on that "diet" at the end of 2008, I was losing 4-7 lbs a week. Of course I hit a plateau for like 3 weeks where I lost nothing or only lost 1-2 lbs! But over the course of 3 months I managed to lose 25 lbs! It's coming off slower this time and my body's shape is different but the pounds are slowly melting away and my hips are VERY SLOWLY getting back in place!

I am saving all of my FLEX points for 2 cheat meals on the weekends! If I don't have something to look forward to, I will FAIL MISERABLY at "Getting Thin in 2010!" Here are the things I am eating...

Breakfast: Fiber One Chocolate & Oats bar (3 points) OR Blueberry Bagel with one tbsp of Fat Free Strawberry Cream Cheese (4 points)

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with light bread (2 points) with baked lays (3 points) OR Tomato sandwich (1 point) with baked lays (3 points) and 17 turkey pepperonis (3 points)

Dinner: 1.5 cups of Ronzoni Smart Taste penne pasta with Paul Newman marinara & one slice of light bread with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray (6 points) OR Veggie Chili (and by veggie I mean tomato and beans with Chili-O chili mix) (2 points) & 10 Fat Free Crackers (2 points) OR Homemade Flatbread pizza (7 points)

I have mentioned before that I am SUPER picky. Like, beyond picky. So picky that I really don't eat veggies at all! I have found what works for me so I pretty much eat the same 4 or 5 meals ALL OF THE TIME! So for all of you other picky eaters, next week I will do a post with my "picky recipes"!

To keep me accountable, here are some stats so you get an idea of where I've been and where I am going :) (I can't believe I am about to put these for all the world to see-well, blogger world anyway)

164- How much I weighed before I started my diet in Oct 2008
139- The smallest I got In Dec 2008
145- Weight when I found out I was pregnant
210- Weight the day I delivered
166- What I weighed last Friday
18.4- Number of miles I have run in 2010

My first goal is 145 then I will get the last 5 off after I reach that goal. I always teetered between 140 and 145 so if I can get to 145 1st I will be THRILLED! So I have 21 lbs to go! If I continue to lose 2 lbs a week it should take me about 11 weeks to get there. That seems like FOREVER away but that's right at bathing suit season and one week before my 2nd anniversary! MOTIVATION? Yes! I have a long journey ahead of me but I am on the fit train for the long haul and thankfully so is Adam! That always makes it SO MUCH EASIER!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Sign?

Really quick... Thank all of you for your kind words in my last post. It really meant a lot to me that you took the time to share your experiences and opinions. I value each of them and have shared them with my husband! A decision has not been made but I am beginning to lean one way a little more. I am continuing to pray that God will show me His will for my life and give me peace with my decision and when a decision is made, don't worry, I will share it with you!

Is it a sign that this landed in my Inbox today? I think not!! God speaks to us in various ways and this TRULY spoke to me in the midst of my uncertainty and struggle to make a decision about being a SAHM. I have posted once before about Proverbs 31 Ministries and highly recommend signing up for their Daily Devotions. I hope this speaks to you and you feel as blessed by reading this as I do today! Have a great Tuesday!

The Secret of Contentment
By: Micca Monda Campbell

"…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances" Philippians 4:11b (NIV)

Have you ever noticed how overextending yourself tends to bring unwanted pressure into your life? I think we tend to busy ourselves in order to gain more, find acceptance among peers, land a better position, and gain riches of all kinds. Perhaps we live under the illusion that having such riches is what makes a person complete, content, and deliriously happy. Yet, when we discover that's not the case, we're left feeling empty and discontent.

Contentment and security are not found in career titles or in the kind of car we own. The logo on our car only tells others what kind of car we drive — not who we are. True satisfaction, in its purest form, is found in the wealth of who God is and the riches He graciously lavishes upon us.
Recently God's been showing me that when I constantly want more than He has given me, it reflects a heart that is discontent. What I'm saying to God is, "I'm not satisfied with what You have provided for me. I want more." In wanting more, I place undo pressure on myself in an attempt to get what God hasn't provided. Naturally, anxiety is the result when I focus on things other than God and His will for my life.

