Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boogie Wipes & such...

Over the past 4.5 months, several products (and lots of prayer) have saved me in my journey of motherhood and some were a waste of time. I thought I would share my opinion of those products and give you a brief review. I know that my posts seem so “baby related” but I can’t help it, I have little time (and $) to shop or do anything else fun or “adult-like.” But I promise that “baby posts” won’t always consume my blog. It’s just what consumes my life right now, so I am sharing and thankful that some of you are actually interested in reading.

Boogie Wipes
I seriously couldn’t live without these. ALM has had a runny nose more often than not, so we have run through these things. They are wet saline wipes. We have been able to find them in “Fresh” and “Grape” scents. May I just say how AWESOME the grape ones are? They will leave your baby (or toddler or even child or heck, even you) smelling edible! They are $3.99 a pack. SO WORTH IT!

Little Remedies, Little Noses
Little Remedies products are ALL NATURAL. This saline spray is wonderful and doesn’t burn. Well I haven’t actually used it myself, but ALM doesn’t seem to mind it at all. And it keeps her little nose moisturized and helps clear out any boogs.
Dr. Brown’s bottles
We registered for these and the Playtex ones. We tried the Playtex ones and had some issues with leaking so we turned to Dr. Brown’s and have had NO ISSUES! I heard great things before I had ALM and turns out they were all true. The only downside to these bottles is they have lots of parts so it takes longer to clean, but totally worth it!

I had heard such good things about “Swaddle Me” blankets. So I registered for 4. And got all 4. And used 1, for a week or 2. They are great if your child likes to be swaddled. But I urge you to register for maybe 2 and use one for a while to see if your child likes being swaddled. Now I have 3 swaddles that are just hanging in a drawer. Waste of $$. Instead we started sleep sack (more on this below) when Addison was 1 month old and she loves it and it’s easy for us to change her in. I would definitely suggest getting at least one Sleep Sack and one swaddle. If you want to use both, Halo (the brand we use) makes a sleep sack swaddle. Perfect.

Sleep Sack
ALM wasn’t a big fan of being swaddled. She wanted her hands out and free. At first that concerned me because I didn’t want her waking herself up but I gave up and switched from swaddle to sleep sack and can I just say, this thing is AMAZING. It’s kind of like a snuggie for babies, except it zips. They come in a variety of sizes and there are all different kinds of designs/patterns/brands. The one we use is actually made by Halo.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes vs. Parent’s Choice
We used Pampers Sensitive Wipes for about 3 months, then, I will admit, decided to try the cheaper brand sold at Wal-Mart. We have no Target in the small town we live in so all things “baby” come from Wal-Mart. And by all things I mean, diapers, formula and wipes. This is one of those situations where “you get what you pay for.” I bought a small pack of Parent’s Choice first to see how they were and they actually were fine. We liked them, so we bought the HUGE pack that has like 900-something wipes. MISTAKE! They are thick and tough and hard to clean with. We learned our lesson here, back to Pampers VERY SOON!

Because my sweet ALM has big ol’ chunky cheeks, they get chapped and dry in this cold weather and we have found that Vaseline works the best. We use it at night while she sleeps and when she wakes up her cheeks are so much better. She also has begun sucking on her fingers and eating her hands and they are getting cracked and chapped too and Vaseline works miracles on her hands! No expensive creams, just handy dandy Vaseline.

Butt Paste
Enough said!! It’s paste for your baby’s butt (i.e. diaper rash)and it works! THE BEST WE TRIED!

Since ALM was 3 months, we started sitting her in her Bumbo. We now feed her in her Bumbo. She loves it. But she will let us know if she has had enough “Bumbo time.” It’s great practice for them to learn to sit up.

I will have more reviews the older she gets I know and I will be sure to fill you in on what works, what doesn’t and what wasn’t worth the $$.


Sole Matters said...

look at those little feet!! I want to put them in my mouth. haahha (not in a weird way though).

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Same with my little guy & his swaddle blanket. The sleep sack worked much better for us!

Brandi said...

Cute blog! I have a daughter named Addison too!! I also gained a lot of weight with her. I did WW as well and worked out and finally got done to my goal weight. You are doing a great job!!!! Keep it up. Oh, Addison is presh!!!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

She is so cute!!! Thanks for this post! There are definitely so many items out there, you dont know if you need or dont!

Mrs. Dew said...

Thanks for this post! As a new mommy to be it's always helpful to read real-life reviews of things!

Garrett and Meagan said...

I totally need to try those boogie wipes!!!! I love all of your suggestions!!


Cherry Berry said...

I have never seen the Boogie Wipes! I'm going to have to find those! Luckily though, SP hasn't been sick...yet! I pray she doesn't get "for real" sick any time soon!
I totally agree with the Butt Paste, Bumbo, Vaseline, and Pampers Sensitive Wipes! I have used all of them and they are MUST HAVES!
Addison is cute as can be!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, such great things to learn.

Susannah said...

I have and use all of these things too! Except Emma DEMANDED a swaddle at all times-she is now almost 7 months old and we just last week got her out of it! :D

Kayla said...

Have your tried Costco online ordering the Kirkland brand formula, wipes and diapers are the best and cheap. I know you can order them online cause I have a friend that orders all the time.

The Raybons said...

This is very helpful! I am due in August and love getting tips from Moms about what to get and what to skip.

What about a wipe warmer? I had one friend tell me she could not live without it and another Mom told me it is useless. It's not expensive, but I don't want to get anything that I won't end up using!

Thanks and I love your blog! This is my first pregnancy and I was on WW for a year before I got pregnant. I gained alot of weight in my first trimester b/c I was so glad to finally not be counting points! Hopefully I can ease up and not gain too much in the end and then lose it with WW after the pregnancy.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Loved this list! We received a swaddle blanket and a sleep sack and I'm excited to try both. We also got the Dr. Browns bottles because I heard such great things and the butt paste. I should really think about going and getting some of those wipes!

Britni said...

Thanks for the reviews!! I need all of the suggestions I can get! And I have seriously been wondering about the boogie wipes - I see them all the time in Babies-R-Us!

Jesslee said...

Love the product reviews! My husband and I are trying for a little one and my first born is 12 so there are soooo many more and new products on the market now. It's great to hear what is working for others so when the time comes, I'll have a heads up on what's out there and what works best. Thanks!

The St. John Family said...

I hate the Swaddle Me's didn't work for Addison. Tyler loved them and hated the Halo's! It's funny how every child is so different! And we use the boogie wipes like they are going out of style! Tyler's Tear duct in one of his eyes didn't form right and they work the best for getting his eye yuck off his face! And Dr. Brown's bottles are sent from God they are the only thing that helped him with his horrible Acid Reflux. I love them but not crazy about the training cups. Oh Well! The Bumbo and The Boppy are must haves for every parent! Great Reviews!

Krystyn said...

We loved the swaddle blankets. Our girls were definitely swaddle babies.

We had to use two different bottles for our girls. Ridiculous, isn't it? They liked the wide nippled bottles. But I hear you on the parts. So many dang parts. But, you will still be sad when you pack those bottles up!

Lovin said...

I love all these tips! My husband and I are trying for our 1st so I am always on the lookout for anything baby related.