Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend happenings

This past Saturday we hung out all day with our new friends, Amy & Dusty. We joked that we set our husbands up on a "blind date" haha! They had already met previously at a double date dinner. At that double date we discovered they knew each other in college (they both went to AU and what are the chances that among 24,000 students they would know each other?), hung out in the same group of friends, just two different groups but together-you know what I mean. They went to the same gym and knew a bunch of the same people! It was crazy! I remember sitting there in awe at what a small world it is and how God brings people in and out of your life for a reason.
Any who, Adam and Dusty have a lot in common. They both are outdoorsy guys guys! You know what I mean? Well, Adam had been wanting to take his bike on some trails and well HELLO, Dusty likes to bike so Amy and I set them up on a double date :) haha (I'm sure they both appreciate that).

We met them in their town and went to a swimming pool where we relaxed, laughed and played with ALM. Them a storm started rolling in and so we headed back to their house. The boys suited up (Adam in Amy's helmet) and went on their biking excursion. Why don't I have pictures of that?? I don't know. I blame being a busy mom! :)

Amy went out to grab groceries because we were cooking out and I stayed back and tried getting ALM to sleep. FAIL. Amy gets back and we are cooking, talking and enjoying each other and ALMs company (and of course Tucker and Sam-their beautiful labs).

Amy decided that at her house I am required to partake in her "one bite rule." Well if you know how PICKY I am I was NOT DOWN! However, I caved and she got me to try a sweet potato fry! Um, I REALLY liked it! Like, REALLY! Shocker I know. She them tried to persuade me to try asparagus. UM, no. It was a ONE bite rule. One new thing at a time! :) But I am glad I tried it because it was yum to my tum.

Then we sat around and chatted. It was sooooo good to be around friends that are in the same walk of life as us! Refreshing! And MUCH needed.

I wish I had a picture or video to show you of Tucker and his mischievous smile... but we failed at that too. I promise next time we hang with them, it's HAPPENING! What I am talking about is... if you leave a piece of food out, Tucker will snatch it, but he knows he did something wrong and when you get on to him, he smiles... SERIOUSLY, smiles! Big as life. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen and I plan to get it on video so Dusty and Amy can make a million dollars on America's Funniest Home Videos or America's Funniest Pets. Something! It. Is. Happening.

Here are some pics of ALM during our pool time. She loved it. Stayed in it over an hour, splashing, laughing and having the BEST time! Can't wait to do it again!


Lauren Kelly said...

So fun!!!! Sounds like a wonderful time!!! :) And ALM is too adorable. Looks like you definitely have a water girl!!

Sarah said...

those cheeks :) looks so fun!And today I had to blog about my LOVE for Edy's fruit bars :)

Paige said...

Look at those legs!!! too cute! I haven't forgotten about you...i will forward you the directions to blocking your pics as soon as i can!!

Susannah said...

OK, so we have the same float for the pool!

Moving on, I am dying to know about your eating habits. I've read that you're picky, but I need deets! Like, what DO you eat? And do you not eat any veggies? Email or blog this please! What is your typical food intake for a day? This is craziness to me. I literally will eat anything, except like gross stuff like chicken livers or beets. So, I am fascinated by you eating a sweet potato fry and liking it but not trying the asparagus. :D Share please

Resisting Perfection said...

I love sweet potato fries! Alm's cheetah hat is TOO precious!

ty said...

I love those juicy little rolls on her!

amy (metz) walker said...

LOVE those pics of that sweet girl and I had SO much fun, too! Can't wait until next time.

And the story about the "one bite" rule...hilar. Told you that you'd like them! ;-)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, sounds like it was a great day!

Emma-leigh said...

ALM is toooo cute!! New to the blog but loving it already. Amy is actually my sister-in-law and hubby and I LOVE spending time with her and Dusty!! It always makes for a good time.
Loving the blog..

Meg said...

girlfriend, she is so dang cute in her little suit. I die!<3

Rachel said...

I loooooove sweet potato fries! Such a yummy and healthy side dish!!

PS...ALM is killing me with those chubby cheeks and legs! Too stinkin cute!!