The pressure to have more and do more can lead us down paths we never intended. In our attempt to fill the vacuum of our empty souls, we discover that external luxury is only a cheap substitution for spiritual wholeness. As our key verse points out, Paul knew the secret of finding contentment. "…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."

Take note that Paul wrote these words in a high stress situation as he sat in jail awaiting a verdict for a crime he didn't commit. I don't know if I could find contentment if I were in his sandals. I would probably strum my wooden cage with a rock singing pitifully, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows my sorrow." Finding contentment doesn't mean we have to like our current situation, but it may require an appreciation for it. Let me explain.

Paul learned that the fruit of contentment is developed when we are thankful for what God has provided whether we like it or not. That's because peace isn't the absence of pressure. It's the presence of God and our attitude toward His provision in the midst of our stress. By expressing gratitude, Paul experienced richness of being, not having.

I realize you may be in a hard place right now and you're longing for freedom. Maybe you're in a job that feels like a dead end; perhaps you have two of them! It may be that you live in a space too small for your family and you hate it. You're not where you planned or hoped to be and you certainly don't like it.

The truth is, we don't have to like where we are or what we have, but if we will choose to thank God for His provisions regardless of our feelings toward them, we'll experience the same contentment Paul encountered.

We must understand that being thankful doesn't mean that God will eventually remove us from our situation. He may; He may not. Rather, being appreciative sets us free from the desire to have and lets us rest in the riches of contentment. And when we reach a place of contentment, we don't need earthly riches galore. God becomes our greatest treasure. In Him, we have everything we need.

Dear Lord, things could always be worse. I'm grateful for what You've provided for me. Fill me with Your peace so that I may be truly content in Your blessings. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Working mom or SAHM?

Warning: This post will be all over the place because my emotions are all over the place. So bare with me as I try to explain things and make some points (that I am sure will be all jumbled).

Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) isn't something every mother is able to do. In fact, very few are actually lucky and blessed enough to be able to. Most people would say "If you have the chance, DO IT!!" But for me, it's not that simple!

After being home with my baby for 12 weeks, I came back to work for three days the week of Christmas and those days were really tough but not HORRIBLE because I knew Addison was with her daddy. Then I had a week and a half with her but on Jan 4th, I came back to work and Addison had her first day at the in home daycare she is staying in and I've been a WRECK since! Now I realize I have only been doing this "working mom" thing for 4 days now, but I am a mess! I've cried everyday... on my way to work... on my way to the gym... after picking her up... at night in Adam's arm... lots of tears!

Here's the situation I am in. Since October Adam and I have been living off of only his salary and saving mine. We did that to see how it was without my salary so we had an idea of what it would be like if I were a SAHM. It was a HUGE change. BIG! But not completely undoable!

Let me explain what this would do to our "extracurricular activities"...
- no more shopping for me (thank goodness for my mom and our sprees she takes me on sometimes)
- maybe eating out once or twice a month at the most
- no more "fixing" up our house (would require months of planning and saving)
- no more vacations (would require planning way in advance)
- no more "extras"

We would both have to give up a lot. I don't even think it's hit me how much it would change our lives. It's hard to comprehend for me.

This decision would be BEYOND easy is Adam just said "I'm sorry honey, but you have to work. We can't make it without your salary!" I would be sad and pout a little but suck it up and get over it and figure out how to be a good wife and mother! BUT, what Adam says to me is "You have to make this decision honey. I don't want you to resent me when you want to go shopping and you can't! We can make it off of my salary but it will require a lot of cut backs!" Adam would LOVE for me to stay at home with Addison but he wants me to make the decision. We both know she is in great care at this daycare but it's not her mother's care, you know?

Let me say, I DO want to be a stay at home mom. BAD BAD BAD! But I have MAJOR anxiety over quitting my job. Let me say, I don't make TONS of money, but it's always kind of been our "extra" money. I know NOTHING can compare to being at home with my daughter! I KNOW THAT! It's the uncertainty of everything that scares me the most. This economy scares the CRAP out of me!

