Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why do we connect: PART 2

I wasn't planning on doing a "Part 2" to this post but I got some GREAT responses as to why you all think we connect so well over Blogger and Twitter. So I had to share some of your comments. Thank you all for your input, it was great to read that I am not alone here and you feel the same way! HUGS! You can go back to this post to read all the wonderful comments... here are some that really hit home for me!

The Shabby Princess said...

I think that it can be easier to find a group of people online who share
similar interests, circumstances, etc as you than it might be to find that "in
real life". One of my dearest friends is, like me, a redhead runner and she
lives in Florida. We "met" via our blogs. Sadly, I live in a huge city, and have
yet to find a friend who shares that common bond as much as she and I do. I know that blogging has introduced me to some amazing people and I'm so grateful for

I couldn't agree more. We all find people that we connect with due to similarities we share. I first bonding with two wonderful women over weight loss, then I bonded with some amazing ladies that were pregnant at the same time as me. Then I began bonding with people over exercise, motherhood, SAHMisms, love for our Lord, Jesus Christ, shopping, you name it!

Lauren Kelly said...

I have seriously met some of the greatest people through blogging and what
blows my mind is that without this outlet our paths never would have crossed.
Crazy! You just can’t get it unless you are a part of it!!

Well said. If you aren't "in it" you don't get it!

Susannah said...

Great topic! Let me tell you my thoughts: we are all OURSELVES online and on
twitter-cause we are hidden behind our computers/phones. It makes it easier to
forge relationships. And, since you are likely to never meet these people and
they won't judge you, you can be real! I swear, I have met one of my BEST
friends through blogging-we met once and have a date to meet again this summer.
SHe and I talk about everything, and she has become closer to me than my real
life friends. And if people don't blog, they definitely DON'T get it! I love my
bloggy friends!

My thoughts exactly Susannah.

Karah said...

Love your post today. I also met one of my very best friends through blogging. I think you know her too. "Mrs. Stilettos" hehe. We actually bonded
over baby clothes before she was ever pregnant. We are seriously twins. It is interesting how you bond with people over the Internet but I truly call you and
others my dear friends. I definitely don't try to explain it to my friends at home because they don't understand. I also find it interesting how random people want to follow me on twitter, then we end up being friends. For instance one girl started following me and come to find out we went to the same college. Blogging makes the world so much smaller. Love you girlfriend. xoxo :)

True dat! It's amazing. The bonding and the relationships you build. Truly a blessing.

Melissa said...

You are saying what everyone else feels I think. I know that I have a great
group of girlfriends here in Texas that have been friends for years, but we are
on such different journeys in life at this time. So the blogging community helps
me stay in touch with ladies who are interested in the same things as me and who
are experiencing the same things I am now in my life. I love reading your


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I think it's because we can really choose who we want to be friends
with and there is SO much disclosure in Twitter and Blogland. We know so much
about each other from our posts and then the communication via Twitter, email,
gchat, whatever, also breaks down more walls.I can honestly say that my blog
friends and Twitter friends are my best friends! And you're in that small group,
my dear! Love you so!

I agree Erin! You ladies are my best friends.

Sara said...

I agree with Susannah and Erin - it's because we are more our 'true' selves
online. I too moved to a city where I knew no one and I worked from home on top
of that. VERY hard to make friends. And who has time to have all those shallow
first time 'getting to know you' conversations over and over again, only to find
out you really have nothing in common and have to start over again online?
That's the beauty of blogs and Twitter. You can read & follow someone
quietly for awhile and 'get to know them' through their writing. THEN you speak
up and start to actually be friends. My online friends know more about my
struggle with infertility than most of my IRL friends do. My husband calls my
online friends 'imaginary' friends too!

I am with you on the "weird getting to know you convos."

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Mrs. Williams said...

I love blogging, my normal circle of friends don't blog, for various reasons. But, I find it very relaxing and I love having a place were I can write about my family a journal if you will. I live in the DFW area and it's been hard finding 'friends' with similar interest and non judgemental. I like what the blog world has to offer me. I often read other blogs and it feels good to know that woman across the USA are going through similar things I am. But, most of all I blog as a journal of my life as a woman, mom, and wife.

Lauren Kelly said...

Loved that you brought up this topic. Really liked this post and reading what blogging and the friendships made have meant to others!

A Southern Accent said...

Wonderful comments! I love all my blogging friends and hope to get to meet more of you guys for real this year and in the future!

Garrett and Meagan said...

I totally agree with every statement. I miss you woman <33

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Great post and wonderful comments! I'm going to have my husband read this, so he'll see it's not just me!

In this wonderful life... said...

haha I just read everyone's comments! Glad to know others feel the same as I do! :)

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