Thursday, February 4, 2010

B-A-D Blogger

I know I have been a bad blogger! I also know my WWW posts don't always show up on WEDNESDAY! I can't say exactly when I started being a bad blogger, oh wait, when I became a mother, THAT'S WHEN! I miss blogging. I am constantly thinking of topics then when I actually have time to blog about them, I forget what I thought of. I refer to this as "mommy brain!" I truly have so many things I want to tell you all and blog about. From, baby products to fashion trends, to MY wants, house renovations, Addison, products I have tried and loved (or hated)! I am SWAMPED at work right now so I don't have much time to blog and blogging from home IS. NOT. AN. OPTION.

Most of you know I work for a small private college. I am the Associate Director of Admissions/Event Planner/Travel Manager! Right now the whole "Event Planner" role has me CRAZED!!!!!!!! Our biggest/most prestigious event is coming up Feb. 13th (yeah Valentines weekend). I will be working that day from about 10 am til 7 pm! SUCKTASTIC! Along with my everyday responsibilities of being a wife, mother, exercise enthusiast, cook, cleaner, clothes washer/folder/put awayer, organizer, bottle washer, dish doer... I am seriously almost completely nuts right about now! I barely have brain cells at this point to even type (so if the spelling/content of this post sucks, I blame it on that)!

For example, here is how my day went yesterday...

6:15 am - GET UP (half awake and somber)

6:30 am - Shower/Get ready

7:00 am - Wake ALM and get her dressed and fed

7:30 am - Finish getting ready and put on clothes

7:55 am - Rush out the door (running late as usual) for work

8:05 am - Get to work LATE

8:15 am - 5:00 pm - WORK LIKE A MAD WOMAN (with a couple of breaks and convos with coworkers/friends)

5:00 pm - Go to my friend Laura Lynn's house to see her baby's nursery and chat for a while (we were trying to make her baby jealous by her holding Addison so he would hurry and come out-poor girl is about pop!)

6:10 pm - Rush home and get Adam and we are off to our "Praying Parent" class at church (again, running late)

6:30 - 8:00 pm - Class (loved it-post to come about it sometime, no promises as to when) :)

8:15 pm - Arrive home, cook supper, cook meal for friend whose stepson passed away, make ALMs bottles for today, wash bottles, clean kitchen, fold clothes, put away clothes, tidy house (mom is coming in town today), feed ALM cereal/bottle, give ALM a bath, a little playtime with ALM, etc.

11:45 pm - BED!

What is missing from this outline????? WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, didn't get to. Mad about this, YES! Could I help it? No! Will I weigh myself this week? NO! Will I have a WWW post? NO!

Now, every day isn't like this, but days like this seriously stress me out! And MAJORLY make me want to be a SAHM! I am not always nice to people on these days. SHAME ON ME I know!
But on a more positive note... things are always fine, I am beyond blessed and every day is a NEW day!!
More up beat post tomorrow... that I do PROMISE :)


Dollface said...

yay! nice to see you blogging... dont worry you can workout on the weekends... and you look gorg! no need to work out, xxxoo

Susannah said...

Girl, yet another reason we are long lost twins! I have the same friggin life! Doing the same things in the same order, but I go to bed at 10!

Wendy @ A Southern Accent said...

It gets better and easier - I promise!!! Mine is almost five and I'm still figuring it out, but it does get much easier!

Minnesota Girl said...

Girl you're crazy busy! We all miss you but understand that you've got a lot on your plate.


Jesslee said...

Oh my goodness -you are a busy momma!

It is really hard to be a working mom/wife/and everything else we are supposed to be.

I used to stay home but got depressed from the lack of adult interaction and now I work full-time and wonder why I "wanted" to work.

I'm starting to think part-time would be a better fit!

Hope your days get better soon!

Britni said...

So great to hear from you today! I am bad at commenting, but I read your blog often! Your baby is adorable! Justin would love all of those Auburn outfits she has!!

Brown Girl said...

Oh goodness, don't beat yourself up. Life is busy, enjoy your time with your little one!!

Garrett and Meagan said...

You are doing great!! i know how you feel! its never ending!!!

kara battel said...

so glad to see that you wrote all of this down-- it will soon be funny :) i promise- be proud of everything that you can and did get done in one day!!! glad to see you blogging in the mix!

Ashley said...

Have been a reader for a while, but have never commented - glad you are blogging when you can! : ) I am in my 3rd year as an Admissions Counselor at a small private university also - this time of year is so crazy with preview events so I know how you feel!

Nishant said...

We all miss you but understand that you've got a lot on your plate.

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