Let me explain something else, I have never led a life of LOTS of luxuries. I don't want you to think I will be giving up frivolous things. I mean I drive a paid for 2005 Nissan Altima. Adam's car is a company car. Adam and I bought a 1960s 3BR 2 bath house that was well within our budget! I am a big TJ Maxx shopper. Adam and I have no credit card debt, only I have student loans! Yes, there are times when I WANT something nice (like I am dying for a pair of TB Revas) but it's rare. (Of course like any woman I could make a list a mile long of luxeries I would like to have -but then reality sets in!) Usually I want to "fix" or upgrade something in our home. And now, I constantly want Addison to have the cutest clothes :) My husband does without a lot. Neither of us have an expensive hobby. We love Auburn football but we don't go to EVERY game or anything! So you see, we really do lead pretty simple (but wonderfully blessed) lives!

When I think about everything above I think, we really do live a pretty normal life! Nothing extravagant! Yet, it scares the crap out of me not to have my income contributing to our family. If I stay at work for a while then I am afraid I will "get used to" not being at home with her everyday! And I DO NOT WANT THAT!

I know there are a lot of moms out there that stay at home and a lot that are working moms. I am eager to hear your opinion on this topic and any advice you have for me!

Here are my biggest worries and scares: (this is honest and hard to make public but I want your opinions and advice so here you go)

- Will I regret the decision 6 months from now and want my job back?
- How do I know if being a SAHM is REALLY for me???
- Will I go stir crazy being at home all the time?
- Will I resent Adam and Addison one day (subconsciously)?
- How do some women do it all? How do they: attend a Bible study (or just study daily alone), be a member of Junior League or some other organization, entertain, clean, give baths, cook dinner, go to the gym, "please" their husband, play with their child AND work 40 hours a week??? That list is giving me a panic attack just typing it! Seriously, HOW???

I know I am new to all of this, but I can't fathom how I can do all of that and be the best wife and mother I can be and work 40 hour weeks! I have high anxiety and always have so you can imagine what I am feeling right now!

I am open to any and all advice! I know I might get some negative comments on this but I want to hear from all different types of mothers/women that are all in different situations.

I hope this made some kind of sense, probably not since my head it all over the place! :)

My sweet Addison is such a good baby! When I look at her when I get home, I could just cry that I had to leave her all day. I mean how could you not just kiss all over these cheeks??

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WWW: Getting Thin in 2010

I am bringing WWW BACK to my blog. Starting today! It's happening. Time to get back on the fit train and stay there!

For those of you new to my blog, Erin @ BlueEyedBride, Mojito Maven @ MakeMineAMojito and I started Weight Watchers Wednesday back in the fall of 2008 (that's INSANE to think about)! Erin found out she was pregnant that same fall and I found out I was pregnant in January of 2009 so WWW kind of got kicked to the curb! But I am here to proclaim: I AM BACK!
I won't go all into my weight gain/loss journey... you can read it here! But lets just say, it's been quite a journey! The key points to remember are...
  1. At my biggest in September 2008, I weighed 164 and wore a size 10.

  2. WWW started and I got on the fit train and lost 25 pounds and weighed 139 and wore a size 6. (see before and after below)

  3. Got pregnant in January 2009

  4. By the time I delivered on October 5, 2009, I had gained 65 pounds! (see picture below)

And now back to the present. Let me briefly explain how I gained 65 pounds! (well besides being pregnant) My doctor wanted me to gain 30-35 pounds. Well, that lasted about 6 months. I did great until I hit week 20. I don't know what happened to me. I started eating and couldn't stop! I also met back up with a familiar face, Mr. Dr. Pepper! He did some of the damage. Between pizza, Mexican, Italian, fast food and candy... and don't forget Dr. Pepper... that 65 lbs was on me in no time! I worked out until around week 24. Then my body ached and I was so tired, I just quit! The combo of my body not working out and eating like crap = FAST WEIGHT GAIN!
Of course the 25 lbs I had just lost right before I got pregnant came back fast. I had been on a strict diet and a crazy workout routine that my body could no longer handle now that I had a baby depending on me to grow and be healthy! I started our slowly getting back on a "normal" eating regimen... and then out of no where, I couldn't stop myself from eating like a cow. I will be honest and say I consumed a large thin crust pizza all by myself one night... ashamed? yes! was it good?? ohhh so good!
So where am I now? I've got good and bad news!

