Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wraping up 2009 and Leaping into 2010

Looking back at my last 20 or so posts there seems to be a theme/trend... BABY! :) I promise eventually I will have other things to blog about but right now, she pretty much rules my life so she is in all blog posts :)

I didn't wrap up 2009 with a post... I was too busy enjoying my sweet girl & husband and preparing for a wedding I was in on January 2. But I wanted to highlight a few memories...2009 was filled with so many blessings for me and my family that I can't begin to name them all. To name a few though:

- I found out I was pregnant in Jan 2009
- Celebrated my one year wedding anniversary in April 2009
- Found out I was having a little girl in June 2009
- Delivered this sweet baby in October 2009
- Had our 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family with ALM
- Joined the church we had been visiting for over a year (we love it)
- Developed some AMAZING friendships through my blog (some of the girls I talk to by text or email almost daily)
- My mom turned 60 in Feb. and we celebrated with a big surprise party
- Found out my childhood best friend was pregnant in October 2009
- My best friend and roommate before marrying told me she was moving back to GA
- I turned 27
- Adam turned 30 (12 days after ALM was born)
- One of my dear friends beat breast cancer

Those are only to name a few! 2009 taught me a lot about myself and who I am as a person and who God wants me to be! Being pregnant and having a child changed me so much more than I ever thought possible. I am a better person, no doubt. I am thankful that I got to share all of 2009 with you girls! You have all encouraged me, been there for me, prayed for me... and for that I am eternally grateful! I never thought this blog would bring me such joy! But it has brought me friendships, given me an outlet to write and say whatever I want, and I've learned so much by reading you blogs!

Now, as for 2010. I am not HUGE on resolutions because I usually break them within the 1st month. But a few of my "goals" for this wonderful new year are:

- Study my Bible more and develop a closer relationship with God
- Join a Sunday School class and become more active in our church
- Be a better wife, mother and daughter
- Get rid of this baby weight (post to come on this tomorrow)
- Be a stay at home mom
- Run a 5K, 10K and half marathon with Adam
- Get my house COMPLETELY organized

I am sure there are other things... but those are on the top of my list!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow... it will be JAM PACKED with my info on my pregnancy weight gain, loss and how I plan to get all of it off!


I leave you with these PRECIOUS CHEEKS!


Karah said...

She is such a cutie. I can't wait to hear about your pregnancy weight gain/loss. Happy New Year!

Minnesota Girl said...

Your daughter is ADORABLE! What a fantastic 2009 you had =)

for the love said...

I don't blame you a bit for the sparse posting. I bet it's nearly impossible to tear yourself away from that sweet little face! She is just precious!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous year you've had!!! I can't think of a better reason to celebrate than those cheeks. :) Love you!!! XOXO

The Ross Family said...

Those are some precious cheeks! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog as life returns to being more sane :) Mine is now 8 months and it is so much easier now, then it was in the very beginning.

Also, my goal is to also get my house completely organized! I wish us both luck!!! I only wish there was a Container Store close by.

Chic Runner said...

She is seriously ADORABLE! :) What a great year you had in 2009, and I can't wait to see what will happen in 2010! And girl, I know you are so determined to get that weight off, don't even worry about it!

a H.I.T. said...

She really is just adorable!

Dollface said...

She is so adorable!! thank you for sharing your past yr with us, excited for 2010! xxxoo

Anne said...

She is DARLING! Just want to squeeze those cheeks. Hope your new year is starting wonderfully!

That Fresh Feeling said...

She is beautiful! Looking forward to hearing what 2010 brings you!

Lauren @ Reading and Running said...

What a sweet baby! 2009 was sure a great year for you! I hope 2010 is a great year for everyone! We have many similar goals (getting involved more in church, running!) so hopefully by the end of the year we will both be successful!

cMe said...

good luck on all of your 2010 goals, especially the running one! I ran my first half marathon in 2009 and have another coming up in March. (check out my blog for some runnings posts).

Can't WAIT to read tomorrow's post, since I asked questions about your weight gain/loss in a previous post.


Krystyn said...

Love the cheeks. And, how could 2009 (and 2010) be about anything other than ALM?

GamecockQueen said...

Addison is beautiful, of course, but I have to say, you look really pretty too in the professional family pic a few posts down! I am really loving your bangs....and thinking of taking the plunge and getting some myself!

I will be looking forward to your fitness post. I am ready to get back on track after the holidays LOL.

Tara Gibson said...

what a doll face! love her

The Shabby Princess said...

Sounds like great things to look forward to in 2010! You will totally rock a half marathon!

ALM is just so cute. YAY!

Meagan said...

I just loooove her cheeks!!! And you have had a great year!! I'm so excited to watch our babies grow this year!

The Browns said...

She is so precious! I have a lot of the same resolutions too. I want to get organized & we need to find a good church to go to. Having Jarrett has really pushed me to find a church family to raise him in. AND, I need to lose baby weight + some! I haven't been eating that healthy lately since I got home from having the baby :P (need to work on that!)
<3 Bon

Sarah said...

Hey girl it was so exciting to follow along with you through your 2009 journey. Your such a sweet girl.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Oh goodness she is too cute!! Sounds like you had an awesome 2009 and I'm sure 2010 will be even better!!

And by the way.. I forgot to tell you but I loved your birth story post! I actually need to send you an email soon! Hope things are going great sweet girl!

kanishk said...

I bet it's nearly impossible to tear yourself away from that sweet little face! She is just precious!

lise charmel