Monday, December 13, 2010

Staying at home

When I wrote a post on how I was struggling to find material to blog about, you kind readers gave me some suggestions and so I wanted to FINALLY get to talking about some of the things you inquired about!

Mrs H said...
I'd love to hear more about what you've learned from having ALM. What your routine is like, how having a child has changed your life, just about what you're up to in general. Also, how you have been creative with your new budget. I would be interested to read all those things.

Since having Addison I have learned so much. I have learned so much about being selfless. Bringing her into this world taught me so much about things I was lacking in life and missing out on. She just opened my eyes so much. In a nutshell, I guess she really made me grow up.

I don't think you can even begin to imagine how a child will change your life until you have one. I mean, I know I would have to give up "me time" and not have as much "us time" with my husband but until you have to actually do it... you can't get it. I won't lie, I struggle sometimes with not having enough "me time" or "us time". Sometimes I need to be alone and sometimes I want to be alone with my husband. But that's the selfish part of me. When Adam and I decided to have a baby we knew we would be giving up a lot of things, but TIME I don't think we really "got it" until she was here. I love every second I spend with Addison. She is an extension of me and I can't imagine life without her. But that's not to say we don't have our bad days. Just like you might have a bad day at work, we have them at home. There are definitely days when I think I need to go back to work, but then I remind myself that when I quit my job I quit because I knew this was God's plan for my life.

There are things I miss about working. I miss the adult interaction. I miss being appreciated (although I know Adam appreciated what I do). I miss accomplishing things. I miss being praised for good work. I liked my job. It was hard to leave. But I felt a calling to be a SAHM. And I feel so very blessed that I am able to stay at home. I know there are a lot of mothers that wish they could. I just never want people to think that being a SAHM is all glamorous and fun ALL THE TIME. It's not. There are days I miss "getting ready." Some days I never get out of my pj's.

Budget... I could do a whole post on this... actually I think I will :) Several of you asked about our budget and I am very open about things in our home so I will be glad to share tips and how we make it work for me to stay home. I promise that I will do a post on budget tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week! HUGS!


Haven's Mom said...

Great post!! I'm looking forward to the budget post tomorrow. :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Loved your post! Can not wait to read the one about budget!

Kelly said...

Your daughter is so precious! You have every reason to be the proud momma that you are. I love the picture of her in the color stripped sweater and matching hat.

Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing so much insight into your life as a SAHM. Always fun to read other mom's viewpoints!

Oh and I miss the adult interaction too! There are days when I talk the Hubs' ear off the second he walks through the door!

Lucky in Love said...

This post is so enlightening to Friday is my very last day of work! I'm going to be a SAHM when our little girl is born next month. I sure hope we adjust as well as you have :)

Sarah said...

I hear ya on the me time/us time part we have only wen tout on one dat since she was born and it got cut short with a phone call saying we needed to come home

Mrs H said...

Thank you so much for answering my question, I felt almost like a celebrity haha! I really never thought about missing the affirmation you get in a working environment, but that really makes a lot of sense. I know that someday ALM will be able to put into words how much she appreciates the sacrifices you and Adam are making for her. I can't wait to read your budget post. My husband and I want to have children and we want to be able for me to stay home but the financial side seems overwhelming at times. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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