Good news is... I have lost 45 pounds in 13 weeks.

Bad news is... I weight 168 and can't get in my size 10's. (except 3 pair of Gap Trouser pants)

I am NOT ok with that, but I also realize that my hips spread (boy did they with an 8 lb 15 oz baby) and they aren't back to their normal shape (YET!). I am carrying a lot of weight in my hips.

What am I doing to "Get Thin in 2010"??? Six weeks after Addison was born, (and my Dr cleared me) I bolted back to the gym! Started running, lifting weights, classes, whatever I could! I had a wedding to be in January 2. I started eating better, but not great like I did before! The difference between losing weight now and how I did at the end of 2008 is I don't have the time that I did! I used to dedicate 2 hours to the gym at least 5 days a week. I can't do that now. I have a baby at home that I miss more than I can explain. I go to the gym now for an hour 4-5 days a week! I am focusing mainly on cardio and abs and I do lift weights about 2 days a week! My priorities have changed. If I was a SAHM things might be different but I work 8 hours a day, take care of my husband, baby and house (and by that I mean cook, clean and love) :)

These last 20 pounds are going to be the toughest I know! But I am determined to have them off in 4 months MAX! I can do it. I did it before. YES I CAN! We are back to healthy eating in my household, back to the gym and ready for some changes! (Adam may or may not have gained some sympathy weight while I was pregnant!)

I am training for my first 5K, to be followed by a 10K or 2 then a half marathon! Adam and I are doing these together so we have each other to motivate and encourage one another :) And I can be TOUGH!
Here is a picture from the rehearsal dinner from this past weekend, New Year's Day! You can get an idea of the progress I've made, but scroll to the top to see how I will look in 4 months MAX :) I am determined and I am READY! Here's to BEING THIN IN 2010!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wraping up 2009 and Leaping into 2010

Looking back at my last 20 or so posts there seems to be a theme/trend... BABY! :) I promise eventually I will have other things to blog about but right now, she pretty much rules my life so she is in all blog posts :)

I didn't wrap up 2009 with a post... I was too busy enjoying my sweet girl & husband and preparing for a wedding I was in on January 2. But I wanted to highlight a few memories...2009 was filled with so many blessings for me and my family that I can't begin to name them all. To name a few though:

- I found out I was pregnant in Jan 2009
- Celebrated my one year wedding anniversary in April 2009
- Found out I was having a little girl in June 2009
- Delivered this sweet baby in October 2009
- Had our 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family with ALM
- Joined the church we had been visiting for over a year (we love it)
- Developed some AMAZING friendships through my blog (some of the girls I talk to by text or email almost daily)
- My mom turned 60 in Feb. and we celebrated with a big surprise party
- Found out my childhood best friend was pregnant in October 2009
- My best friend and roommate before marrying told me she was moving back to GA
- I turned 27
- Adam turned 30 (12 days after ALM was born)
- One of my dear friends beat breast cancer

Those are only to name a few! 2009 taught me a lot about myself and who I am as a person and who God wants me to be! Being pregnant and having a child changed me so much more than I ever thought possible. I am a better person, no doubt. I am thankful that I got to share all of 2009 with you girls! You have all encouraged me, been there for me, prayed for me... and for that I am eternally grateful! I never thought this blog would bring me such joy! But it has brought me friendships, given me an outlet to write and say whatever I want, and I've learned so much by reading you blogs!

Now, as for 2010. I am not HUGE on resolutions because I usually break them within the 1st month. But a few of my "goals" for this wonderful new year are:

- Study my Bible more and develop a closer relationship with God
- Join a Sunday School class and become more active in our church
- Be a better wife, mother and daughter
- Get rid of this baby weight (post to come on this tomorrow)
- Be a stay at home mom
- Run a 5K, 10K and half marathon with Adam
- Get my house COMPLETELY organized

I am sure there are other things... but those are on the top of my list!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow... it will be JAM PACKED with my info on my pregnancy weight gain, loss and how I plan to get all of it off!


I leave you with these PRECIOUS CHEEKS!